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  1. sure thing, and like a complete idiot, I left my camera at home so now no pictures for me. I even left my lunch today too...I'm batting a thousand! Good thing is getting out of the office during lunch though. February should be a blast!
  2. Maybe I'll attempt to take some pictures...I do know other people who do post pictures when they take them. My camera isn't as cool as yours and I take oka pictures! Great shots of Timmy BTW. I really like the ones of him smiling. The one of Chad is really great!
  3. I'll take the blame for the loss! I'm going back to skulls too...that always seemed to work, how obscure that is. At least it's not the superstition I had during the Cup run...Eeegads, if I ever eat Wendy's chicken nuggets again, I think I'll puke! Whenever I didn't eat there, we lost...ugh...just thinking about it...nope, no more! If Timmy doesn't work, I may pull out my Chad jersey and give it another shot!
  4. I'll be back in my Timmy jersey tonight. I may have given Gerber luck wearing his that night!
  5. http://broadband.tsn.ca/?vid=24444' target="_blank">Scotty's Defense[/post] Here is what I found, if the link above doesn't work then follow these long instructions: It's under their broadband section. If you go to their website www.tsn.ca and then click on the hockey section on the left, scroll to the bottom, and there is a broadband section. Click on the title TSN Broadband. Scroll down the clips on the right of the screen that comes up and look for Suspension Looming.
  6. I keep checking!!! I hope it's nothing bad. I did watch the video on TSNs web page and there was a guy defending Scotty, with I thought totally rocked!!! The TSN guys were saying head butting suspensions in the past were 1-2 games, so maybe it won't change. Man, hurry up and let us know!!!
  7. I'm not up for trading, but I am up for benching guys who do not perform to their abilities. I think if Staal got benched one game, he would wake up. Maybe that is all that is needed. I doubt that would happen, but who knows.
  8. I was going to tape over Gerber's name and put Leighton's in its place!
  9. Bummer! Oh well, the Gerbs jersey will work!
  10. I agree. He's the main reason I am going up to Norfolk next month. I want to watch him play. Only a couple games here in the preseason was a small taste. If I could figure out how to do a sig, I would have one of him. I'm really hoping that he comes here next season. I should check the Albany website and see if they have any T-Shirts with players names on it. That would be great. If not, my plan is to wear my Gerber jersey since it sports the number 29, which is what he is wearing in Albany.
  11. I believe that too. I would love to see him give Leighton the chance, but not at the expense of losing him. I feel that he is just happy to be playing, and making a name for himself. I loved watching him during the preseason. So if he isn't up by year's end, there is the possibility that Grahame may not get resigned and Leighton get the job, providing Grahame keeps on the track he's going. Back on topic, I'm very happy for Leighton! Rock on Leighton!
  12. Me too!!!! I'm sure he's gonna play awesome. Last time I heard they didn't have jersey t-shirts. That would be awesome if they did so we could show our support! I really hope they sign him next year and we have a new back up goalie. He wants it, and he will play to get it! I love the fact that he has impressed everyone, including the right people. Rock on Leighton!!!!
  13. I love listening to Tripp. As I said, he's comedic relief and I'm sure the guys love messing with him. He can be funny with his comments. I do miss the food comments. He will always have some off the wall thing to say and it's great! I love both of our guys! I wouldn't trade them for anything! As someone else said about his height, he is short! I'm 6' there about and I was floored to see him at Casino Night last year. I thought he was taller!
  14. If JR wants him, I'm sure he'll find a way. Tanabe would be easy to send down since he has a two way contract, but he is filling the space for eithe Commie or Wallin. If either of them are better to play this weekend, who knows. It could very well work out. Heck we've been sitting Craig out and Hamilton, so we'll see what happens with him, whenever it does.
  15. Forslund's Insite on Recchi Great blog by John.
  16. Last year I remember Briere getting asked how he felt about the guys on his team making the starting line for the All Star game last year. His comment about made me sick. Talking about how great Buffalo was. I wish I could have grabbed him and said you got in on popularity as a starter, not on your skills. I totally disagree with voting because it is popularity. I agree, Emery shouldn't even be on the list. Gerbs was playing much better!
  17. Actually, I'm quite interested to see what happens here. Recchi has awesome passing abilities. I remember the guys saying that during the Cup run that they had to get used to his passing since he had a hard pass, which is really good, i think. I don't play hockey, but I think it would be good. I may be one of the few, but I would love to see Recchi back. He had a contract and all ready here. I was really hoping he would have stayed. I will just bide my time and keep checking on this. Good luck to him where ever he should end up, be it here or somewhere else.
  18. IMO, I think Tripp is kept around strictly for comedic purposes. Think about it, the guys need someone they all can pick on in the locker room when they all get tired of poking at Chad. I can guarantee that Seids went back and told the guys what Tripp said, and I'm sure they all got a laugh out of it, and I bet Tripp won't live it down! Whitney probably said that he should have pinched him harder so it would have woken him up. This way he would have at least got the pairings right. :
  19. I agree. I'm very concerned with the Master in the net. As of right now, I'm sure he has a very low confidence level from the last game he played. He has his warning, so let's see if he does anything with it, that's if he even sees it as a warning. If both guys got played this weekend, I would feel more confident with Ward in the net for the Wings. Like most people have been saying is that the guys play differently in front of the Master. I wonder if they feel because he's been around for a while if he should be better than he is. I dunno, but every goalie regardless of how good or bad needs defense.
  20. I agree with this statement. Adults funny, kids not so funny. Some of these kids were probably crushed when they found out it wasn't Crosby. What would have been the harm to come out and say Crosbly wasn't going to be on the ice? I don't like Crosby, probably never will.
  21. It all goes back to watch what you say. No one knows, except the people involved. I doubt very seriously Tripp would have exaggerated that point, or state something on air that was hearsay. If Tripp walked by and heard it said, then I believe Tripp.
  22. I was told that it was said on Hurricane's Live the Master of Crumbs was bragging to Lavi about all these good saves that he was going to be making. Maybe Lavi left Master in there to teach him a lesson, I know I would. It's been my experience that when you walk in arrogant into any situation, it never turns out as you plan. It's also a possibility that he left him in to teach the entire team a lesson. I agree with everyone else, something needs to be done to shake up the whole team. I hear people ask why hasn't the goalie been pulled be it either Ward or the Master. I always tell them, that they don't have a 5 goal lead as of yet. IMO Lavi waits to long to pull our goalie when we are down. To me 3-0 is time to be pulling, waiting until we are down 5 goals is way to late! Maybe people are right in saying a coaching change is needed. I dunno, I'm not paid those big bucks.
  23. I'm a Dallas fan as well. I'm from Dallas so I pull for them too. I say Steve Ott should have gotten a hold of him! I bet Cote wouldn't hit anyone else like that again! I'm sickened with the Flyers. If this is the style of hockey they want to play, then get rid of them I say! Enough is enough.
  24. That is such a sweet story! That is just the coolest thing for Lulu! AO I like him, always have. Best wishes to Lulu and her family, and hopefully she'll be playing hockey again!
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