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  1. It shouldnt be to much longer, I think in the spring time. I know he has had private screening but no offical release date.

    I too am a HUGE zombie movie fan!!!!

    Awesome! I watched Flight of the Dead and the zombie nun rocked! I found my Halloween costume for next year!

  2. Hey, i heard from a reliable source that this year's Skate with the Canes is going to be a little different. If you don't have on skates, you don't get on the ice. I've read on here several people saying that you have been able to walk on the ice to meet the players in the past, not this year.

    Yeah, I heard that too. I've walked on the ice in the past, but all it takes is one person complaining, and it spoils everythign for everyone else. Looks like we'll be leaving early. I'm not gonna go to sit and watch. After messing up my foot and it not healing properly, skating just isn't in my line up of things to do. This really stinks. :angry:

    Fortunately, I am in the blue group, so I'm hoping I can meet all the guys I want to before the skate. I'm just very disappointed with this. Nothing like singling out people who can't, or don't want to skate. :angry:

  3. I hate to agree with you on this, but my mother's boss had wanted to get her an Eric Staal jersey for Christmas a couple years ago. He had ordered her jersey in October. When it got close to Christmas, he called. He kept getting it's on backorder. Well, Christmas came and went, and no jersey. He then called up and they said it had been shipped. Needless to say, the next day they called and said that the jersey was still on back order. He was so furious, since it is now after Christmas and late, that he just cancelled the order.

    After seeing those problems, I will never order from them. Your frustrations are totally unnecessary, but it happens anymore. Customer service stinks. I remember when I installed the new MacAfee anti-virus to upgrade the one I already had, I couldn't log onto the internet. I called them up and like most of you, I get someone who can't speak a lick of english, and then proceeds to tell me that it is not the MacAfee software. I told him that everything worked fine until I installed it. He didn't like it when the software was disabled and I could log onto the internet.

    Needless to say, they never resolved the issue, I had to do a full system recovery and purchase more software. I emailed them to inform them of the bad service I had and that I would never use their software again. Needless to say, I never heard anything from them. I am proud to say that as of this day, the different software works just fine! :)

  4. George Romero's Diary Of The Dead....BOO YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When does this one come out! I've seen all the others, and this one is a must! I was beginning to think I was the only one who likes horror flicks! Zombie films, just rock!!!!

  5. I listen to mainly rock and goth/industrial. Wow, imagine that one. Occassionally, I pull out the hair bands, but I love older Metallica and not the newer stuff! There is nothing more enjoyable than watching Chad LaRose sing "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

  6. exactly. but if we say that, it's bashing, right? yeah we can't help that both our goalies were not playing well. so we remedied the situation by taking out the one that was doing the worst, and replaced him with a goalie that has been tearing it up in the AHL to give him a chance with OUR system. just cause he hasnt done well for other teams doesnt mean he wont play well for us. again, he has this chance to show what he can do.....and he hasnt really dissapointed anyone yet has he? at least, no more than Cam or Grahame, right?

    Very well said! No one knows, we've seen players from one team not play well, and then get traded and play great for the other team...look at Recchi. We won't know more about leighton until he plays some more. He does show great potential, and wish him the best whenever he is in the net. Same to Cam as well!

  7. I am liking what I have been seeing with Leighton. I agree that his first game, he was nervous, but settled down. The St. Louis game I thought he played very well. I agree with the fact that he does use his size more than Grahame did. I think he knows when not to play the puck and when to play the puck. I don't think he stays as deep in the net as Grahame did, but I could be wrong. I really haven't paid much attention to that point of his play.

    I hope he keeps up his play with us, and he sticks around for a while! WTG Leighton!

  8. No Grahame was not in goal tonight Nastiuk was. Grahame did not even show up untill the start of the second period. We had no backup goalie for the first period. And no it is not your guys fault that this team had not heart tonight. They played with zero effort at all tonight. From the first puck drop of the puck to the final buzzer no effort or heart at all. I mean I hate to lose anytime but I can take a lose a lot easer if the effort is there. But tonight no effort at all. They just went threw the motions. And the sad part is they even did that horrible. Even just going threw the motions looked really bad. Just all around horrible night for the Rats. I know Coach Rowe if fumming right now.

    That's bad on Grahame. Did he have a reason on why he was late? To me, there is no excuse not to have a back up goalie, but I will wait to find out what he reasoning was for late.

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