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  1. This is a really old thread. Anyway, I've never seen the players outside of a normal game, as I live in Charlotte, but I did see Tripp Tracy in the elevator at the RBC Center last week Friday. My family and I had seats in the upper level and went upstairs, forgetting to stick around to watch the pregame warmup as we usually do. While walking to the elevator to go back down, we saw Tripp and said hello. We chatted a little about the upcoming game, as well as the game vs. the Capitals. When I told him I thought Ovechkin was getting preferential treatment from the refs, he agreed with me. Anyway, it was a weird coincedence that we went upstairs forgetting about the warmup, only to see Tripp. I guess that was the one positive for the day, as the game was frustrating to watch.
  2. You won't find anything on Youtube. Go to carolinahurricanes.com and look at the game profile on the screen. It should say the matchup, time, network or broadcast, etc. If the game vs. the Devils is not profiled, click on "last game" to see the score and highlights. Click on the yellow camera logo that has 700K next to it. These are the video highlights. Ruutu's crushing hit is the first highlight on the video. If you want to review previous games, scroll down the screen and click on a desired game on the calender. As for the game, I listened to it on the radio but saw the highlights afterwards and I must say Ward was awesome and Ruutu was in the mix quite a bit. I wish I was there as I heard it was a great performance by the Canes (and Caniacs!).
  3. Well, I guess what I'm saying is that if Ward got help clearing rebounds, had no up-the-middle ridiculous scoring chances (Oduya?), and had no giveaways in front of his net, he would be very good. Of course his stats would improve, I might have sounded redundant, but I think with this type of help he could be a top goalie in time. Overall, if all the goals were Ward's fault and not the D's fault, there would not be many goals scored against him. Also, if Ward starts a game strong, he gets better and better as the game goes on. Why does he start well sometimes and not so well other times? Maybe early goals that are the fault of the D cripple his confidence even though it wasn't his fault.
  4. Actually I agree with you. Samsanov might do much better down low. He's a slick puck handler who can keep the puck down low near the boards or by the net. I think we should put Staal back on the point every now and then. Not all the time, but during the Stanley Cup season, he scored many of his PP goals from the point. However, he is getting better at faceoffs and is good at tipping the puck in front. Could put Staal anywhere. Would Patrick Eaves be on the PP? I haven't seen him play much before. I heard he was a Larose type of player with more skill.
  5. I think Cam will mature and get better as he gets older. When the D is playing well in front of him, he turns into a brick wall. However, when the D is playing poorly, Cam seems to melt down mentally. I really think it's nearly all mental for him. Being a goalie myself, I have watched him over many games and he has a very sound butterfly technique. When he's playing poorly, he's deep in his net or giving up uneccesary rebounds. Well, I guess the D is responsible for most of the rebounds. Cam can play very well when he's given support on D. If he was with a good defensive team, his numbers would improve dramatically, and I think he would be a top goalie. Cam just needs to learn how to take a team on his shoulders and will a game into his own hands. We really shouldn't expect Cam to win games by himself, however. Most of the goals against were caused by bad D. If we improve defensively, Cam will improve. Getting Corvo is not really a defensive improvement, but he brings the puck moving skills our D needs. We need to pick up at least one shut down D-men with the likely retirement of Hedican and Wesley at the end of the season. J.M. Liles would make a good offensive D-man, if J.R. is still looking in that direction.
  6. I believe Brindy got a chance on the point last year. It really didn't make a difference. We need him taking faceoffs anyway. He's been off his game this year, for some reason. What I would absolutely love to see on the point is a combination of one of these three guys: Cullen/Samsonov/Corvo. Any one of those combinations would be deadly. Anyone agree?
  7. I say that Brookbank is a guy we need. I don't know what all the complaining is about. It's not just because a guy can fight. I would certainly say Walker can fight as well as Brookbank. The main point is, no one is afraid of Walker. Brookbank is known for his aggressive drop-the-gloves style. It's his reputation and presence, not his ability to fight, that makes him an asset.
  8. I think a lot of changes need to be made. I have one question. In the game tonight against the Leafs, why in the world did Ward replace Leighton? Leighton seemed to be doing fine. Some good Ward did. The D played bad; letting 33 shots on goal is not good. We need better D and a better goalie. We are one of the most inconsistent team in the lead, if not the worst.
  9. Ward is young, relatively inexperienced, and has horrible D that leave him hanging all the time. He can be good at times, but overall he is horribly inconsistent. We are expecting a lot of him, maybe too much, but a goalie with a struggling team needs to pick them up and bear down to win games. Gerber did this in '05-'06, and we were the best third period team in the league. I've become suspicious of Ward's weight loss; sure, he may be able to move faster, but he is not in control, and moves so fast that he can't stop himself. His stamina is low, I think, and he needs some meat. Fruits and veggies don't last long for energy; I know he eats pasta and other carbs, but he needs protein as well. Ward also needs to copy his idol, Marty Brodeur, and stay on his feet longer, especially on bad angles, because he goes down in the butterfly on everything and teams know to shoot high on him all the time. Also, what happened to Ward's lightning glove hand that he showed off in the '06 playoffs? It seems he can't stop anything up high if he's not on his game. Basically, the team needs to be better as a whole, the goalie, the D, and the offense.
  10. I though the AHL guys played great. They played hard, hit hard, and brought a lot of jump to the team. How about Casey Borer! What a good young player he's been lately. Sure, he's young and he's only played two games, but in my mind he's played better than nearly all our normal starting D-men. Heck, he even had a goal and an assist. As for Nolan, he's a good, hard working player who is willing to hit hard and get his nose dirty, even though he isn't the biggest of guys. Did you see hit crushing hit on the much larger Holik? About Aucoin, he's a player with good hands offensively and I see some potential in him. Brookbank, they need to play him more and have him shove his weight around. However, with the other AHL guys hitting hard as well, physicality wasn't a problem in that game. Leighton, I thought he played well after the first period. He challenged well, and a 6'3" frame doesn't hurt. He needs to not go down as early, but his height makes up for a lot of his mistakes. He definitely played more aggressively and challenged far more than Grahame, which is a good sign in a goalie. Most of all, I though the AHL guys brought a lot of spunk and energy to our normally lazy lineup. Some of these guys have a chance of sticking around, especially Borer, who played well alongside the veteran Wesley.
  11. I don't neccesarily think it's a bad thing that Brian called the Canes out for their poor play. He's just stating the facts, and the Canes need to hear it. However, it's a bit irritating that he said it on national TV. I watched the game tonight, and gosh, I was so mad when they lost. I mean, the Canes had the momentum from their previous game tying goal, and Ward faced a whole 14 shots on the night. I mean, come on. Again, the D was poor or average at best, and I was especially frustrated to see Seidenburg try take the puck up himself from his own zone, and lose it to Kovalchuk, who will capitalize on mistakes. Ward was not to be blamed for all the goals, but 5 goals on 14 shots for a save percentage of 64% is poor. I thought the Canes deserved this one because they had it in their hands, even in overtime, if you saw all the chances.
  12. I agree that our goaltending needs to be better. Ward should get to that point where he will play nearly every game. Anyway, the Canes should win with four goals. I mean, c'mon. That one crappy goal be Jokinen should not have gone in. Being a goaltender, that was an aweful goal to give up. An NHL goalie, backup or not, should stop that shot 999 times out of 1000. Why in the world did Grahame play that game in the first place? Cam is our starting goalie, and Grahame was bound to have a bad game some time or another. Oh well. At least we scored a good amount of goals.
  13. I agree that Staal should perhaps be demoted. Cullen brings pure skill and talent nearly every night, and he has earned the spot as a top six center. Staal, if you remember, played an aggressive style of hockey during the Stanley Cup season, which helped him score. Now, he looks scared and plays rather timidly. Staal has raw talent, and everyone here knows it, but I haven't seen anything like that brilliant play he is capable of. He needs to skate hard, hit, and drive the net, which will probably get him back on track. As for trading him, that is just ridiculous. That would never happen. Besides, the Canes' organization are trying to prepare him to take Roddy's place after he retires. Staal is going down the road that Vinny Lecavalier traveled. Look at Lecavalier now. It took a while, but now he is a force to be reckoned with. Back to the demotion suggestion: I wholeheartedly agree that Matt deserves a chance. He has probably one of the best pair of hands on our team. His stickhanding is impressive, and he does well in breakaways and shootouts. I sometimes wonder why Staal is not demoted or something. Look at Kaberle and his downfall. He is doing bad, and he is suffering the consequences. He is busy watching from the press box. Yet Staal plays horrible, and the Canes put him out in key situations in games. I would be 100% opposed to trading Staal, but he needs to be given a message.
  14. C'mon guys, even though their game has gone to hell, let's not give up on them! I really have no explanations for this team as of now, but really, they need more support when they are struggling, not less. And don't even think about trading Staal; it's not gonna happen until hell freezes over.
  15. I'll spread things out if that makes things easier.
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