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  1. I dont think I should send scotty one since I am from Pittsburgh...but hes been in my thoughts and prayers every day since his injury occured!!!!!
  2. *sighs* poor erik!!! Hey at least it happened away from pittsburgh!!! I think the state of pa is cursing the canes!!!!
  3. I hope they do so I can come home and find out the ins and outs of the game tonite!! Some one has to deflat the flyers and I pray its the canes tonite!!!!
  4. Good Luck to the canes tonite!!! Wow, I feel even worse for scotty...u could def see the pain in his eyes on our broadcast...but i wanna know why they let him skate if he could of had an internal injury? my brother is a medic and was yelling at the tv...lol!!!
  5. espn barely shows hockey highlites...so nothing suprises me with them!!! Try being a pens fan and all they show is crosby.....its annoying, I totally agree!!! Our tv announcer couldnt even get justin williams name right...justine williams...grrrrr
  6. I hope as a pens fan that the new pens arena ends a canes curse too...I get so upset seeing players going down to injury too...doesnt matter what team they are on!!
  7. Mellon arena ice is ALWAYS bad at the beginning of the periods after the zamboni has been out!!!!
  8. hey i beg to differ with u..sabourin won the game for the pens tonite...lol!!!! I am so over the sid the kid hype too so i totally understand where u are coming from...
  9. Sorry I am usually better about keeping to the topic but I get carried away sometimes!!!
  10. I am just happy that scotty is ok....take the point and scotty and go beat philly to a bloody pulp!!!!!
  11. Being a pens/canes fan...I am very disappointed to read the post previous to mine...this honestly sounds like something the pens board posters would post!!! Yes, I was angry when the coles injury happened....but tonite was not an intentional injury...ruutu's momentum landed him on scotty....and it was very unfortunate that it ended the way it did with scotty leaving for the hospital! PLEASE DONT BE LIKE THE PENS POSTERS...I seriously dont want to have to leave this board for the same reasons i left the pens board!!!!
  12. the pens will take all the pps from the canes goon squad...no biggie....i am a fan of both teams and I dont condone fighting and goonery 1 bit!!!! Hey, I am sorry scotty got hurt....but the game had to go on...it went to a shoot out so I think the pens won because they earned it!!!! *not slamming cam or the canes*
  13. yes, i agree with sabourin being not so good in the beginning of the shoot out..ive seen him in shootouts in the echl...made me cringe tonite...but as u said...he was one save better than cam!!!! Oh that is such good news to hear about scotty....thats always reassuring news to hear as a team mate/coach!!!!
  14. I just wanted to come here and say that the canes looked good....I am still upset that brindy and coles had 3 penalties but hey things happen!!!! Sid the kid wasnt the problem for cam tonite...it was sykora...he was really sneaky tonite to get some nice deflections! Both goalies suprised me in the shootout....I thought for sure whitney was gonna send it to another round!!! Will cam play tommorrow in filthy....err philly?
  15. I am sure they did seeing as the pens team doctor rides in the ambulance with the players!!! The drs here are some of the best...so scotty like I said is in good hands!!! GET WELL SOON SCOTTY!!!
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