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  1. Heading out to Nashvegas this weekend to see the Preds get smacked down, (hopefully). Any Caniacs want to meet up for drinks before hand?
  2. Drove 11.5 hours yesterday...i can't believe I am here.. Seriously the best Wife ever.. sliders (beef, pork, chicken) pasta salads Bud Light or Labatt Blue Light Come by the tent..Black Mazda tribute..Tennessee tags..
  3. Dude..We will be there for the first time in years!! Driving in from Memphis on Thursday morning, maye even late wednesday night to get in time Thursday for the morning skate! That is if the wife lets me. Anyway, if not...we are gonna be there as soon as they let us in. I am so jacked for this... Look for the black Mazda Tribute with Tennesse tags...come over and have a beer. I just got my Chad Larose 3rd Jersey so I am all set!! GO CANES!!!!! PS. The wife just shot down the idea of leaving on Wednesday...hahaha...oh well
  4. I am going to cal The Eye this week and see what they are looking to get in over the next few weeks. I wish the game was this weekend coming up...man I am so jacked!!!!!
  5. Thanks! I may just have to call and see if they will have them by game day..
  6. I am even more pumped!! Just got my grill, alluminum chaffing dishes, sternos, and picked up the tent today. Menu is already done, got the table and chairs ready to load. All I need is the tickets to arrive. Are they still selling 3rd Jerseys at The Eye at Crabtree? Am i forgetting anything?
  7. I appreciate it! It will be a very emotional return for me. I havent been to the RBC (ESA) since 2000. I missed out on coming home for the the last 2 playoff years; especially The Cup Run. I was devistated. So this for me will be my big blowout weekend...even bigger than my trip to Disney next January..
  8. Just so you know..I live in Memphis and just took and job that will transfer me to Raleigh within a year....sole reason for this...Getting season tix to the Canes!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!
  9. Nice Gesture. I wish I had lived closer!!!
  10. as my good friend eric cartman says... "hehehehehe...we eeeeee won!!!, See you guys, told you we would win..." SWEEET!!!!!!
  11. We will win tonight! Crappy officiating or not, we will win. Just like in Game 7!!!! I think the buzz in the arena will be incredible.... CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That is how our game should have been tonight. Even if we had to lose, I would have rather have lost like the Oilers did...
  13. I agree with you about a war,and to some point about Staal. I can't recall, though, such a blatent hit or slash or whatever that he did, that was so obvious that Tripp was like "Wow, how did Staal not get called for that". I agree that calls get overlooked all the time, but christ, this game is important for both clubs. You would think phantom goalie interference, AO's hit, Hedican's massive crosscheck, are calls that should be made or calls that should not be made. Walkers GI call killed a 5 on 3...would we have scored?? Probably not with the way we played tonight, but don't essentially give momemtum one way or another.. Thats my beef. And remember, I lost so I am a bitter b*tch...
  14. Dude, my best friend is a Sabres fan. I have watched as many Sabres games as I have Canes games over the last 5 years. When he was with the Sabres, he knocked off more nets because he was either out of position or whatever, I never ever saw him get a call once. My buddy would tell you that. And in the 02 finals he did it in game 3 or 4 in Carolina and guess what he got.....nada....he was protected... And I will give you Marty...100%. He is a beast though....and he is like 72 years old
  15. I agree about the game.....but AO is a bad *ss. I would take him in red and white any day.....anyday!!!
  16. so then what your saying is, because a certain player reacts a certain way he may or may not get a call??? Then your validating my point. Superstars sometimes get special treatment. AO, Sid, Hasek (especially with B-LO)get protected by the NHL. You can't tell me that Bettman isn't pleased by tonights outcome..
  17. IMO, the league wants every player they are marketing to survive. Even if it is at the expense of others..
  18. no offense, but that is not what I asked...Given the same 2 potential roughing calls in a close game in a division series like this....are the 2 going to get called evenly???
  19. so you think that Scot Walker gets the same treatment as AO?????
  20. dude nice post....but your forgetting the ref from the NBA. He threw games?? It isn't outrageous to think that the NHL wants SID and AO in the ECF. It brings them $$$$$. You have to see that. Yes we sucked tonight, yes Craps played great the last 3 weeks. But the refs were not on tonight and that potentially cost us....
  21. Im in Memphis man. Thank you...I really appreciate it...
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