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    If there are no women, John just won't use a helmet...if he can't put half-nekked chics on it, there is no use for a helmet. :lol:

    I think we are onto something here really though....maybe Sean Avery could join the team too? They WILL need a forward afterall.

    Oh, we can really do some damage now...let's send Ugly, I mean Ollie Jokinen, Erikson, and Holik there too....We can give them Pronger while we're at it!

  2. Well if we are going to go that route...I don't think Antarctica has a team yet. And there will be no, erm, distractions for JG there. :lol:

    How true!!! :lol: Antartica it is! It's up to the two of them to sell their new team. We did this for them, not the rest is up to them. I wonder what half dressed woman he would put on his mask for them since I'm sure they all, if there are any women, dress fully clothed.

  3. Yep, cause it worked so well for Babs! :lol:

    Next thing you know, the two of them will be starting their own hockey team. Unfortunately, I'm drawing a blank for a creative name for them. Oh, what about the Whiney Crumbs??? Their logo could be a huge bread crumb with a tear! LOL!! That could work...now the question is, what state will want them? :lol:

  4. Wow....that is so tacky of him to say that! I guess that's the best defending the Master of Crumbs can do is defend himself. He should have played to his full potential whenever he was called to play, not when he feels like it.

    Man, I just am floored with him comments! What a great way to bow out! :angry:

  5. I really wish they would shoot the puck more to the net than they do. It won't go in if you don't shoot. Sometimes a lucky bounce or a lucky shot deflected in off a player could happen. I saw it happen to Stu Barnes with Dallas. All he did was center the puck and Tkachuk (forgive cause I know it's wrong) was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it went in! He wasn't aiming for a goal, but he got one. He shot the puck! That's what we need, the dump and chase needs to stop and like everyone says, stop putting all three forwards behind the net.

    I just wish one of our defensemen laid into Kolvachuck. That boy has offended me twice during the National Anthem and I would have loved to see one of our guys just lay a great check into him!

  6. Both Ray and Brijet crack me up with their answers.

    I must say one answer has disturbed me a bit this year. Ladd's favorite Christmas song "Six White Bloomers"...ummm anyone HEARD that song?? :lol:

    I have heard some obscure Christmas songs like "Santa's Brains", "Santa is a Psycho", "You ain't getting squat for Christmas" and the such...gotta love XM's Special Christmas station. Other songs have great titles, but due to this being a family board, I won't put them here. I must say, I have never heard of Ladd's favorite song...Wonder if I should attempt to look for it???

  7. I didn't see anything happen to Tanabe, but LaRose had his bell rung in the 3rd going face first into the boards. He was staggering, trying to get to his feet for a minute at least, maybe 2 while play continued. Finally shook it off, but was surprised that he managed to stay in the game.

    Someone else (Letowski maybe) looked like he had his knee give out and had a really hard time getting to the bench.


    Letowski was strictly an equipment issue with his skate. I watched him go to the bench and Wally came over. He then proceeded to take off his skate and hand it over to Wally.

    I am very surprised about the suspension. I didn't think it was that bad.

  8. Being from Texas too, I do pull for the Stars!!! I went to a couple games in October when I was on vacation, that was awesome. We flew my brother up for the Stars game here and they lost. Wait, they lost both games when I was there too...hmmmm....maybe between the two of us, we shouldn't go to the games together!! :lol:

    Oh wait, forgot to add one thing....STU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

  9. Always wondered: Who ARE the two ladies on the side of his mask??? :unsure:

    Just a curious thought... I would go in to shock also. :lol:

    He uses the same story line when he played in Tampa. The woman on his mask represent the women in the state that he's playing for.

    I think that he just likes having the women there and that's the most logical answer he can give. :lol:

  10. Sitting and watching the warm up at the game, he wouldn't stop long enough or stand over by us to get a good look at it, but I heard his mask has to do with the Greek Gods. The top of the mask does have a God on it and the women I'm guessing are supposed to be Goddesses. I was just shocked to see the dude on his mask. He is hidden since it is on the top of the mask.

    I will say this though, it wouldn't be a Grahame mask without the chicks on the side of it. :lol:

  11. I did like the way the ones of Timmy turned out. Those defensemen are difficult to get since they're always coming at us backwards!

    I could just hand you my camera next time I'm up so you can practice....you know I'll have to use you as a photographer in Feb. ;)

    sure thing, and like a complete idiot, I left my camera at home so now no pictures for me. I even left my lunch today too...I'm batting a thousand! :lol: Good thing is getting out of the office during lunch though. February should be a blast!

  12. I'll take the blame for the loss! :lol: I'm going back to skulls too...that always seemed to work, how obscure that is. At least it's not the superstition I had during the Cup run...Eeegads, if I ever eat Wendy's chicken nuggets again, I think I'll puke! Whenever I didn't eat there, we lost...ugh...just thinking about it...nope, no more! If Timmy doesn't work, I may pull out my Chad jersey and give it another shot!

  13. ^do you have a link to that video?

    http://broadband.tsn.ca/?vid=24444' target="_blank">Scotty's Defense[/post]

    Here is what I found, if the link above doesn't work then follow these long instructions:

    It's under their broadband section. If you go to their website www.tsn.ca and then click on the hockey section on the left, scroll to the bottom, and there is a broadband section. Click on the title TSN Broadband. Scroll down the clips on the right of the screen that comes up and look for Suspension Looming.

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