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  1. Nope, i think we pay enough for tickets now to have them increase for unecessary fines. You lucked out on the drunks. I had a drunk lady trying to get me to stay as I was trying to leave.
  2. I agree with most. Being former military, I agree that it is disrespectful. The yelling of "Red" I can handle, but not changing the words.
  3. I went one year, and it was so packed that you couldn't even move, let alone get to the bar. I lasted about 5 minutes before getting just disgusted and leaving. I have to really think if I would go again. I will say this, I'm sure ALE will be out in full force that night. If you are underage drinking be careful. The establishment/bartender can get fined if they are caught giving alcohol to underage people. I used to work in a bar, so I really would hate to see the bartender/RBC Center/Canes get fined. I would suspect that they would card just about anyone that doesn't look like they are under 60 since there will probably be underaged people there.
  4. All you need to do is take your jersey back into the Eye and show them. They are all very helpful and will do what they can to fix the issue. As long as you buy your jersey from them, they stand behind the product. Hope this helps.
  5. Kernkraft 400's song Zombie Nation. I prefer Grendel's version better though.
  6. Two words, River Rats, IMO. They played with the passion and determination that is so desperately needed right now. I do agree with you that Staal did step up his play when Brindy went out, and he needs to do that again now. I'm all for doing to Brind'Amour what Dallas did to Modano. They took the C from him and gave it to Morrow since Morrow was the new face of the Stars. I see no problem in taking that C away from Brindy and giving it to Staal. I know most won't agree with me on this, but maybe giving him that C to wear will motivate him in a big way.
  7. Thanks for those kind words Oilers Fan. I love it when you guys come to the RBC Center. I always end up talking with a fan and getting a picture with them. I'm looking foward to our next game. I watched your game the other night and it was very exciting. I'm a big Sheldon Souray fan anyway. Good luck with your hockey season this year! I do agree, it would be great to see our guys matched up again for the SCF!!
  8. I agree...it brought a tear to my eye too. I applaud everyone at the RBC Center for honoring this man. I am former military, and never saw action like he did. When they showed him on the jumbotron, I just about lost it. He will always stay in my mind. I think it was fantastic that they took the time to honor him.
  9. Unless the prices went way up, last year it was $60.00 for the Skate with the Canes tickets. This event is normally done around January. I think last year it was either mid or end of January. Then in January/February time frame you have Casino Night. Last year tickets for that event were $200.00. Not sure if that price will remain the same or not. That is a nice event...usually semi-formal and you get to gamble with stormy bucks, and mingle with the players. I've been to the last two and they are loads of fun.
  10. Nothing for us either and nothing in the FedEx system for us either. I better be able to get a discount on my black jersey on Sunday. This is just really tacky IMO.
  11. We should don black ninja suits and go and find them.
  12. That so isn't cool! You should find out where the FedEx dude lives and "soil" his bathroom! They better be at the house when I get home, or I will be one hostile lady! My mom won't do, so I will.
  13. Definitely heading home for lunch now! Way cool about the ticket designs!!! I hope they are there.
  14. Man, I hope not. We haven't even gotten an email to track our tickets. We were told that we were going to get one yesterday. I think the ouija board told me that email will arrive on Monday! As of right now, no tickets. Not sure if we are going to run home at lunch and check. Hate to run home and be completely disappointed if they are not on the front porch.
  15. I would probably figure about $200.00 for the premier with a name and number on it. Not too bad, same price as the other ones. I can't wait to see it in person!
  16. They joked saying that the black made them look bigger. Timmy looked huge. I was like WOW when I saw him. I am digging the Back in Black song for us. I wasn't going to the carnival until later, but it looks as if I will get there so I can look and get me a new jersey. I wonder if they will have any player numbers available, without having to send them to get stitched. I want to have it for the Oct. 13 game.
  17. I wish Spector's site was up and running. I would love to hear his aspect and if he has been sent any information. I normally look there for rumors and only check Ecklund's blog for pure humor.
  18. Maybe this will give us what we need to prove them all wrong again! I hate VS. anyway.
  19. Yeah, I heard that they are really good friends, so I'm sure that came into play with him coming here. I'm really excited to see how he does. Ruu was awesome. I was waiting for him to come out the day he got traded for warm ups, but he wasn't there, then right before the National Anthem was sung, he comes running out. That was super cool to me. I bet those two will be together a lot. That's cool, it's always nice to have a friend in the area when you are traded.
  20. I already plan to have a sign for him opening night. I have to say Ruutu will be my fave. I already have his jersey and it is signed.
  21. Sold. Congrats CC!
  22. I love the "Ruuuuing" too! Makes me feel at home hearing it. As for the confusion, well, that will be explained at tomorrow's game.
  23. David, I didn't realize how badly you were hit. Here's to a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see you back out on the ice doing your thing!
  24. I fear nothing...we got Sammy, Ruutu, and our Rats line....What's to be worried about. As long as we play the best hockey we can, I have no worries.
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