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  1. I can't believe everyone is bashing Nic Wallin. Both of those calls were questionable, at best, and the one in overtime was a complete phantom call. The play was whistled dead, the ref noticed 2 players on the ice and then raised his arm and called a cross check. Tell me how that is Nic's fault. I've been hearing the analysis of the game on "Home Ice" and down the line, every single commentator says those calls on Nic were garbage.

    Gleason was good? I thought he had a horrible game. Innefective, standing around while the Habs skated around him like he was a pylon. Mike Commodore and Glen Wesley were the best defensemen out there. Hedican had his goal, which is great, but he was anything but noticeable in making defensive plays.

    The power play does indeed gain the zone and move the puck, but the players are stationary. They need to be moving their feet to get the box to open up so they have shooting lanes or an odd numbered chance. In spite of the bad calls, I agree that the reason they lost the game was their failure to convert at least one of the 5 on 3's. The PK wasn't anything near as good as pre-season, either. Lots of running around in the defensive zone.

    My .02. Felt like someone had to speak up on Nic's behalf.

    I agree. I do, however think Gleason did play better than Hedican. At least he would make an attempt to keep the puck in their zone. I didn't see that of Hedican. I also think Hedican is still very concerned with putting his entire body full force into a check. The one I saw, I thought was very weak. We need defensemen who can check when needed.

  2. My sister has his stick also.. Both her and I got it from him, but he was looking at her and trying to give it to her only. So it's officially hers :D

    You're lucky! I had to buy mine and leave it to Steve who worked in The Eye last season to point it out to me. That made me $90.00 poorer!!!! Ah, but it is so trashed, which I love! My Cam stick is the same way. although I have yet to have it signed.

  3. Gosh, some people need to have a little more sympathy. He's not that bad of a goalie. Why is everyone so bitter towards him. :angry:

    Get well soon Teddy Grahame...from one of your true fans. You are a Cane and there are fans out there that do care.

    And I know I will get some Smart @$$ comments out there so go right ahead....

    I can say that I have and wore his jersey all last season, so I am a fan of his as well. I think I may have been the first one to own one. So you aren't the only one that likes him. No worries!! :D I even have a stick of his, so it's all good.

    Get well soon Johnny!

  4. Since his hit was an act brutality, I would say keep his indefinite suspension going on through next season. That was totally uncalled for. After what happened between Ottawa and Buffalo last year, if he does make the team and the disciplinary action isn't satisfactory, he'll have a bullseye painted on his back.

    I don't believe he deserves to play NHL hockey after that. If he's hitting like that in the preseason, imagine how he would be hitting in the regular season. I felt bad for McAmmond when all his guys get into it, the poor guy is knocked out on the ice and there are bodies all over him.

    Hopefully he doesn't play and with a leap like that, that is only seen in ballet, he could pair up with the greatest diver of all time, Belfour and the two of them can do their own rendention of Swan Lake.

  5. I'm not even sure what to say or where to start. Grahame is not that bad of a goal tender and neither is Leighton. Yes, Grahame has more experience than Leighton, but Leighton isn't a totally bad net minder to not be a No. 2, regardless of what team he plays for. The first game he played during the preseason, I thought Leighton played very well.

    We gave Gerbs a chance to start out at No. 1 when we won the cup and Gerbs rocked the season! What ever happened to giving people a chance before automatically hanging them out to dry or to bash them like there's no tomorrow. I do not see a problem with Cam having two back ups, we are one of the few teams that only have two goalies for any game. I've seen the sheets where some teams have three. I don't see a problem rotating Grahame and Leighton into supporting roles for Ward, and dressing all three for each game. Think about it, when Cam got hurt last season, what would have happened if Grahame got hurt in the same game and we had no goalie??? What then? We had no one to fall back on at all.

    I'm for all three here for us, and not just two.

  6. Consistency could also be considered the problem with John Grahame. He'll have a solid performance one night and the next night he'll allow three goals on six shots. It isn't that I overrate Michael Leighton because of one solid performance, it's just that I was so un-impressed by Grahame last season that if a decent replacement is on the roster I think we need to give that guy a fair opportunity to take the spot.

    I totally agree. Last season, Grahame would have a good game or two, then would totally be off his game. We need consistency for a goal tender, whether it be Ward, Grahame, or Leighton. I'm hoping with Cam being under Pete Frieson during the off season, he will be outstanding this year. Grahame really needs to prove himself as a consistent back up. I guess time will tell, or at least when October comes around and Grahame is in the net facing top lines and not just prospects and the such. ;)

  7. I agree about Letowski. After all, he did take that nasty hit last year. Being concussed isn't a minor injury. If you ask the NHL people, he was "apparently" knocked out. I saw no apparent about it. Give him some time to play, he may surprise all of us, just like Leighton. Don't get me wrong, I like Grahame, but Leighton did outplay him, which really surprised me with Grahame having all the NHL experience. I guess we can say Leighton is hungry for the No. 2 spot and will play to prove it.

  8. Mine would be a toss up between Williams and Hedican. Grahame plays okay, but I would rather see Leighton as a No. 2. I thought he was great yesterday.

    Last year at Casino Night, Grahame was supposed to man a table and kept leaving, and the last time he left, he never came back. The dealer who was helping him ended up finishing up that round. I thought that was in poor taste of him. I've been told he's a super nice guy, but having been in the military, you stick to your post, even if you do hate it or are bored. :blink: OH well, it's all good, and we won yesterday, which is all that counts right now! =)

  9. Could be the players said something about it, or the organization feels that they should be able to leave and get home. I'm sure they are all tired. I'm not sure, I rarely go out after games anyway. Who knows?

    I am still happy we won yesterday and that our third goalie played well. B)

  10. I agree, I like his nickname. I talked to a friend after the game and she told me that they were calling him that! I thought he was very strong and looked awesome in the net! If not No. 2 this year, I would hope next year!!! Let's pull for The Lightning, No. 49!!!! I think a sign for him is in order, just to make him feel even more welcome than he already is!

    Did anyone see what was on the other side of his mask? I didn't go down for the warm up, so I didn't see it. I saw the one side from the picture on the website, but not the other. What I did see, it looked really awesome! Thanks. ;)

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