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  1. Tuomo, get well soon. You make the game of hockey that much more interesting to watch, and no one gets by you without taking a punishing hit. Heal up, and get ready to knock 'em down next season.
  2. D was nice, 5 INT says it all. Peppers looked good, as well as Beason as usual. Good win.
  3. Brandon Sutter is God. That is all.
  4. Running game is shredding the Bucs' D. No bonehead plays and we're fine.
  5. Good to hear the Rats are off to as great of a start as some of our prospects. Wanna send a few goals down to the RBC Center?
  6. NHL says that the Bolts won it in regulation. Also, Chicago came back down 5-0 to win it 6-5 in OT. Unbelievable. 25.29 GAA for Huet, there goes my fantasy hockey stats. >.>
  7. I hope Twins can somehow take the series. One of the best cinderella stories in baseball this season, it sucks that they won't be able to do it without Morneau.
  8. Yeah, I got the e-mail, then I checked the teams and all 18 were there. Got a bit confused there.
  9. 3:57, but that's only cause I do a game similar to this. Only it's every team from the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB.
  10. This reminds me of Anaheim's purple jerseys with "Anaheim" on it.
  11. Really heartwarming to hear. Great to see that our fanbase continues to show why we're one of the more respectable in the league.
  12. Ouch, I hope that draft time/date changes. Working on a pre-draft list, so it's alright if that isn't possible.
  13. Wow, no Original Six bias here for sure. <_<
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