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  1. I haven't used my ticket rep for anything else. I work close enough that I can run up at lunch. Karen rocks! That's all I'm gonna say about that! The one thing that I would love to see are food specials. I know at Dallas on every Friday game, they have $1.00 hot dog night. Something like that would be great! My brother the hot dog fiend had 8 that night!
  2. Already aware, and a sign will be made!
  3. I just read this on Spectors. What do you guys think of Preissing? You will need to scroll towards the bottom. Spectors
  4. I am one of the proud owners of a Timmy jersey! He signed it at Skate with the Canes! Rock on Timmy!! I wear it to all the games...what's not to love about a player who can body slam???? GO TIMMY!!! WOO HOO!!!
  5. I totally agree that Cam was made a #1 too early. I agree with whoever said that Gerbs should have been kept around longer! Gerbs got us to the Cup. I do feel that we need to invest in a better goal tender along with younger defensemen. I believe that Leighton wants to play in the NHL and not hte AHL, but is JR going to let him in next season, or try to get a net minder that is more consistent? Who knows, maybe all of us will be surprised after the ASG and such. I guess we just need to sit back and wait.
  6. I'm guessing the ref lost sight of the puck and blew the play dead. I wish they would have had some explanation. I was on the other side of the ice when it happened and the replay showed that the puck wasn't covered. That is the only thing that I can come up with.
  7. I'm all for our offensive defenseman now. Who's with me?? Liles or Souray??? This was just bad! Too many short handed goals! I understand why he would play five forwards to tie the game up, but when they kept scoring on our power play, time was there to put a defenseman in. ACK! Whenever we got a power play, I was like, well, here's another goal for NY! I'm hoping that after the break, they pull it together. I'm hoping for more than one or one and a half games! :angry:
  8. I would never stand in front of him! That's the only bad thing about sitting behind the bench. Yeah, you can get some shots of the guys, but to actually see the game kinda hard! A couple rows up from where you sat would be ideal! You can see the players and the game! Best of both worlds!
  9. I'm hoping JR has something in mind. Who knows. I would like to think he may have him packaged up for someone. Possibly John-Michael Liles or I'm dreaming to say Sheldon Souray. Stayed tuned for the next exciting episode of "As the Canes Turn".
  10. Nah, I wouldn't beat you up, I would just get in the way of Sydor when he's here in a couple of weeks!
  11. You got some awesome pics of everyone, especially Sheldon! I just wish they would have picked him up here!
  12. I think I'm just gonna sit back to see if JR does anything else today. I'm just so frustrated with how the team has been playing, as it everyone else. I'd like to see him bring in someone, and really shake up the team.
  13. Now this just stinks!!! :angry: I thought Borer played awesome while he was here. Send Hedican back after those two bad penalties he took last night, or at least Kaberle! I just don't get this! Why send down someone who is playing? Wonder what will happen tonight with Edmonton?
  14. I think that JR will see how the team plays tonight and possibly tomorrow. Let's see how they respond to the trade. I really doubt it will affect them. Afterall, C. Adams hasn't racked up many points this year. I possibly look for the other shoe to drop sooner rather than later. I'm thinking next week sometime, if not before. Edited because obviously I can't type! I'm a secretary too.
  15. As much as I like Commodore, this makes complete sense to me. Now I guess we'll wait and see when the ball is dropped, and see who actually goes.
  16. I think a lot would depend on how the guys feel. If Brindy loves being the "C" and it's pulled from him, it may wake him up. I dunno. Egos do play a part.
  17. I saw the same post. I could live with that. If only we could be flies!
  18. The Dallas Stars pulled the "C" from Modano and gave it Marrow since Marrow is considered the future of team where Modano was, but I guess they felt that he may be retiring soon. I dunno on that one either. Given Rutherford's comments, I wouldn't be surprised to see him pull a move like that. Give Staal the "C" and make Brindy an Alternate. After all, Rutherford did say that Staal is the franchise player and he is safe, so give him the "C".
  19. I think the team needs an entire shake up. Maybe getting of rid of PL is an answer, or the possibility of trading someone that no one would expect to get traded, to show all of the guys that no one is safe. Something needs to be done to send a message beit a coaching change or a major trade. I'm hoping that they play tomorrow night, or the only people who win will be the raffle winners at the Cool Bar!
  20. After reading all of the posts, I'm glad I didn't get to watch the game last night. Sounds like his plan to "Close the door" backfired on him.
  21. Yup, seen them both. Even saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead. WAsn't too impressed with it. They kept to the mall, and that was about it. For comedy zombie films, Shaun of the Dead is the best!!!! I love that movie! Then again, I like any movie with Simon Pegg in it!
  22. I was just reading the AVs message board, and they are all saying that we should take Liles. I got on there to get their views on it. Some of them are for Commie going there, but one did mention that they would like to have Gleason. I was suprised to see how they have been keeping up with us. I guess we'll wait to see what may happen. I would post their comments, but I'm not sure how to do that without cutting and pasting. Besides, their entire trade thread is 53 pages long. I jumped to the end and went back to page 50 or 51.
  23. They are great there! During the Jersey game, there was some girl and her friend sitting two rows behind us. The two girls were screaming as if they were getting chased by Leather Face or Jason Vorhees through the woods. Like the rest of you, I'm all for cheering on our team, but when you are screaming like you are being murdered, to me that is excessive. Most people in our section were looking at them and neither cared. I guess she was really mad at me for complaining cause she apparently was waiting for me to leave and was wanting to start something, so I went in the other directions. I'm not gonna be the one getting kicked out! How stupid can you be? The security and all were very nice and took care of the problem. I love the people who work at the RBC Center. When you are a STH, you get to know a lot of people there.
  24. I agree, I would hate to see either go, especially Timmy, I do love to watch him! He was hilarious at SWTC yesterday! If they do trade him, at least I got my jersey signed!
  25. I kinda had a feeling that if they are in fact interested in Liles, they would go after him after watching him play here. I guess we'll have to wait and see what, if anything happens.
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