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  1. Yes Matt has had a checkered past, however, he's nothing like Avery. He's grown up quite a bit and has stayed out of trouble the last couple of seasons for the most part. My point was that we could use the kind of grit and edge someone like him brings to a team. And he is very much a team guy unlike Avery. A player like LaRose, just runs his mouth and has nothing else to bring, i.e. he can't hit, and he can't score. We are in desperate need of some toughness and I'm not talking about "enforcers". And a player like Matt brings that. We need third and fourth line guys that can really battle in the corners and wear other teams down. Our small, skilled guys can't do that. I didn't want Matt for what he's gonna make in Minnesota, but a player like him who's tough and can put some points up does carry some value.
  2. I like Matt Cooke as a replacement for someone like LaRose. He brings grit, hustle, and little more scoring than Chad as well. Have no idea what kind of money he's looking for. We need some toughness not just jaw jacking.
  3. I hate it when teams just try to lay back and hold the lead. It's pretty pathetic especially like the game in Toronto. You're up 4 to 1 and playing some of the best hockey of the year and then you let off the gas and coast a bit. I'm a pretty good armchair coach and I say ram it down their throats for 60 minutes. Who cares if you run up the score that's not our problem. Attack, attack, attack. All it takes is one goal from an opposing team to get 'em flying again, seen it one too many times both for and against us.
  4. I hope he doesn't but I have a feeling he will light us up. If they do score twice as predicted earlier I'll predict they will be his goals. He's gonna do all he can to take it to us. Just as long as we get the win I could care less what he does.
  5. Like others have expressed, I don't really know what to think. Of course we can't talk like it's a done deal, but my concerns would be as follows. 1) There's a lot of dirt surrounding him. I'm not getting into rumors and things of that nature but most people know what I'm talking about. But hey we made up with Babs it seems. Maybe his head his straightened out some, I know he's been through quite a lot. 2) We play a totally different system than when he was around. So if he was ever called up I hope his conditioning is up to snuff.
  6. Sorry, I guess I should have dug around a bit more.
  7. I'm in too. Peer pressure sucks! Ha!
  8. I was kind of hoping the same about McCarthy. Maybe Wesley will take his place down the road? Of course that would kind of defeat the purpose of staying around your family more, huh? I think this is a good move though to switch it up a bit.
  9. I can't believe I'm wasting precious lunch time to reply to this thread. I know we're living on "Tobacco Road" here where we love to axe coaches, but this is a bit ridiculous. Lavi is probably one of the top five coaches in the league. He's not far behind from taking over the most wins of an American born coach from Tortorella and will probably do it having coaced less games. To let him go would just be insane. His system is one of the best in the league, but it takes EFFORT. I'm sure it's taxing on the players at times but no one could argue when this team plays with consistent intensity and effort we can make other teams look like pee-wees. And if the players have given up on him then I would say they're just plain ol' LAZY. We made an awesome run to the end and I think we just ran out of gas probably due to certain guys playing insane amounts of minutes. At least I hope that's all it was. Here's to a healthy 08-09 season forgetting the past and looking to the future.
  10. I heard Chuck talk about this on 850 when Sam-SO-nov first came to Carolina. That is the correct way to say it Chuck even asked him way back in the day. And yes Kaberle is pronounced Ka-ber-luh. Chuck said he makes a point to know how to pronounce foreign players name out of respect. We Americans can't even speak our own language correctly so I don't think it's appropriate for us to guess the pronunciations of our foreign friends. Oh and Kovalev is pronounced Ko-VI-yev. Chuck said in Russian when you have an "L" followed by an "E" it is pronounced like "Y" as in the word "Yes". Chuck wouldn't be a hall of famer if he didn't have his stuff together. So I will always go with Chuck's pronunciation.
  11. "not hockey, just a little off season fun" (sorry, didn't know how to pick this off of that post earlier) I know how the Finnish enjoy their heavy metal! \m/ I'm liking this pick up. Maybe he has Megadeth playing in an ipod underneath his helmet while on the ice. Here's to a great rest of the season with the Canes.
  12. Just wanted to throw this in and I mean this in a very joking kind of way. You can sure tell you're in ACC land when you hear all the screaming for the coach's head. Other than that there are multiple issues on all sides and who really knows how it will get sorted out. It would just be nice to see a win right now especially on home ice!
  13. I'm no coach and I don't pretend to be very knowlegeable when it comes to strategy in hockey but here are my thoughts. (this was my disclaimer) Dump and chase doesn't work when you don't chase. Plus it's almost obvious to the other team that it's our plan and they are prepared for it and hustle to the puck before we do and shoot down to the other end. Also, once we do happen to get it in we pass it around three too many times and try to do so through the most congested spots on the ice and most of the time it's right to the other team because there is lack of movement. I think Hamilton was better on the PP in the beginning because he didn't have to handle the puck as much they gave him a nice pass and he fired it at the goal. You still have to give it to the guy that he's got a cannon, but he does leave something to be desired in the puck handling department, at least at present. Staal needs to do face-off drills or something, he only has the best teacher in the league to learn from. Granted he wins the occasional face-off but he seems to be a bit inconsistent when it really counts. And definitely get shots on goal and have someone there for rebounds. It doesn't always have to be pretty just get it done. And on that final statement I'll leave it a that.
  14. I'm also in the not worried but frustrated camp. We still have two lines of really good players and scorers, but they are not getting it done for whatever reason. I don't think any of us here have an answer. There are several teams that are good with only their first two lines, but the key is consistency. Heck, Tampa does it with only 3 guys most nights. Granted it doesn't always work, but I've seen those three guys take out an opposing team (sometimes us) like its nothing. I really think we're still capable of being a dominant team, at least in our division, we just need to be consistent. Easier said than done but that's my .02. Lets just hope Culley gets back soon and the other guys find the game they're capable of playing.
  15. Come on guys. Give me a break. Strongbad has done nothing wrong. He's doing the same thing we all are, stating opinions and getting in on the hot topic of today. Most of us are Canes fans here but let's not be homers about it and actually have a somewhat intelligent conversation. I actually agree with him for the most part some of you may have read my posts. I'm not gonna restate anything other than saying Orr made a legal and big hit and he should not be suspended and he should have not had the interference penalty given to him if anything it could have been charging but even that's questionable. And you know what else. He's right about our lack of response. Sure Commie jumped in and rightly so, but it shouldn't stop there. We did nothing on that 5 minute PP but dump the puck in and go retrieve it at the other end. You gotta make 'em pay in those circumstances and we did not. Give the guy (strongbad) a break he's a fan like the rest of us and enjoys the game as much as we do. Strongbad, I'm sure you won't lose sleep over this discussion nor will I. I welcome intelligent comments and opinions and I'll just say we'll see you guys on the 29th and maybe we can have another discussion hopefully a little more positive on our end this time. Happy New Year!
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