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  1. I am surprised no one has stated the obvious yet 3 points for a reg win 0 for a reg loss. 2 points for an OT win 1 point for an OTL
  2. Everyone is always talking about D man Dman you know our D only allowed 17 shots inour last game cam couldnt even stop 14 of them
  3. Turns out all my dreams were crushed the day I said I Do. But thats a discussion for a different type of board LOL
  4. Wouldnt it be cool if the storm squad gave away their shirts too. Hey I had to try and smile once in the last 15 hours.
  5. Just stop 1 in 10 breakaway goals this season and we would have clinched a week ago.
  6. Laviolette did make a major mistake against Florida, he had our D moving up in the offensive zone understanding this increase a risk of a breakout the other way. Every one knows when it comes to breakouts the other way Cam Ward is completly worthless !!!!!!!!!! Worthless !!!!!!! So if you want to blame Lavi blame him for thinking Crapo I mean Wardo would be able to defend a one on one shooter.
  7. Get to yoru seats on time we need the team to come out strong and the crowd to come out strong as well
  8. This is the 1st year I have had Center Ice and have had a chance to listen to many different local broadcasts from almost every market. The John and Tripp team is by far my favorite. I really love the stuff they say.
  9. Great Great Great night !!!!!! Wish I was there. Lets get Toronto a win now against Atlanta.
  10. Anyone know who is officially wearing the "C" tonight ?
  11. I have read two pages and just wanted to add my I WANT MIKE BACK
  12. I agree thaty the D let us down on a couple of these goals I think as punishment Lavi should play a couple stretches with 5 Defense players at a time LMAO
  13. I know this sounds odd but I would rather lose 6-1 then lose 3-2. Much less stressfull
  14. Great job Cam !!!!!! Maybe he's coming around !!! Great job Barrasso
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