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  1. I wish Matt all the luck in Ottawa. Like most I wonder what d-man is out. There are teams that are looking for veteran d-men, which Ward and Corvo could fill. I guess we will wait and see.
  2. That sounds great! I would love to meet our European fans. That and I listen to a lot of German music.
  3. I got TeachYourself Finnish by Terttu Leney from Borders. Sorry to say, I got the only one they had several months ago. It has helped me. I am thinking of getting something else to. You are right, nothing sounds like it looks. Sauna is another one. LOL
  4. Count me in on the group of people going. I'm so excited about this. Trying to learn Finnish, which is very hard mind you, but I'm still trying. It would probably be easier if I actually could talk to someone who speaks Finnish. LOL Just waiting for the Canes to come out with a package. Need to get passport too, this will be a blast not only for us Caniacs, but for the people in Finland too. I agree with you TSA and welcome to the Finns on our board. Any language help would be great too. Do people in Helsinki speak english, or do the majority of them speak Finnish? This way I know if I'm going to be doomed.
  5. [quote name='fpsndiver wrote: GhoulieGirl wrote: fpsndiver']I was debating whether my next jersey would be a Gleason or Pitkanen. The question was answered tonight with that point shot. Congratulations Joni, you just cost me, but made the Canes some more money. Joni was a beast tonight against Florida. He lost the puck skating up the left boards in the 2nd period, he turned around, caught up to the player that stripped him, and returned the favor. The man is a beast. At one point tonight, one of the Florida wingers fell at Joni's feet, and Joni had a little 'fun' with him behind the play....mruahahahaha. Joni's goal was all sorts of awesome! With the gift card from my bosses two Christmases ago, I got an authentic black Joni jersey. Love it!!! Don't worry, he cost me last season too, and all the Finns just cost me this season. I just said that if he got a goal I'd get a new tattoo, little did I know that goal would come the very next night. LOL Now I get more ink because of Ruu's hat trick a while ago, and the Finnish Hat Trick that happened last night! It's not like I needed it, just an excuse to get another one. Hey there ghouliegirl...were you sitting in 314E last night? Cheering on "butters"????? If so, that was me and my son next to you.Nope, wasn't me. I sit down in section 101 row d seat 1. Right were Ron the Ref is during intermissions. I'm normally in my Finland baseball hat though, or carrying around posters in Finnish. I am hoping to get my new ink during the break though.
  6. From Spectors today: Latest on Marty Turco, Ray Whitney, Lee Stempniak and Rostislav Olesz, plus a Kings-Canadiens trade is rumored to be in the works. TRIANGLE BUSINESS JOURNAL: reports Carolina Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford expects to trade Matt Cullen before the Olympic break and Ray Whitney after the break but before the March 3rd deadline. SPECTOR'S NOTE: That appears to suggest moving Whitney will be a more complicated effort than Cullen, given the former's no-trade clause. Rutherford reportedly had a deal in place with the LA Kings a couple of weeks ago but it fell through when Whitney attempted to use his clause to leverage a three-year contract extension from the Kings. CANOE.CA: Patrick Caisse reported on his blog last night of a rumored deal in the works between the Montreal Canadiens and LA Kings, which reportedly would see Kings winger Alex Frolov shipped to Montreal depending upon whether or not the Kings could land an experienced forward. Caisse speculates either Carolina's Ray Whitney or Atlanta's Slava Kozlov might be of interest to the Kings. He had no word on what the return from the Habs might be but suggested winger Max Pacioretty's name has appeared in recent rumors although the Kings would want more in return. SPECTOR'S NOTE: Frolov to the Canadiens has been in the rumor mill since last fall. Take this one for what it's worth, folks. We know the Kings tried to land Whitney but that deal fell through over his contract demands. Kozlov was recently a healthy scratch for the Thrashers.
  7. Joni's goal was all sorts of awesome! With the gift card from my bosses two Christmases ago, I got an authentic black Joni jersey. Love it!!! Don't worry, he cost me last season too, and all the Finns just cost me this season. I just said that if he got a goal I'd get a new tattoo, little did I know that goal would come the very next night. LOL Now I get more ink because of Ruu's hat trick a while ago, and the Finnish Hat Trick that happened last night! It's not like I needed it, just an excuse to get another one.
  8. Very few things bring tears to my eyes, this was one of them. I want to go to Finland. I am hoping that we do what Detroit did and have ticket packages!!! I'm so excited now!
  9. [quote name='ZCAB wrote: robcantplayhockey'] I've always had beef with Pitkanen because they traded away my favorite player, Cole, for him. Well, I would note that Pitkanen was -12 through 12 games. Since then he's been a cumulative -4 through 37 games playing by far the most minutes on defense on a bad team. And who is the lowest on the defense? His defensive partner Aaron Ward. That may have something to do with it. You can't view stats in a vaccuum, or otherwise you could make an argument to say that Cam Ward has been terrible due the fact that he is 28th in GAA among qualifying goalies. That would ignore the defensive play of the team in front of him. And I also note that Pitkanen is usually on the ice when we pull the goalie, whereas Alberts and Carson never are and Gleason is only part of the time. Empty net goals count against . Let's look at like this: Pitkanen has 7 empty net goals against, while Carson has 0. Let's say the reverse were true (Pitkanen 0 against and Carson 7). All of the sudden you have Carson at -7 and Pitkanen at -9 with Pitkanen playing significantly tougher minutes. That's another thing: Carson and Alberts play limited minutes against 3rd and 4th liners. There was a game recently (against Edmonton) where Pitkanen played close to triple that of Alberts. To say that those guys are better defensively than Pitkanen is like saying that Babchuk was way better than Seidenberg because he was +13 vs. Seidenberg's -9. Look at the role, the minutes, the teammates and the opposition. You mention that you are a big Cole fan. Well, Cole is -9 through just 20 games. Pro-rate that to Pitkanen's 49GP and you get a beautiful -23 rating for Cole. Would it be fair to use Cole's as an example of why he sucks and isn't worth the money? I am not personally a Cole fan, but even I wouldn't use against him as I think it's a total garbage stat. You say it's his job to play defense. While true, it is also clear that his role is also to create offense and that also involves taking chances at times, which *sometimes* results in him getting burnt. Do you think the coaching staff plays him close to 30 minutes a game because he's so super awesome defensively? No, it's partly because they need him to create offense and he has been the only defenseman on the team for the last few months (with Corvo gone) capable of doing so. Saying "he's a defenseman, he should play defense" is an incredibly simplistic look at things. That's like saying that forwards shouldn't have to backcheck because it's there job to score. Pitkanen has twice as many points as our next closest defenseman (33 to Gleason's 16). He is tied for 10th among all defensemen in scoring despite missing 8 games. ZCAB I agree with what you are saying 100%. The rating is silly. Since the original poster opened up a can of worms about Pitkanen's trade, I will lay my 2 cents on that one. I kept really quite when this all went down when we got him. You can get mad at Pitkanen all you want about the Cole trade, but JR is the one who pulled that trade, not Pitkanen or Cole. If you were to get upset with anyone, it should be JR and not the players involved. Pitkanen or Cole are not to blame, so getting upset and having a beef with Pitkanen because JR traded Cole for Pitkanen makes no sense to me. Again, that's just my 2 cents.
  10. March 2 Whitney - Pens Cullen - Sens Corvo - Coyotes
  11. I agree that Joni is on the ice a lot during a game, and sometimes does take bad penalties. As most have said, could be because he is tired. I do, however, don't like the elbowing penalties he's given, IMO, I think that's nothing but a height difference. First off, Joni is my favorite player; however, I have seen Joni turn the puck over (the Carcillo goal comes to mind as of recent), no one is perfect on the ice be it Finn or non Finn. Things happen very fast on the ice, so mistakes will happen to anyone. I will say that his shot is more accurate than some. Joni is not an overly physical player, but when needed he will lay a hit. Joni does what he does best, whether it be a wrist shot or just a slap shot. He's a great defenseman and an asset to our team.
  12. When pigs fly. And being the BBQ capital of the world, the pigs here usually make it to the BBQ restaraunts before they are able to fly, so no. He has been labeled as one of the core guys here.
  13. I have gotten my Finland jersey from this store. Had it personalized, and they did a great job. The USA jersey they have here is white. http://shop.uscho.com/Sto...ey/C_ID-3856/index.mhtml
  14. WOO HOO for Timmy!! He really deserves this chance. I read that article about Joni too. I thought that was a very good article.
  15. I may the only one to say this, but you can't have him. He's been great for us. You can have Aaron Ward though. I think we need some pucks and sticks.
  16. Can I have my five minutes back? I thought the announcement was going to be something worth my time. LOL
  17. I agree with what you say. As of right now, Gleason, Pitkanen, and Alberts, I think are all we got signed through next season. You trade away Pitkanen and you are left with Gleason and Alberts. Only one top four d-man really scares me. Let me know if you all need an assistant when you become his partner! I would be more than happy to help out.
  18. I'm sorry, but why trade Pitkanen? What is a decent return, another Eric Staal, someone with a huge contract for him to absorb? Most teams I wouldn't think would give up their prize players for Joni. He's an offensive threat, so I just don't get it. So we will have one d-man to build around in Gleason???? Why not build around Pitkanen and Gleason?? Just don't get this, not at all.
  19. Wasn't he pulled from the center position due to his frustration of not being able to win a face-off? Why do this? As much as I don't agree with him being named the next captain due to his lack of consistent effort on the ice, putting him back into a position that caused him much frustration makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Look at the face-off percentages with him back at center, and they will drop. I noticed the first game he was pulled and our face-off wins went way up.
  20. I think Darren Dreger (sp?) was saying he was close to turning 20. I dunno. You are right, he does have to be 20. Here's an update to his suspension. Looks like he will learn his fate on Monday. http://www.tsn.ca/chl/story/?id=306948
  21. I read about this on TSN on Monday. I hope this kid never plays again. The good news, is the kid he hit was sent home Monday night and the second scan they took of him showed all normal signs. Here are the two links. I couldn't find teh original, but I saw the hit, and was just completely floored. The sad thing is, is that if he's suspended from Jrs., he can still play in the AHL, after a review of him. Sorry if I didn't put the links in right. http://www.tsn.ca/story/?id=306798 http://www.tsn.ca/story/?id=306706
  22. I had to let this sink in before posting. I'm sorry, but I don't like this, not at all. I felt that Tim Gleason deserved the C more than Eric Staal. Gleason has heart and has shown his heart. Staal hasn't shown up since we won the Cup, and to me doesn't bring his A game every night, only when he feels like showing up. He has potential, but doesn't use it. I'm just completely floored by this decision. Way to slap Roddy in the face by stripping him of the C. I honestly felt this should have been done in the off season and let him bow out gracefully. All I can say, it's lets see what the prima donna does or doesn't do now.
  23. I sorta had a thought you may have been over in Europe with your screen name, but I didn't want to assume it. LOL I would probably keep an eye out after they make the official announcement. : )
  24. I'm sure the NHL would announce a time, but not sure if it would be Finland time, about six hours ahead of us or US time. If I remember correctly, those Finns snatched those tickets up fairly quickly, so if it's Finn time, you may want to set your clock to get up and be aware of the Euro conversion. The tickets may be on line in Euro and not US dollars if they are sold in Finland. Not really sure how that works, just guess work on my part. There is also a possibilty that the Canes may be allotted so many tickets and like what Detroit did, offer packages. That would be awesome. I really want to go to Finland to watch the games, but to also see the country. I'm hoping that this does happen and the package prices aren't too expensive.
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