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  1. $200 - Up for sale is a game used goalie stick used by Justin Peters in the last two seasons of the Albany River Rats franchise. The stick is in excellent condition with no breaks or fractures. All tape is intact. Knob is solid. Signatures are a mix of black and silver sharpie ink. I will ship at buyer's expense or meet near PNC for a face-to-face transaction. Listed below are the players I've identified as having signed the stick... there are a few other signatures whom I can't figure out. Thanks for looking! -Justin Peters [Bauer Supreme 7500, team signed] Nicolas Blanchard Zac Dalpe Chris Terry Jon Matsumoto Jerome Samson Cedric McNicoll Matthew Pistilli Brandon Sutter Mike Angelidis Mike Murphy Brett Bellemore Oskar Osala Zack Fitzgerald Jeff Daniels Jamie McBain
  2. Hello my Caniac family, I have had a few bobbleheads from 2014 fall into my lap for redistribution so I'm giving them out to anyone who would like to add them to their collection. They are still boxed, unopened I believe. I would much rather meet in person at or near PNC than ship them. Justin Faulk x2 Jordan Staal Alex Semin
  3. Pad it up and put in goal.
  4. Nice to see that 'Oddball' is still painting beautiful pictures
  5. Seems like the Dundon has a very blunt style of managing people... It is what it is. Chuck will always be remembered and appreciated by the Caniac nation for his contribution and connection that we have to the organization and the game. He seems like a really good guy and a real fan of the sport. He educated a lot of ignorant fans and had a part in growing the sport in our region. For that I thank him. Personally, I couldn't understand half of what he said. I'm not going to dump on him, I don't think he deserves anything but warm praise, but it wasn't a good experience for me trying to follow the gameplay through his words. It seemed incoherent at times and I couldn't follow his cadence well enough to know what happened. Like Top-Shelf-1 said, I'd be lost until I heard 'he scores!' with the same cadence no matter what team lit the lamp and I would have to pause what I was doing, focus and wait patiently until it was further explained because I had NO idea who even had the puck beforehand. Or, I'd try to remember where the game was being played and try to hear a goal horn or something that would indicate if the crowd was celebrating or not. If it was our goal-horn Chewbacca-'Yabba dabba do'-Ric Flair thing playing in the background then "Oh good, the Canes got a goal". I know it's hard to do play-by-play with a fast-paced sport, but I welcome a new voice through the radio... no offense to Mr. Kaiton.
  6. It's the upward point-of-view of the last thing a sausage sees when Brind'Amour is carbo-loading before a workout. Upper lip on the right, nostrils in the middle, big ugly nose and a red-billed Canes hat from underneath.
  7. The third unis will be the old black ones with an embroidered image of Rod Brind'Amour's face on the chest. After the season is concluded, NHL statisticians will notice that when wearing the third unis Carolina's face-off percentage rose 17%, the players will have decreased BMI, each will have gained a big ugly nose and an inexplicable chewing gum addiction. Tom Dundon will rename the team the Hurr'Amours. En route to the 2019 SCF, following the post-series ceremonial team handshakes, every member of the opposing teams will immediately go on IR with 'upper-body injuries' from the Herculean grips.
  8. The press conference won't load for me on either Safari or Firefox. So can someone explain the point of splitting a leadership role based on where the team is playing?
  9. What happened to all that gold you stole from that French bank, Oddball?
  10. Well done, Ronnie. Vegas is making some questionable choices for their roster.
  11. I love this new home uniform! Nicely done...
  12. What is this Star War everyone is so excited about? ... welcome aboard buddy!
  13. UPDATED LIST: Hey everyone! I have a few sticks for sale. I am looking for $50 for non-signed sticks and $60 for signed ones. Also I have a few unopened full size Fathead wall graphics for $65 each. Thanks, please PM me if you are interested. Fathead wall graphics: Jeff Skinner Eric Staal Cam Ward Game Used Sticks: Tim Gleason [Easton S19 2010] Sami Kapanen [bauer Supreme 3003 signed]
  14. The difference between Michelle and Chantel is that Chantel struggled and had to work hard to try to get through a broadcast. With Michelle it's effortless - she's a natural and a big improvement.
  15. Hey everyone! I have a few sticks for sale. I am looking for $55 for non-signed sticks and $65 for signed ones. Thanks, please PM me if you are interested. Chad Larose [Easton Synergy 2008] Sergei Samsonov [Nike/Bauer Supreme One95 2009 signed] Steve Chiasson [Koho Revolution 1998] Tim Gleason [Nike/Bauer Supreme One95 2009 signed] Tim Gleason [Easton S19 2010] Joe Corvo [Easton SE16 2010 signed] Sami Kapanen [bauer Supreme 3003 signed] Team Autographed Sher-wood Pro5000 (2002-2003, 19) Kevin Weeks 80 Glen Wesley 2 Jeff Daniels 11 Paul Maurice (coach) Josef Vasicek 63 Bret Hedican 6 Kevyn Adams 15 Craig McDonald 91 Pavel Brendl Bruno St Jacques 42 Aaron Ward 4 Niclas Wallin 7 Jesse Boulerice 21 Radim Vrbata Craig Adams 27 Justin Peters [bauer Supreme 7500, team signed] Nicolas Blanchard Zac Dalpe Chris Terry Jon Matsumoto Jerome Samson Cedric McNicoll Matthew Pistilli Brandon Sutter Mike Angelidis Mike Murphy Brett Bellemore Oskar Osala Zack Fitzgerald Jeff Daniels Jamie McBain
  16. Have you guys seen this? It's a great idea for a video series, I hope they make a bunch of these... very entertaining!
  17. If Ron Francis reads this board I have two options for him: Post something or get back to work! Seriously, I'm a glass-half-full guy, a loyal citizen of Remkin Island, a faithful follower of the old-core of players who once wore the sightless eye in the post season of 2009... BUT, I'm tied of this second-rate sub-par hockey I've seen in the last three seasons. I am ready to cut ties with most all the guys who we've been keeping around and patiently waiting to show up. Semin, EStaal, Skinner, Wardo, etc... I never wanted to see you go in the past, but now it's time for you to get yourselves straightened out and play to your potential or get out. Seriously, I'm tired of seeing EStaal take shifts off, fail to show total effort, etc. I'm tired of seeing Skinner and Semin show-up for 20 minutes then fade away for 40 night after night. How come we have to bring in a head coach with a mantra of "Earn your place" to convince our star players to try to "Earn their place"? Where is the heart that made this team special in the past... our franchise was known for that characteristic. Complacency has replaced Effort with the Hurricanes in the last few years - our big money guys have been doing nothing... I'm at the point where I am ready to cut bait on the whole lot of them. I'm sick of seeing guys like Dwyer and Gleason and Nash and Gerbe out performing and out working our so called stars. I'd rather have a team of no-name players with tons of heart than a team full of divas who decide when to show-up and complain or stop in their tracks when things don't go their way. There is a reason why Rudy is the best sports story ever told. "It's not about me, it's about the guy in front of me." "It's not about the name on the back, it's about the logo on the front."
  18. I have total confidence that we can do better... or worse, depending on how you look at it.
  19. Worst defense in the NHL, but don't worry, we have a terrible offense, too

  20. I was really upset about letting Ray go. The guy totally lived up to his nickname of 'the Wizard'. I felt like he wasn't showing any signs of slowing down at the time and so I suppose that makes me one of those 'I told you so' guys. McBain, well, he had so much promise... I don't know what happened, but I hope he is learning Russian in his spare time.
  21. Are those two notes related? I mean... if so, I wouldn't blame Ray.
  22. If the team plays to their potential under Francis we have a playoff team. If they still have the same mentality and comfort level of the previous few seasons, we're going to get another top 10 draft pick. That's all I have to say about that.
  23. Cool jerseys! I have one, it is Michael Ryan's, game used for about 5 ice-time minutes in the Glen Wesley Night game against Boston. Cool thing about it is that it's signed by both Michael Ryan and Glen Wesley. Also, I found a signed 8x10 of Michael Ryan... wearing this jersey! Makes for a good display.
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