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  1. So if the River Rats leave Albany Charlotte with have 2 hockey teams? Or will the Checkers leave town? Im confused.
  2. I have nothing. I just like reading your ideas, some good ones if you ask me.
  3. Ok cool. Thanks Ref. Just checking to see if aeverything was ok for next season.
  4. Best of luck to Patrick Eaves. Hope he does well in Detroit.
  5. 1. Detroit Red Wings 2. Chicago Blackhawks 3. Anaheim Ducks Heck, I would just settle any ole game period. Never been to a Canes game, seen plenty on tv. But never seen one live. Raliegh is too far away, and I dont have a car.
  6. Is mine ok? I know it has numbers at the end of it, just wondering. Sorry if I broke a rule.
  7. I would have to go with my Stanley Cup Champions 2006 T-Shirt. I got it for my birthday that July, and I wear it alot, especially during hockey season. I am in the foothills part of NC, where hockey plays a backseat to most fans. So I get some weird looks sometimes, as if they are saying "North Carolina has a NHL Team? " In our local newspaper before Game 1 of the Finals that year, they had a breakdown of the sport of hockey for those folks not familiar with the sport in general.
  8. I still cant get over the Hawks were able to sign Hossa! I thought for sure he would stay in Detroit.
  9. My thoughts exactly. When they had a deal with ESPN. games were on once or twice a week. Also, the playoffs. I never watch NBC games, unless the canes by chance were on there. Which is very rare I think.
  10. Seems like a great signing. I think he can contribute to the team in a great way.
  11. I like this signing as well. Seems like he can come right in and help the Canes.
  12. Wish I could go to Fan Fest. Sounds fun. But I am going to Charlotte Friday night to see Travis Tritt play an acoustic show at Coyote Joes. Those of you who are going have a great time and please post some pics for us. GO CANES!
  13. I thought they would sport the black jerseys as well tonight. A bad idea not to wear them in the playoffs I think. Plenty of exposure to get the word out about them. Maybe there will be a change on Tuesday night.
  14. So far Game 1 has been very physical. The Habs and Bruins are tied at 2-2 during the 2nd intermission. Barry Melrose from ESPN said Boston would have a neasy time with the Habs, but I tend to disagree. Bruins win in 7.
  15. I love hockey in HD. You guys are right it is amazing. After watching it in HD, SD doesnt even seem the same to me.
  16. I live in the Hickory, NC area. So Raliegh is about a 3 hour drive for me. Too bad the sites arent close to me, or I could snag one.
  17. Thats how I feel also. Last year there were quite a few HD games. This year they are far and in between. I mean, whats the problem?
  18. I am ready for playoff hockey...I got NHL Center Ice this season and with it I get the first round or first two (cant remember) so I plan on watching hockey even more this spring. I do the bracket thing also, and tally the games as they go along. I love spring, perfect time for a sports fan of all sports.
  19. Thanks for the confirmation on this with the link. Not very good news right there.
  20. I have only seen a few games in HD this season. I would think they would have the home playoff games in HD at least. I guess we will ahve to wait and see though.
  21. I have Charter Communications cable close to Hickory, NC. I get all the home games in HD, even the New Years Eve game vs. Atlanta is in HD. Which I have to tape because of a party I have to attend. And the post game show is on, which I love hearing the post game comments and analysis. So thats a great thing.
  22. I watched Saturdays game on NHL Network and Sundays game between the Lightning vs. Rangers on Vs. HD. I know VS is showing the Red Wings game tommorrow night and then the Face Off 2008 concert after that.
  23. I know what you mean. Yawkey Way was always hoppin! We would get there 2 1/2 hours before the game and just take it all in. great place. I think we are gonna try to make Fenway and Boston an annual trip.
  24. Thanks TSA. Great to be here. I have been a Sox fan all my life, inherited that from my grandpa lol. I finally got to go to Fenway Park Labor Day Weekend, awesome place to see a game. I felt like a kid again watching the games. Simply awesome!
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