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  1. Some interesting thoughts from Brandon's uncle, Flames GM Darryl Sutter, about 'the lack of respect'. 'Lack of respect'
  2. I'm fascinated by a statement like this. What makes you think that RD will have an awful team this season? That's junior hockey we are talking here. Success in junior hockey goes in cycles. Two years ago Spokane (Bowman's team) was the worst team in the league. Two season later they win the Memorial Cup. If the Rebels can get back goaltender James Reimer (signed by Toronto) and Sutter, together with their young and upcoming talent, they could easily be one of the better teams in the WHL. Plus, I'm not sure why playing on a young team and being THE guy will not help your development but playing on a good team (in the same league none the less) where you can hide at times behind your teammates is good for your development? I'm not saying that Sutter should not make the team or that it's better for him if he plays another season in Junior, just that I can't understand the logic behind your reasoning...
  3. Mo76

    Sutter signed

    There are no loopholes (except a short term conditioning stint after an injury). The fact that he got signed doesn't necessarily mean that he will play for the big club next season. There are dozens (no hundreds) of signed players in Major Junior hockey (that's the main reason why the NCAA sees the CHL as a professional league). Some teams just sign their prospects early (Calgary or San Jose) to get the job done (they don't have to worry that they will loose their rights if they can't reach an agreement). From your reactions I'd say that Carolina do things different.
  4. No, this 5 games rule is a WHL rule for 15 years old. Players get drafted by WHL teams when they are 14 years old (hence WHL Bantam draft). The OHL and the Q drafts 15 years old. Players have to be 16 years old to play full time in the CHL (actually the cut-off date is always the 1st January, so if they are late born, players can start their CHL career as 15 years old). When kids are drafted by WHL teams they can't join their WHL teams for another year but play instead for a Midget or Jr A team. But they can play up to 5 games with the WHL teams and they can join their WHL teams once their Midget or Jr A season ends. WHL teams try to bring in their top prospects for a few games (mostly during Christmas break, when they miss some players with the WJC or the U17 WC) to get a look on their development and it also means that they are committed to the CHL (players loose their NCAA eligibility when the play a single CHL game). Sutter can play in the AHL this season after his WHL season ends (just like for example Jeff Carter did, he played 12 games with the Phantoms in 2003/04 after his OHL season ended but he couldn't play for them next season during the lock out and had to go back to play in the OHL) but he can't play for Albany next year. It's either NHL or WHL for him next season. And I'm pretty sure that JR knows this.
  5. Sutter can't play in the AHL next season. He isn't 20 (cut off date is 12-31-1988) and he hasn't played 4 seasons in the WHL. He played a few games as a 15 years old after his Midget team got eliminated but these games do not count for the 4 years rule (this is something that only happens in the WHL since this league drafts its players a year younger than the OHL or the Q. So these kids get drafted but then have to play a year Midget or Jr. A, they can play up to 5 games with the team drafted them and they can join the WHL team full time once their own teams season ended).
  6. The CBA allows NHL clubs to play a junior player for a maximum of 10 games before it starts to count as a contract year. Meaning, suppose Sutter signs a 3 year deal (he will need to sign a contract before he plays his first game), plays 10 games with the Hurricanes, and is sent back to juniors. Now, when he starts his pro career the next year, that will be year one of the contract. The first 10 games played aren't counted toward an accrued season if returned to juniors. It has nothing to do with amateur status or junior eligibility. As long as a player is 20 years or younger he can still play in the CHL, it doesn't matter if he has signed a contract or if he has already played in the NHL or AHL. For example, in his rookie season with the Rebels Sutter played on a line with Cam Cunning who started the year playing for the Flames farm team in the AHL and was later (after 25 games with Omaha) send back to Rebels to finish the season as an overage player in the WHL.
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