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  1. but you can't say the Caps win streak is our fault. We have put together some quality wins with key players out. They have been on fire since aquiring Huet you can't fault them or us..
  2. this is so unreal. It couldn't be any more obvious. And the sad thing is the Caps announcers even agree with all of us, well at least to a point. As long as they win they're ok with it..pathetic
  3. I totally agree!! The NHL is basically saying ..No one wants to see Carolina in the playoffs, when they could see Ovenchicken the great. I think it is a crock of poop. Imagine that..another Crapitals power play. Wow...AO can plaster Staal, but Hedican touches #8 and in the box he goes....wow. I am speechless...
  4. YO!! check this out. https://www.allposters.com/-st/Carolina-Hurricanes-Posters_c14897_.htm' target="_blank">https://www.allposters.com/-st/Carolina-Hur...ers_c14897_.htm[/post] I bought 3 pics and they were dirt cheap..$1.98 each Mine were 8 x 10. Got them in 3 days... Steve
  5. I didn't think he would get it!! What to go #12!!!! Thanks for make the Caniac nation proud!!!
  6. Well my squad will be at Rippy's beore the game, unless it is lame. So I will see you all there. I will be the big bald headed guy in a white Jersey.. oh yeah and with 3 other fools too.
  7. Rippy's sounds good. The closer the better. We should post something to get the Caniac nation to meet up in the arena during the 1st or 2nd intermission. I must say though, I have become a huge Predators fan since I moved to TN (2003). But I will have no problem cheering when we put up 3 on Mason or Ellis. haha
  8. Any ideas for places to meet up before puck drop would be welcome!!! Thanks
  9. Myself and 3 others will be making the trip from Memphis. They are not Canes fans, but they are there to watch them play. I would love to meet up with some of you other Caniacs before puck drop. I have never been to Nashville, so I wouldn't know where to meet, but I am game. We are going to be in Section 204.
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