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  1. the best chuck kaiton quote. when the canes played the panthers in the last game of the season in 2006-2007 and it was in over time and the panthers got a penalty shot: "And then John Grahame stopped Bryan Allen on a penalty shot! You didn't think that would happen---- The penalty shot, that is"
  2. Other than the fact that it was just a bit chopy in the third period, I LOVED IT!!!!! Perhaps a time clock and scoreboard would be nice, and maybe just keep it on Chuck-- the music was a bit obnoxious, forcing me to turn up or down the speakers every two seconds, but other than that it was good. I'm certainly looking forward to Sunday. Will you guys be streaming practices and pre-game skates? That would be pretty cool!
  3. There's nothing I like better than seeing a canes logo when I look in the rear view mirror-- I think everyone should start wearing Canes stuff though. I'm doing my part; I can count the days I haven't worn a Canes shirt this summer on one hand, and I'm wearing the Cam sweater today.
  4. mvp-1

    Olympic Games

    I think his name is Justin Spring. I noticed right away-- it was pretty funny.
  5. souds like you had a fun time! I was planning on going, but wasn't able to make it. I also figured maybe less people would be there on Thursday, which is whay I'm probably going tomorrow!
  6. mvp-1

    not good

    Hopefully we sign them... I'd hate to see them go! Hopefully, things will turn out ok, maybe like Scotty walker last year, everyone kinda thought he was gonna be a free agent but then he signed his deal--
  7. Don't know if you listen to 'The Classical Station' at all (89.7 FM) but they are always looking for people to donate used cars, trucks, boats, planes, ect. the donation will give you a tax deduction and it will support this wonderful listnter supported station-- more info @ theclassicalstation.org
  8. Now it'll be interesting to see if the new coach has the same opinion as the old one on the Canes...
  9. I hope it's not toooo interesting-- I know something's probably gonna happen, but I don't wanna see the likes of ruutu, cole or willy go
  10. I wonder if they know about hockey yet
  11. ncz82... that story was awesome!!! I always joke about players coming back from retirement, so your story combined with mine(not much of one) made my day!
  12. I couldn't even listen to the song--and it ain't much of a song! ...and why the heck would they want to copy it anyways? another point: it's sung with a come own sort of southern sounding accent to it, which makes it goofywhen the pens fans sing it. and... another reason not to root for the pens
  13. bigbander is right! ya. sorry I wasn't to clear on it. in 1918 or around then sometime, a cup final was canceled because the flu epidemic was so bad, so I was thinking that since the Canes are experienced flu getters, that would probably happen to us.
  14. i only go during the summer, so haven't been to a sabre game yet. i've driven by the hsbc and it isn't pretty... no place to tailgate! but the :angry: faces you get from the buffalonians are funny.
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