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  1. I was at the game last night and had no problems. the only attempted fight I saw was out in the parking lot in front of my car after the game. Stupid drunks! I know people will disagree with me, but I feel that alcohol shouldn't be sold at any of the games, and shouldn't be allowed in for tailgating. The people who start the fights are the one who have been drinking (both sides) since who only knows when, and then they get inside and drink more. Or, they get inside and try to catch up to those who have had more time to drink! The other side would be to prohibit alcohol during tailgating and figure out some way to monitor how much alcohol someone has been buying. Whether it be by a wristband puched for each drink bought and have a limit. If someone appears to be totally obliterated, they should not be sold any more alcohol. Yeah, that kills a huge revenue, but I feel when it comes to the safety of everyone, then I don't see a problem getting rid of the alcohol. Stop it before someone gets hurt in a fight, namely a child. I go to the games and have never bought a beer or the such, and have a great time. Maybe banning the alcohol would keep the drunks in the bars starting fights and not at the RBC Center. I dunno, just how I feel.
  2. You should do one of these for Belfour as well!
  3. Just saw on the TSN web page that Jesse has received a 25 game suspension. Not sure if I inserted the link right, but I tried! TSN - Jesse Suspension
  4. I just watched the hit on TSN's website. I can't believe that he would do that. Look what they did to Downie with his hit on McAmmond. Jesse was wrong to hunt him down. He's expecting a suspension, but this isn't the first time he's hit someone in the head like that and got suspended. He got suspended in the OHL for an entire season for a hit to the head. You think he would have learned. It's one thing to be an enforcer, it's another to single someone out because you got mad at him and take him out like that. Totally unacceptable! :angry: I really hope the Flyers are not condoning these type of actions. It looks like we will need to watch out when these guys come to town. I would bet if Jesse is on the ice playing or Downie that Gleason will be on the ice. I would be surprised if he wasn't.
  5. this is a great idea. I've talked with my mother and sent a note to a friend. We are looking at coming up for the Jan. 26 game. Since Mr. Leighton is wearing No. 29 I can come up wearing my Gerber jersey! I would love to see him play. We will probably contact the Norfolk people and get some tickets!
  6. I won't be able to make it cause I will be flying in that day from Texas, so I can't do it. Maybe Francois can come in my place! I will have to get with him and ask him. You never know with that crazy boy!
  7. I agree. I do, however think Gleason did play better than Hedican. At least he would make an attempt to keep the puck in their zone. I didn't see that of Hedican. I also think Hedican is still very concerned with putting his entire body full force into a check. The one I saw, I thought was very weak. We need defensemen who can check when needed.
  8. Hmm...I'm gonna say 3-2. Hamilton, Stiller and Walker! Oh, and tell dad Happy B-day!!!
  9. Rock on Stormy!!!!! Stormy is the Pig!
  10. It all just goes back to the old saying, "No news is good news."
  11. My best guess would be whoever went to their practice should be able to let us know if JG was there and practicing
  12. You're lucky! I had to buy mine and leave it to Steve who worked in The Eye last season to point it out to me. That made me $90.00 poorer!!!! Ah, but it is so trashed, which I love! My Cam stick is the same way. although I have yet to have it signed.
  13. I can say that I have and wore his jersey all last season, so I am a fan of his as well. I think I may have been the first one to own one. So you aren't the only one that likes him. No worries!! I even have a stick of his, so it's all good. Get well soon Johnny!
  14. Here's to a speedy recovery Johnny!!! My brother has had his knee drained and it isn't fun. I just hope it is nothing super serious.
  15. I'm not sure if I am the only one who caught the girl messing up our national anthem. How long did they know this game was coming??? In my eyes the girl who sang it had enough time to practice and learn the words. If you are going to sing another country's national anthem, learn the correct words and don't improvise! :angry:
  16. Francios told me to tell you that those are great pictures!!!
  17. Something from the Saw movies perhaps??? No, even better, I just read about some brain eating amoeba's that have been found in some lakes. Maybe he can take a swim!! Truth is so stranger that fiction!
  18. Just saw on TSN that Downie has been suspended for 20 games. Not sure if it's enough, but that's what has been decided. Does anyone know if Philadelphia is going to put him on the roster?
  19. Ummm....Let's see, haven't seen Columbus play but I'm gonna go 4-3. Now let's see, I"m still gonna say Hamilton, Walker, cullen and Stillman. I will also add in a Timmy fight tonight! Go Timmy!!
  20. Since his hit was an act brutality, I would say keep his indefinite suspension going on through next season. That was totally uncalled for. After what happened between Ottawa and Buffalo last year, if he does make the team and the disciplinary action isn't satisfactory, he'll have a bullseye painted on his back. I don't believe he deserves to play NHL hockey after that. If he's hitting like that in the preseason, imagine how he would be hitting in the regular season. I felt bad for McAmmond when all his guys get into it, the poor guy is knocked out on the ice and there are bodies all over him. Hopefully he doesn't play and with a leap like that, that is only seen in ballet, he could pair up with the greatest diver of all time, Belfour and the two of them can do their own rendention of Swan Lake.
  21. It was me, didn't you see me make that huge save to win the game????
  22. I'm not even sure what to say or where to start. Grahame is not that bad of a goal tender and neither is Leighton. Yes, Grahame has more experience than Leighton, but Leighton isn't a totally bad net minder to not be a No. 2, regardless of what team he plays for. The first game he played during the preseason, I thought Leighton played very well. We gave Gerbs a chance to start out at No. 1 when we won the cup and Gerbs rocked the season! What ever happened to giving people a chance before automatically hanging them out to dry or to bash them like there's no tomorrow. I do not see a problem with Cam having two back ups, we are one of the few teams that only have two goalies for any game. I've seen the sheets where some teams have three. I don't see a problem rotating Grahame and Leighton into supporting roles for Ward, and dressing all three for each game. Think about it, when Cam got hurt last season, what would have happened if Grahame got hurt in the same game and we had no goalie??? What then? We had no one to fall back on at all. I'm for all three here for us, and not just two.
  23. I'm gonna say 3-2 Hamilton, williams and whitney. That's the feeling I get. What do we get if we guess right? The fact of everyone knowing one of us could be psychic??
  24. Stormy!!! Actually, I would say Stiller because no one else is voting for Stiller!
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