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  1. Not the kind of wording you'd expect for a amicable departure, particularly for the owner's son.... wonder if we'll ever know the real situation.
  2. Would have appreciated you responding to follow up with us on the two tix you said you had for the 3/26 game. You indicated you had two and were going to sell them to us, but never got back to us. Just wanted to let others know that in case they are also waiting to hear back from you on tix
  3. Sent you a PM with bobbleheads available for trade for parking pass. Thanks.
  4. Excited to be going to our first Checkers game on 3/27. It's "bring your pooch" night promo w/part of the ticket proceeds for "pooch" tix going to the Charlotte Humane Society. My wife is super excited to be bringing the dog!!
  5. Horton drafted before Staal?? Only Fleury was drafted ahead of Staal in '03.
  6. Two... Canes/Caps, winner will come down to whether the Canes can stay healthy & whether the Caps can get decent goaltending. As for the rest of the division, - TB has improved (on the ice anyway... ) - Atlanta might if the added Russians can gel with Kovalchuck - Florida will need better play from their F's and won't be able to make up for JayBo's departure. Bottom line, is the SE '09 non-playoff teams have not made enough advances to knock out anyone that made it last year and there are others that have (Toronto will be better, not a lock, Buffalo only missed last year because of the late injury to Miller)
  7. Florida resigns David Booth 6 yrs / 25.5M http://tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=11850
  8. A good Burke signing... where's Bertuzzi??
  9. While Leighton was square for much of last night's game, there was actually one point where I commented that he was beginning to look like Tim Thomas, though I'm not sure any goalie wouldn't have under the barrage that ML had coming at him in the 2nd last night. He also looked much better at ANA than he did against TB... he was all over the place for the first half of that game. Verdict... it's still Cam's job to lose, but I absolutely hate that Cam's habit of letting in the early goal(s) is continuing (though I will allow that LA's first wasn't really his fault)
  10. As I said to my wife... "Geez, this year even our Anthem Singer is injured"
  11. Problem Solved.... TWC's story is that they're using new technology for much of their InDemand channels (such as Center Ice). After serval calls & two visits, they finally upgraded some of the terminations in my house (that have been ok for 8 yrs) and replaced both of my boxes. All's working. [i wanted to go to Dish or Direct, but I don't have good line of site to the sky & my neighbor and I don't want to spend thousands to clear the trees ]
  12. The singer in '05-06 was one of the Storm Squad girls... Holly (her last name escapes me right now)... she was a EE major who graduated shortly thereafter from NCSU. She was very good. Katherine is great for her age, but I wouldn't wish American Idol on her (or anyone else )
  13. Uh, why is this the Fedex guy's fault??
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