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  1. Loved seeing her during the hurricane warning siren last night. Lots of folks in our section gave her a standing O. Well deserved--she's a big part of what makes our fans (and our home games) so loud and proud. I hope she can make it to lots of playoff games this year! We wish you the best of health and happiness, Dancin' Granny!
  2. There's a new song played during games that includes "Carolina Hurricanes" in the lyrics. The singer sounds like the singer for Rooster for the Masses (Local band). It's a rock song and I think some of the lyrics include the words "The calm is over. I feel the thunder." I tried to tag it using the Shazam app on my iPhone, but it's not in their database, which is not surprising. I also searched this board and did a small Google search but can't find it. It's a new '08-09 song. Didn't hear it last year. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. It was tough to choose between Rosie and Corvo's hat tricks. I chose Rosie because he's been in our system since he was a little guy and he's still here and fighting to be a core member of the Hurricanes. He earned my respect in spades. I also want to acknowledge Wesley's contribution to our year. He often gets overlooked but he puts it all out there every game. I love that guy more this year than ever.
  4. Thanks to the Caps fans. Hey - next year was supposed to be your year! We really appreciate your posts. I'm still shocked and keep looking at my playoff tickets hanging on the fridge. I hope you go all the way. There's nothing better and you deserve it.
  5. I nominate this for post of the day. Perfect summary. I agree 100%.
  6. I second or third or fourth the nomination. Haven't read far enough in this thread to see how many it's gotten.
  7. Rutherford is on 99.9 and he says they may do more trading. He is going to see how these two work out in the next two weeks. He said he has a
  8. Hey everyone. I'm a newbie hockey fan living in Cary. My husband has been going to 'Canes games since they were in G-boro, and we started going to games together. Now we are 1/2 season ticket holders (section 127) and hockey is my favorite sport. It's the perfect game. My favorite Hurricanes are Ron Francis (always) and Rod and, these days, anyone who consistently works hard. Gleason is becoming a favorite. Oh, and I'm a huge fan of a certain hard working 'Canes water boy! I don't post much, but I read these boards a lot.
  9. I have to disagree with you on Gleason. More than anything, he's given us effort this season in games where it seemed like no one was trying.
  10. I'm with you rememberthewhale. It sounds trite, but this is the time you find out who the real fans are--no matter what the sport. Crappy stretches (or seasons?) like these make the good times much sweeter. I learned this from my ASU alumnus husband. But if you're serious about the bags, maybe you just pick the team at the top of the standings (Wings, Sens, Ducks) and wear their jersey to Hurricanes games. Go with a winner.
  11. Nothing against the cops--but I'm pretty sure they are complaining about having to help people cross Trinity from the "free" parking areas. They're most likely the ones who get those lots shut down. So I'm thinking everyone who crosses with the cops needs to be EXTRA nice to them. Do what they say and make it easy for them so they'll let us continue to cross near Damon's. And if anyone asks me why I don't park in the $8 lot, it's because it takes me an hour to get out of there. I wouldn't mind paying if they didn't change up the entry and exit plans so often or if it took less than 30 minutes to get out.
  12. Speedy recovery J-Willy! You're going to be faster and stronger with your new knee.
  13. Okay, I'm going with my real name. I'd be Hammer (last name's Hamlyn).
  14. What happened to the video at the beginning of the game? The Jumbotron went black and it looked like a mistake. All we saw were ice projections and we heard some audio.
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