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  1. My buddy is able to go. Sorry. Good luck! GO CANES!!!
  2. I may have an extra Game 6 ticket (if it happens) my buddy is not sure if he can go or not do to a possible work commitment. He is hoping he can go. So if he can't go, I will have an extra ticket. Section: 102 Row: F Face Value: $100.00 Let me know if you are interested.
  3. No fluke about it...the Phillies were the best team on paper last year and they went out and proved it!!! I was there at Game 5...a Dream come true to be there Live when the Phils won the WS!!!
  4. Let's Go 2008 World Series Champs, Da Phillies...Hope they Repeat!!!
  5. I say it is the economy. I know I had to cut back on attending games this season. Another reason why I am trying to sell ("swap meet") my Cullen jersey (not that I don't like him anymore, but I need the money)
  6. Listed on E-Bay now. I reduced the price by $40.00.
  7. Crazy! If you have 2 solid goaltenders that is a huge advantage...especially if one should happen to get hurt. Plus, they can stay fresh all year by alternating and the team will have confidence no matter who is in net! Remember when it was Gerber/Ward...look how that worked out...Stanley Cup! (Not saying it will happen this season...but something worth mentioning)
  8. Good point...I meant to say on a regular radio station...if 99.9 (The Fan) if it would pick up in Charlotte.? I was assuming he would be in a vehicle helping his family move, and not have internet access. But yea, if they have internet access...can listen to it on-line, as I am sure as he being a Red Wings fan could listen to it on-line through the Red Wings site too.
  9. Maybe 99.9 FM (The Fan) not sure if they are in the Charlotte area or not? Good Luck!
  11. They had to cut down on size, in an effort to save money so they can save that money to pay Staal his Big money next season.
  12. I am glad they locked up Staal for the years...but the size of the contract is a concern. Being a smaller market team...will they have enough money to put good players and keep good players around him in the future? I hope so...hopefully the Canes Fan Base will continue to grow and lose that "small market" label.
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