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  1. I saw the hit on the NHL Network last night. Someting needs to be done with the entire franchise for Philly. Five different issues and half the season isn't over yet??? Make an example out of them and the coaching staff!!!!
  2. Thank you! At least I'm not the only that notices that Staal doesn't show up! Sit that boy for a couple games and wake him up!
  3. I heard last night that Grahame was telling Lavi how many good saves he was going to have before the game and getting all cocky about it. Lavi was just like "We'll see what happens". Maybe that is why Johnny was left in the goal, to teach him a lesson. (I was told that this was aired on the Hurricanes live before the game. Lisa heard it before she left.) We all were talking last night to bring up Leighton, but the waivers issue is a big problem. They can bring him up, but he would have to stay cause I'm sure he would get snatched the second they tried to send him back down. I would hate to lose him over a move like that. Leighton, I totally feel would challenge Cam. He did play good in the preseason for us, for the simple fact, he wants the No. 2 spot. The Master of Crumbs had it, he had no worries, and he played that way. Leighton is hungry to stay in the NHL and he's out to prove it. You can attempt to trade the Master, but who's gonna want him now? Granted it takes the entire team, but I think some serious shaking up needs to be done. Regardless if it is with the goalies or other members or staff of the team.
  4. I am so glad that I had a christmas party to go to last night. We did get updates and all of us were just floored on how bad the scoring was. I didn't see the game so I can't say how bad they played, but I'm sure it was bad. My two cents, and I know I will get killed for saying this but, if they can bench Hamilton, why not Staal? I was at the Washington game last month and fastest that boy skated the whole game was to get off the ice to the bench. If they send that message to Hamilton, do it for Staal and the other guys. It obviously won't hurt our scoring chances.
  5. That would suck, but yet would be so cool at the same time! I say, and I will probably get scorned, but bring Lightning up for the DC game tomorrow! Four shut outs sounds like Leighton is either that super good, or the team is playing in front of him! Either way, hopefully we get to see him play!
  6. Rock on Leighton!! I'm so looking forward to seeing him play in January!
  7. I couldn't agree more! I wouldn't mind have Liles here!!!! A change of scenery is sometimes all it takes! I'm a firm believer in bringing the lightning down!
  8. Actually, when I know that they aren't going to come back, I find the humor in the game. Probably not the right thing to do, but I get good laughs for myself. Other than that, I may go home and play some Gwar, but no crying here.
  9. I would think, since this is Philly we are playing, that possibly they have Timmy on the ice for Walker's line since he is just coming off injury. Not that Scotty needs any help, but Timmy will have his back if necessary. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on Brindy's line as well after all with the reputation they are gaining of the nasty hits. I could very well be wrong though!
  10. I've been wearing my Timmy jersey to the games, but I have pulled Scotty's out since he should be playing tonight! I'm so happy that he's finally back!
  11. It's super nice to see Scotty activated from IR! YAY!!!!! Now Timmy has some back up!
  12. I'm sorry, but this is just sickening. Why is Philly allowed to continue to play like this without anyone coming down on them as a franchise? This is the third time this season, I mean, come on enough is enough. I think during their process of trading players, they ask potential suspects if they are a goon, and if they say yes, then the trade goes through. They say no, and they stay where they are. Let Timmy and Scotty have them!!! I hope Timmy has been practicing his body slams!
  13. Yeah, you gotta love Chad! He's a mess!
  14. Don't forget Chad at the last home game. I saw him in the third period bouncing up and down in beat with a song. I'm sure it was one of the Def Leppard songs. I was even told he was singing it to the Lightning player who was standing next to him. That was funny to see. I wonder if Chad can sing and if he can't if the guy from Tampa can still hear.
  15. My votes are for Timmy and Scotty! Timmy always has that evil look on his face when he wants to fight. The body slam on Horton was the best though! Rock on Timmy. Scotty is great too!!! I'm missing him in hte line up. I've always said if I'm walking down a dark ally, I want Timmy and Scotty behind me! To me, those are the best scrappers we have!
  16. I'm not sure what happened. I did notice that instead of passing the puck to Staal in the third, Justin went for it. Biron was pulled on Williams' side so the logical thing would have been to pass it to Staal, who would have had a better scoring chance. I'm not sure if he was trying to make up for the penalties he took or not, but it was a bad decision on his part IMO. Cam, well, he couldn't control his rebounds...he gave up nice rebounds and Philly capitalized on them. The passing was awful, either it was passed to a Philly player or absolutely no one, which turned into a turnover for Philly. After a while, I just sat back and tried to find the humor in the game. Hopefully they show up on Friday. I think they all have turkey day on the brain!
  17. I respect your comment and will continue to provide those kind of poses for you!
  18. The asterick is there; however, this just leads to more speculation. I still feel the homerun record stays with Aaron. He didn't need steroids to hit his! I do have my suspicions that he did take them, but those are my suspicions. Yes, you can get a body by working out, but it takes years, unlike the bowflex commercials! Look at Roddy, he works out, but looks nothing like Bonds. We'll just have to see what the feds have on him.
  19. We were at the Cool Bar tonight and to see that my heart sank. I knew something was wrong and was upset that they kept going to commercial breaks. The NHL Network says that he has feelings in his outer extremities, but that's all the news they have. Get well Erik, and look forward to seeing you back on the ice!!!!
  20. I thought the game was awful. They couldn't keep the puck and when they got it, they gave it away. We looked like the team that skated the night before and not Tampa! I really hope we come out tomorrow and play Atlanta. If it is as bad as last night's game, at least I have the comfort of turning the channel. They played as well as Dallas did the last night of my vacation. The only difference between the games was we got one goal where Dallas didn't, but Steve Ott did get 3 penalties to liven the team up; however with only 20 seconds left in the game, it was a little to late. Kinda like our 3rd period. They came out 40 minutes too late! Oh well, at least my drink stayed cold!
  21. the best thing to do is to see if anything is released on the Canes' website today. Leighton is playing awesome for Albany, and I'm so looking forward to the game in Virginia I'm going to in January!
  22. Yeah, I had said the next time he scores or if Hamilton got a hat trick, that would be the next sweater I would get. Well, guess who scored the day I got back from my vacation to Texas?? Mr. Chad! Now I have his sweater and it will be worn Thursday night! GO CHAD!!!! Picking a jersey for me to wear anymore is just like trying to figure out what to wear to work, except this decision is more fun!!!
  23. Nice pic of Timmy with his eyes closed!
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