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  1. There really is a Santa Claus and he goes by the name JR!!! Also... please tell me there are no more Kaberle boys that play hockey!
  2. I have two tickets plus general parking pass for Sunday's game. Gametime : 5:00PM Section 314, Row K, Seats 9 & 10 Price $20 each I'll take $30 for both with parking pass.
  3. I have two tickets plus general parking pass for tonight's game. Section 314, Row K, Seats 9 & 10 Price $20 each I'll take $30 for both with parking pass.
  4. J. Willy is a free agent at the end of the year... If he's not signed somewhere, then JR will have an opportunity to recycle once again.
  5. Honestly... I wouldn't mind seeing Williams back, if he can stay healthy. He was one of a few that wasn't afraid to get in front of the goalie AND STAY THERE!!!! Concerning Stillman, glad he's back for the hockey smarts. Hope he can bring something to the ice. I think this is only part of a bigger move. Perhaps moving a couple of UFA forwards for some defensemen.
  6. I for one won't question JR's sanity... A couple of areas improve. Size, 6'-2" & 200#. Faceoffs above 50%. They move two guys in Charlotte to make room for somebody to go down while freeing up the money to pay Carter. The Ducks have been a pretty physical team and with the pick up of Carter and Bodie that will hopefully make a difference for the Canes. We need somebody willing to get in there and be a deterrent to those wanting to take liberties... And maybe these moves are all it takes.
  7. I agree 100%, Remkin. As bad as it seems for the fans, I'm sure O'Sullivan is thinking and feeling worse. But I would also hope that he can see his way clear to go down to Charlotte and bust his rump and prove to the Canes that he belongs in the NHL. Maybe he'll go down and light it up, work on the other aspects of the game and knock the rust off, he can't do that on the 4th line here in Raleigh. Then when the time comes and we have an injury, JR hopefully will call him up and he'll make the best of it.
  8. Yep... Knew it would be a lame excuse... The only thing black & white about the officials & their calls, are their uniforms....
  9. Had trouble getting in too earler this week. I ended up changing my password because there were too few letters, needed 6+. Still gave me issues but got in today. If you go to add Jeff Skinner, be sure to capitalize the first letter. For some reason it would show up if you started typing in lower case, but if you enter the name it would say didn't exist... Typed it in with upper case letters and it found him.
  10. Interesting indeed... With all the forwards they have, what's on JR's mind? I do like his size. Maybe he's the net presence the team needs? That size should be hard to push around. He's also big enough to stand up to the thugs of the league.
  11. As a life long southerner who initally though "eeeh... hockey ain't for me" but through the years has grown to love it and who now has a young Caniac who is nuts over the Hurricanes, stories like this help confirm that hockey players are special. I also think the southern hospitality that we extend to the players are another reason we have so many sticking around, visiting and wishing to come back. I wish Zach "Bug" Bennett good luck fighting the disorder and hope we see him and his family at an upcoming Hurricanes game and a "fixture" in Charlotte.
  12. Hey... I don't care what the man's hair looks like as long as he works hard and finds the back of the net some... From the smile on his face, he's having fun.
  13. Good luck with it Mike, hope all goes well. My wife had Gastric Bypass at Duke the last week of July and so far has lost about 70 lbs. Get ready for a new wardrobe!!! PS, can I have your Stanley Cup ring??? It'll be WAY too big!!!! Dwight
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