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  1. From what I have read, it looks like we will be playing the Wild in Helsinki.  Also, Bruins v. Coyotes in Prague and Sharks v. Blue Jackets in Stockholm.

       I read about the Bruins from TSN, but where have you read about us?  Just curious.  I would LOVE to go to Finland.  Besides seeing hockey there, I want be able to visit the country of my favorite players.  This means I really need to do better with my Finnish than I am.  I'm slowly learning though.

  2. I had a great time last night.  Got to three tables.  I got in the line with Joni and Jussi so I was at the ver front and was able to get to the Cam Ward and Ruutu tables as well.  The usher was nice enough to come and tell us that they couldn't guarantee us autographs.  We understood that so we stayed in our final line in hopes of getting through and we did.

    Technically, people were supposed to take pictures while standing in line.  No getting behind the table and such.  A lady did that with Scott Walker and it was the ushers job to keep people from doing that.  The pictures really slowed everything down.  I really didn't like the food they offered, so I just ate popcorn.  No biggie for me, it's not like I was paying for the food. 

    Overall, I had a great time and refrained from spitting sharpie lids at the players this year!  I was proud of myself for that.  This was probably the best one I've been to.

  3. Actually they don't allow pictures.  You can take pictures of the players while you are waiting in line, but no pictures with players.  They have so many people attending that taking photos with the players takes up too much time.  You're going to feel pretty rushed anyway.  LOL  I was spelling my name for Joni so he could personalize my authentic jersey, and they were trying to rush me through that.  One autograph per player kinda stinks, but I understand why.  Trying to let everyone get an autograph. 

    Unless they change it for this year, the past years I've gone, pictures with players were not allowed. 

  4. The players/coaches will be set up at various tables throughought the RBC Center.  Last year, we were given a piece of paper that listed which player was at what table.  Most people bring things for signature, and the such, so bring what you want.  Make sure you have something to keep most of the stuff in.  Pens or sharpies the guys will have, but if you want something signed with a certain type of pen, I would bring it.  I find that a silver paint marker works better on black hats than a silver sharpie.  The paint marker doesn't fade.

    You will also be given tickets or vouchers for food, so eat up too.

  5. [quote name='caniac-97 wrote:

    GhoulieGirl wrote:

    caniac-97']it isn't ready for prime time yet, tried to spend my points and it gave me an "unknown exception error" and would not add things to my cart.

    Ahaa!!  You are getting the same error I did.  At least I'm not the only one.  Now I can't even log onto the redemption site.  Isn't technology lovely??

    I remember the day that you were suppose to test code before putting it into production!!  Now all these young whippersnappers just work on the live code and hope for the best!

    Plug in Pray comes to mind for this.  I will say that apparently the site is working for now.  Just ordered our gifts, so now the $20.00 question is, how long will it stay working. 


  6. I'm really not impressed by what was offered this year either.  Great if you tail gate a lot, but I don't.  I even mentioned to my ticket rep about possibly adding a nice charm for the women.  We see that, that didn't make it.  LOL  Just the watches, which I got last year.  Just digging for stuff now to waste points on.  grin.gif

    I did try to redeem our points, and kept getting an error message.  I've sent a note into the Canes to see what the deal is.

  7. Folks are free to agree or disagree with me, I really don’t care – and whether you, coastal – or anyone else - likes it or not, I'm going to keep looking for ways to help get this team out of its Rip Van Winkle period.


    What about a kiss from Princess Charming?  laugh.gif  Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I do agree, but being a full season ticket holder, I have already dished out money for the games, so I will be attending them.  Like you, I wish we would see a full 60 minutes of hockey.  Let's hope that they show up and play like that tomorrow.  The last home game I went to, they were booed when they left the ice.  I felt like I was in Toronto for a minute.  laugh.gif


  8. From the NHL Website:

    Ovechkin suspended for two games

    Tuesday, 12.01.2009 / 4:04 PM / News
    The NHL announced Tuesday that Washington Capitals' forward Alexander Ovechkin has been suspended two games as the result of a knee-on-knee collision with Tim Gleason of the Carolina Hurricanes Monday night in a 3-2 Washington victory.

    Ovechkin was issued a five-minute major for kneeing and a game misconduct for the collision with Gleason. Ovechkin said he was just trying to "make a normal hit" on Gleason, but the 'Canes' defenseman turned quickly and Ovechkin didn't react in time.

    Nevertheless, it was his second game misconduct in the last three games. He also was called for a five-minute boarding major and game misconduct in last Wednesday's game against Buffalo.

  9. I grew up watching hockey, when goalies didn't have the masks they have now and players didn't wear helmets.  I for one know that Ovie is a goon.  In order for the league to win back the fans, they went to this fast style but they had to protect their "stars", sorry but their "stars" are

    becoming the "dirtiest" players in the league led by Ovie.  Time for the league to stand up and punish these "stars" starting with Ovie.  Don't even get me started with Keith Ballard, which don't even belong in this thread. 

    How many more incidents is it going to take and injuries on other players before CC is going to fine and suspend Ovie for a period of time?  Does the injury to the opposing player have to a season ending injury or career ending before CC decides he needs to do something?  Do something now before it is to late.

    Hopping off my soap box.  I for one, was glad to see Timmy G. return to the ice and Ovie not to return.

    Unfortunately, this is probably what will have to happen before anything is done.  That fact just makes me sick.


  10. Yes, he does look like Elmer Fudd.  He's taking the blame out on Timmy cause he's been trying to get that  rabbit for umpteen years, and Ovenchicken is his Daffy Duck!  The two of them together can't get that rabbit, so Timmy was a close second.    roll.gif

    I really hope that they suspend him, they can't ignore it now.  The double standard needs to go away with him.  He's a goon, simply put.  If they don't suspend, then that leaves him open to lay a devastating hit on someone ending their career one of two ways, and I don't want to think of the other way.  I really hope it doesn't go that level.  As of right now Ovenchicken feels immune from any discipline from the league, and that isn't right.

  11. [quote name='caniac-97 wrote:

    Ghouliegirl']I saw this on the Hawks message board. I do not know their source, so it would be interesting to see what if anything happens. From what I read of all three posts about this, they seem interested. It would give us younger players.

    "Rumored deal between Carolina and Chicago(Rutherford is getting eager to make a move)...

    to Hawks...Matt Cullen and Joe Corvo

    to Canes...Cam Barker, Jack Skille and Andrew Ebbett"

    if my calculations are right that would buy us about a mil in cap but is it a good trade?

    I was wondering how much if any salary we would gain.  Whether or not it's a good trade would have no idea.  I do like the idea of younger players though.


  12. I saw this on the Hawks message board. I do not know their source, so it would be interesting to see what if anything happens. From what I read of all three posts about this, they seem interested. It would give us younger players.

    "Rumored deal between Carolina and Chicago(Rutherford is getting eager to make a move)...

    to Hawks...Matt Cullen and Joe Corvo

    to Canes...Cam Barker, Jack Skille and Andrew Ebbett"

  13. This is from the N&O.  Still don't understand how this will help.

    Conboy placed on waivers

    Submitted by chipalexander on 11/12/2009 - 12:07
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    The Hurricanes have placed forward Tim Conboy on waivers.

    Conboy has played in 10 games, averaging  4:14 of ice time, with no goals and no assists. 

    Placing Conboy on waivers iallows the Canes to call up a player this weekend, if need be, general manager Jim Rutherford said.

  14. Is Staal really a super star or is he a really good player?

    Are LaRose, Cullen, Samsanov, Jolkin really top 6 talent or are they really good top 9 or 12 players?

    Is Frances ready to be the offensive coach, or is he needing a mentor?

    Is our defense able to shut down teams & start the break out from our zone?

    Edit: fixed the language filter issue for you.


    I read more than I post here, but I do like what has been said, and this is a very interesting topic.

    I agree Staal is not at the same elite level as OV or Sid, but as everyone else has stated, is this because we don't have a top line winger for him?  Should JR have gone after someone to play on the same line as him?  Staal has the potential to be a great player, and I have seen this spark in him, but only when Brindy is out and hurt.  Is there something here?  Does Staal feel shadowed by Brindy?  Maybe the C should be taken away from Brindy.  Don't get me wrong, I love the man and what he has done for the team, but maybe his time as a captain is up.

    Chad would be typical 3rd or 4th line IMO.  He has spunk and attitude and I love that, but is he a second or first liner, no.  Jussi, I feel should be on one of the top two lines.  He deserves that shot with the way he has played.  If Chad and Cully have that spark, then I say leave Cully on the third line with Chad.

    As for Frances, I'm not sure honestly how to answer that one.

    Joni has only been back for a couple of games, and now Timmy is hurt.  I honestly feel once our d is healthy and stays healthy, they'll be able to gel and hopefully play the way we are expecting them to.  Joni can move that puck though.


  15. This is what Direct TV has on their webiste regarding this. I have DTV and I honestly can't stand versus, so I'm not upset.

    "Versus on DIRECTV

    Unfortunately, Versus is no longer available on DIRECTV. Comcast, the largest cable company in the U.S. and our largest competitor, owns the channel and has forced us to pull it down. Here is the situation.

    DIRECTV was already paying Comcast more than any other non-Comcast distributor to air Versus — and now Comcast is demanding an overall rate hike of 20% on top of that. Comcast also forces DIRECTV to make Versus available to a much larger portion of our customer base at our own expense than they require from other TV providers — most notably, DISH Network. We simply cannot accept these unfair and outrageous terms. All we're asking from Comcast is equal treatment.

    Comcast and Versus are currently engaged in a noisy publicity campaign to distract attention from the fact that they are trying to take advantage of DIRECTV and our customers. The bottom line is this, if we were to accept their unreasonable demands, we would have no choice but to pass on the increase in cost to our valued customers. We do not want this to happen, especially in these difficult economic times. That's why we're standing firm in our negotiations with Comcast.

    Regardless, we will continue to work in good faith with Comcast to try to reach a fair and just settlement. Our commitment to deliver the best TV service for the best price is and has always been our first priority. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

    DIRECTV still leads the industry in sports programming, whether or not we have Versus in our channel lineup. For college football, NHL hockey and other sports, here's just a brief list of what's available on DIRECTV:

    •College football: Available on Big Ten Network, CBS College Sports, ESPN, ESPNU, ESPN GamePlan, The Mtn., local channels and your RSN.

    •NHL: Available on NHL Network, NHL Center Ice, and your RSN.

    •Mixed Martial Arts: Available on HDNet, Spike TV, and UFC on DIRECTV Pay Per View.

    •Auto Racing: IRL available on ABC, Formula 1 on Fox and Speed.

    •Bull riding: Available on ESPN2 and the Houston Rodeo on DIRECTV Pay Per View

    Hunting and fishing: Available on ESPN2, The Sportsman Channel, The Outdoor Channel, and Pursuit TV.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at versus@directv.com"

  16. I was getting frustrated until I saw that Direct TV now has it's own FS Carolina channel (FS-CR). Channel 645. You can catch all the games there. I was just happy to finally have a game in HD with the Tampa game. It used to be 647, but it changed. Why, I couldn't even begin to tell you.

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