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  1. We only got to two tables. Got in a line and it was Chad's. I will not juggle all the stuff I had last ngiht. In the midst of all the juggling, I took my silver marker and took the lid off and had it in my mouth. I can't remember how it happened, but next thing I know, my lid took off out of my mouth and I think it landed in Johnny's lap. I'm not sure who was more shocked, him or me. I should have said that i was testing his reflexes! :lol:

    Made it to Staal's table cause my mom wanted her Trevor jersey signed. That was about it. The Staal line was so long, couldn't make it to any other table. We were in the last part of the line so we didn't get done until almost 7:30. Overall, it was a good time.

  2. This was my second year going, and as always, the players were super nice. Eaves I especially liked. My friend and I wore heels, which neither of us do, so our feet were killing us. We headed over to a seat to sit, and some guy beat us. I was saying, No don't sit there! We got over and it was Eaves. We sat down and talked with him. Super nice guy! Poor thing must have been starving! He did look cute in the Elvis shades!

    We took tons of pictures, and the funniest guy was Ray. I asked for a picture and he said that he didn't take pictures with women who were taller than him! I started to take my shoes off, not that it would help since I'm 6'1" without them, then he said that it was okay his wife towers over him all the time. :lol: Ray was a nut, and I wouldn't have expected anything less from him.

    One highlight was giving Hedican directions to the dessert table. I went to get apicture with him later on that night and he gave me flack about not getting one when DeWaltGirl had hers done. We were like, you were in a mad rush for dessert! :)

    Letwoski recognized me from the UPS Store where I ran into him just last week. I was surprised he recognized me.

    Overall, I had a great time again last night! The guys are great! Although almost having to chase Gleason down wasn't fun. I told him if he made us chase him that we would throw ours heels at him on the ice. :lol:

    The Elvis impersonaters were great! I didn't expect them, and I thought they all were very cute! I will say best dressed goes to Stormy! He always looks great dressed up!!!

    Can't wait for next years event!

  3. This is a family board, can we lay off the cursing???

    I understand why Lavi started Grahame. Look out west with Kiprosoff and Nobokov. They are great goalies, but they aren't getting the rest they need. Cam needed the rest to be ready for tomorrow's game. I believe John and Tripp also said that the reason he was started was because he has a better record against New Jersey. Granted it didn't go the way they were hoping, but that's what happens. I didn't watch the game since I am at work, so I can say if the defense was there or not. Lavi did what he thought was right.

  4. Very nice? hahaha

    This is pretty off topic but those tattoos are terrible. Nothing original about them at all. Just cliche pieces a million other people have. They're also very basic and pretty much any artist could tattoo them. Just felt the need to chime in with that since I'm heavily tattooed. All my work is custom, though.

    Mine are custom too, except the stars, but one was a cover up and I looked funny without the other one! :lol:

  5. TATs rock! I'm in the market for another one. I need something to add to my bat! I do like my good fairy and evil fairy that sits on both shoulders. My skull tat rocks though!!! I will say this, he looks to be in good shape! I just hope he can help out with the pp that they are hoping. Tats or no tats, welcome to the team guys!!!! At least they will be conversation pieces at Casino Night! :lol:

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