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  1. Attend an open practice session. Babs will surely sign after practice.
  2. I hear what you're saying, but in a pre-game show you talk about how to approach the upcoming game. Then, at intermission you talk about what is happening during the game. I certainly remember that last year they repeated some information right before game time that they said in the pre-game show, but I think you can fill a 30 min show during the playoffs with information that doesn't need to be repeated right before game time. Just my 2 cents. I would prefer to watch a pre game show rather than cheesy music and a DirectTV logo.
  3. Wow! Did you just go there. I don't know if I should laugh or smack you. <_<
  4. I uploaded some video of the Caniacs at the airport last night.
  5. I was hoping I would never see that commercial again.
  6. There is a good chance the Canes could play Friday night, but it would be in Boston or Pittsburgh. You wouldn't miss a home game. Turn on your TIVO and turn off your cellphone.
  7. When the schedule first came out, we were scheduled for 7:30. So, actually the game time never changed. The TBD never appeared until the NY/WAS and DET/COL series went 2-0. Hell, everyone should be at the arena at 2:00 for tailgating anyways. 90 degrees and sunny.
  8. Emrick is a moron. He was as bias as anyone I ever heard in '06 on Versus. He clearly was pulling for Jersey in '06 and tonight. I have no problem when you commentate for MSG, but he was on Versus in '06 for our series. Foslund does Versus games and maintains an unbiased view. I personally was at the game so I didn't hear him live. I heard him on NHL on the Fly when I got home. For the record, everyone commenting on NHL channel said no way was that interference. NBC should hire him with all of those morons. Anyways, who cares 2-2 Go Canes.
  9. Funny you mention the charcoal. The 1st year the Canes allowed tailgating they provided charcoal bins in the parking lots to dump hot charcoal ash. They didn't last long. I assume someone in the organization realized that we'all southern folk knew what to do at a tailgate. Nice Ice Boy! Go Canes
  10. Apparently, the Devils know how loud it is the RBC compared to the Rock. "Some people might find it chaotic, but I actually find it fun," John Madden said of playing in Carolina. "It's a really loud building. I don't if it's the way the building's designed, but it's a lot louder there than it is here. It's a good environment to have fun in." Madden, I promise you it has nothing to do with the design. Article link: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=418789
  11. It was actually my buddy that got cuffed. Detained him for trespassing on Landmark Aviation property, not littering. Although throwing the beer can to the ground did not help his cause. I talked to the cop. He was actually was quite cool after he figured out what was happening. He told me to have the Canes organization let the airport know in the future and there wouldn't be an issue the next time. Still a good time. Lets not let a couple of RDU security issues stop a great Caniac tradition. P.S. I was me that Whitney tried to high 5, but he missed me
  12. Don't forget that the "Raleigh Icehogs" was once offered as a team name before they chose "Carolina Hurricanes." Can you imagine?
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