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  1. I haven't seen any coverage of this event other than in this forum. Did I miss something?
  2. After 100 pages, is there any doubt that the thread is off topic?
  3. It is a sad fact that once knee problems start, they don't stop. Ligaments and cartilege continue to tear until total joint replacement is needed. It is my belief that it would take a miracle for Brindy to make it through the year without some sort of relapse. Yes, I know he's rehabbed it, but you only rehab the muscles. You can't rehab cartilege. Let's hope for that miracle. (Anyone who wants to disagree gets to have my next knee repair surgery. )
  4. When is the last day a free agent can be signed? What about the last day for trades?
  5. When Brind'Amour was out, and Staal took over, he did a good job of leading the team. I've always thought that when Brind'Amour came back that Staal deferred to him, and Staal's scoring lessened.
  6. I have no predictions or analysis, but I do know that whatever JR does will be totally unexpected.
  7. Tripp Tracey saying repeatedly that the team needed a shot of insulin.
  8. I saw on the NHL's FA tracker that Mark Flood went from Carolina to the Islanders. Who is Mark Flood?
  9. That started my morning off right with a huge laugh. As one who went from Raleigh to DC on Amtrak, I can avow that traveling that way would punish anyone! Thanks for the humor.
  10. If Melichar has a one way contract, how did he get sent to Albany?
  11. After he got over the initial shock, my hubby said, "Is this robbing Peter to pay Paul?" I laughed so hard I nearly drove on the sidewalk. It was the only thing funny about the event.
  12. It seems pretty clear to me why Avery has ex-es. After the suspension is over, he may become one of those hockey players with no teeth, and if we women are smart, no more dates.
  13. I apologize for not doing the quote right in my previous post. I haven't figure out yet how to do that. I'll work on learning right after I learn how to use the DVD player!
  14. It comes down to the players. Every single guy is underachieving (minus Whitney, LaRose, and Ruutu). In 2005-06 every single guy overacheived. There's your difference. I'm not so worried about under or overachieving. Just achieving would be nice for a change.
  15. When will the roster be finalized, and when will team practice begin? Thanks.
  16. Wow. We really pigged out on this topic. (OK, OK, I hear the groans.)
  17. I read somewhere official that RBC bought the naming rights for the arena from a major NC pork producer. He agreed to the deal on the condition that the Hurricanes mascot be a pig, hence, Stormy.
  18. Why did JR sign Hordichuck since he'd signed Gillies? Not to be nasty, but is this a goon and a back up goon?
  19. I know Lord Stanley's Blog said that Ruutu needed 40 stitches to sew his face up, but that sounds like a huge number to me. I had knee replacement surgery and only had 27 stitches for about a 14" incision. I can't imagine anyone other than a plastic surgeon putting 40 stitches into a face. Any info on this?
  20. I am sure that both Stillman and Commodore are too professional to say negative things about the team who's paying their salaries. All players seem to have a supply of stock phrases to reflect how they "feel," and the phrases are fairly identical. It's unprofessional and not very smart to mouth off about one's employer with an audience of thousands listening to every word and trying to filter meaning out of it that's not there.
  21. This is probably a stupid question, but who coaches if Lavi gets the flu?
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