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  1. [quote name='Dreamie wrote:

    GhoulieGirl']I don't post that much, but I'll be there next week, Sunday to be exact. Moving there to be with my fiance, so it will be wonderful.

    I can post here and let you guys know what to expect.
    I am so excited!!!

    Well first off, congratulations!  What wonderful news for you!  Are you going to be there permanently as of Sunday, or is this a first trip over?  Have you been before?  I would love to hear everything you want to tell us about the Finnish experience, especially all of the little "day in the life" things you will encounter that we'd never consider sitting on this side of the pond.  Very cool...

    Thanks Dreamie.  Yes, I will be there permanently when I get there on Sunday August 15.  smile.gif  I turned my notice in here on Monday, and am getting things packed and finalized.  As of right now, I have never been so this is going to be very exciting for me.  I will make sure to let you all know what to expect when you get there.  I wanted to say here, but I'm not there yet.  roll.gif

    I'll be at the two games that are played in Finland, wouldn't miss out on those.  :D  I will make sure to keep you guys posted on everyday Finnish life. 


  2. I'm in along with 3 seatmates, so that's a total of 4. Three of us got the air package while the other one used miles and just went for the land.

    Got the itinerary from AAA and we arrive around 12:35pm Oct 5th.

    Any suggestions on those neck pillows? I know there is one type of filling you shouldn't get, but I don't remember what that was. I need something to help me sleep on the plane. I have the hardest time sleeping on planes.

    Alcohol has always worked for me in the past for sleeping on planes.  laugh.gif


  3. Good idea. JR, if you are reading this, can you please expense my trip. Thanks. LOL
    Yes, JR, The Princess of Finland (Nickname given to me by Ron the Ref, and I live up to it!) will feel very lost without Big Mike yelling "That's a Carolina Hurricane's Goal, WOOO, WOOO, WOOO!!!"  The Royalty has spoken.  roll.gif


  4. 3 of us going but we are just getting the tickets through the Canes and not doing the full package. Its a long way to go just for 4 days so we wanted to go the Saturday before. Younger brother is flying in from Ireland and another friend who is a canes fan is going with. Really looking forward to it although I don't know if anyone heard on the Cole exit interview today that a game or game(s) in Russia is now official? Can anyone here confirm that? I would have picked Russia over Finland in a heartbeat.
    What I can tell you is what Joni told me at Casino Night when I talked to him.  He said that there was going to be one game played in Russia.  That's what I know.  He said that I would need a visa to go to Russia, so I told him that I wouldn't be going.  He did quickly throw into the conversation that a passport is needed for Finland.  roll.gif


  5. You're arguing with a xenophobe....this is pointless. There are NO stats that can accurately measure a defensemans worth to a team. Pits was paired up with Aaron Freaking Ward for HALF the season.

    There's nothing left to argue...Pitkanen is the best defenseman on BOTH ends of the rink. Period. 


    I agree, I think it's time we stuck a fork in this and call it done.  smile.gif

  6. I ask a simple question and get reamed by the poster, who thinks I don't know long division!!!! Please, when you use an arcane mathematical process to come with a statistic even the NHL site or any other hockey site (like fantasy) uses, then you should be questioned about it. However, to pretty much call me an idiot, is not defensible. Geez, I was alive when long division was invented!

    Let's call it like it is: Joni had a sucky game. He has sat out a few practices lately, so I figure he most likely is nursing an injury. But to manipulate numbers to suit your fancy is not good science.

    I'm just glad we lost so we can move past the "can we squeak into the playoffs" crap. Let's enjoy, if we can, Rod's lasts few games on the ice. He's sucking it, but he's been getting the ice time to end his career.

    (Oh, and I'm bring in a sign tonight that reads: "Eric, play like this is Team Canada!")

    I love the poster!  I agree, Joni is probably nursing something.  He is not our worst d-man, and all of our guys have had sucky games all season.  Now Timmy is hurt, so McBain should see some ice time tonight.


  7. I have to agree with The Big Kahuna on this one. I distinctly remember watching Joni go from one end of the ice last night and pass, yes I said PASS Staal. If that is lazy for Joni, then I really don't want to know what Staal's issue is called.

    The one 5 on 3 we had against the Coyotes, Staal stood at the blue line and let the puck leave the zone. He made no attempt to try and keep the zone. I see Eric Staal stand a lot on the ice and not put forth an effort. If this isn't lazy, then I don't know what is. Although a blowtorch with his name on it comes to mind.

    I see Staal pout a lot and not put forth the effort he put forth for Team Canada. If he doesn't want to play consistently night in and night out, then I say find him another team. I don't care if we lost a game if he plays consistently, I'd be happy with him, and back him up, but Staal has been this way since after we won the Cup. Unfortunately, I don't see a change in site for him. Staal skates when he wants to, and plays when he wants to, regardless of what the team needs.

  8. OOOOH indeed wink.gif. Its actually super duper fun. We have here such killer mosquitos that the distance between the eyes of the creatures is about three to four feets. Better believe it! ^^.  But at least we don´t have here them slimy nurses who inject alien dna to babies.wink.gif 

    Wow 3-4 feet!  I can bring my baseball bat.  WOO HOO!!!  Much fun to be had.  roll.gif  It's going to look like a horror movie bloodbath when I get done with mosquito bashing.

    The slimey nurse only happened once and to my brother.  He hasn't reproduced yet, or has he??  Hmmmm....alien.gif  Cinderella is on the radio, must pay attention!!


  9. [quote name='v1atlantis wrote:

    TSA']One of my kids has to pick a country to do a report on school, I told him he needed to pick Finland and use this board as a reference.

    I've decided if I get to go I'm entering the cell phone throwing contest, mine died today and deserves to be thrown.

    Cell phone throwing is great , but what you really should try is rubberboot throwing or mosquito swatting. wink.gif Those are the best.

    Well... swamp soccer is cool too , but it´s really hard. 

    OOOH!!  Swamp soccer!  Now that sounds like super fun.  I have tons of mosquitos where I live due to the pond behind my house.  I look like one big red blimp when they come out at night.  LOL

  10. [quote name='Portisfreak wrote:


    [..] Hotel Katajanokka was a prison before  

    Yeah I know, found that to be pretty interesting, and also it's the only Hotel I found where I'm allowed to smoke in my room smile.gif

    Well, I hope I'll be able to find a bus that drives in the proper direction at all, as Airports use to be not too small, and I don't understand one single word of finnish nor can I read it^^

    So for now: Who else is actually coming? As I saw on lippu.fi, all their tickets are already sold...

    I will be coming.  Right now just waiting on the final ticket packages from the Canes.  

    I'm really exicted about coming.  I've wanted to go to Finland and these games are just the swift kick I needed.  roll.gif


  11. Ok. Lets wait and see what happens with that. Hope Sutter didn´t injure himself too badly.

    Must not be too bad, Oskar was sent back to Albany today as posted on the twitter feed on the Canes site. 

    If Sutter can't play, then they'll recall someone, hopefully Oskar again.


  12. Is he playing tonight ?

    He's on the line up sheet for tonight.  However, that doesn't mean he will play.  I hope he does.  I want to watch him live instead of on the TV.  I am hoping that when they get the game day notes out, they will make an announcement about Cole playing or not.

  13. I can't remember where I read this, may have been here from our blogger, but Oskar Osala didn't get much playing time in Washington.  I for one am excited to see him play when he finally is able to come up. 

    I think once he gets playing regularly, he will show us the potential he has, and what Washington gave away.

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