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  1. ROCK ON TIMMY!!!!! I wouldn't have it any other way!
  2. Saw Lavi at a Durham Bulls game this year. His family sat in front of us, which was cool. I also saw pretty much the entire team at the Ale House in Cary after the party at the RBC Center after winning the cup! Now that was super cool!
  3. I totally agree. Last season, Grahame would have a good game or two, then would totally be off his game. We need consistency for a goal tender, whether it be Ward, Grahame, or Leighton. I'm hoping with Cam being under Pete Frieson during the off season, he will be outstanding this year. Grahame really needs to prove himself as a consistent back up. I guess time will tell, or at least when October comes around and Grahame is in the net facing top lines and not just prospects and the such.
  4. I agree about Letowski. After all, he did take that nasty hit last year. Being concussed isn't a minor injury. If you ask the NHL people, he was "apparently" knocked out. I saw no apparent about it. Give him some time to play, he may surprise all of us, just like Leighton. Don't get me wrong, I like Grahame, but Leighton did outplay him, which really surprised me with Grahame having all the NHL experience. I guess we can say Leighton is hungry for the No. 2 spot and will play to prove it.
  5. Mine would be a toss up between Williams and Hedican. Grahame plays okay, but I would rather see Leighton as a No. 2. I thought he was great yesterday. Last year at Casino Night, Grahame was supposed to man a table and kept leaving, and the last time he left, he never came back. The dealer who was helping him ended up finishing up that round. I thought that was in poor taste of him. I've been told he's a super nice guy, but having been in the military, you stick to your post, even if you do hate it or are bored. OH well, it's all good, and we won yesterday, which is all that counts right now! =)
  6. Cool, can't wait to see his mask. I've worn my Grahame jersey since last season, but I do think that Leighton played much better than Grahame did. I would be perfectly happy with Leighton as No. 2!!
  7. Could be the players said something about it, or the organization feels that they should be able to leave and get home. I'm sure they are all tired. I'm not sure, I rarely go out after games anyway. Who knows? I am still happy we won yesterday and that our third goalie played well.
  8. I agree, I like his nickname. I talked to a friend after the game and she told me that they were calling him that! I thought he was very strong and looked awesome in the net! If not No. 2 this year, I would hope next year!!! Let's pull for The Lightning, No. 49!!!! I think a sign for him is in order, just to make him feel even more welcome than he already is! Did anyone see what was on the other side of his mask? I didn't go down for the warm up, so I didn't see it. I saw the one side from the picture on the website, but not the other. What I did see, it looked really awesome! Thanks.
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