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  1. Guys I would like to see re-signed: Ruutu - around 2.7 a year Rosie - double his salary at about 1.6 a year (love the guy but would not go over 1.8) Jussi - around 1.8 a year (had a great run early in playoffs and seems to like Carolina but be careful with a guy who was waivered earlier in year) Babchuck - 1.5 a year (guy still could be good and has a wicked shot) Bayda - .8 a year (solid 4th line guy who plays hard and found niche not trying to be a top 6 man) Dump: Cole - may would offer 2 a year but would not offer more here - guy is a 20 goal 40 point player now Seidenberg - may would offer 1.5 but not really impressed with him. Ok at times but was -9 for year and we need to be really wise where we spend our money on D. Need a good solid stay at home guy. Priorities for off-season: 1. Find a top 3 type forward. Need a guy who can bang in 30 goals and have 80 points. May have to pay 6 a year but without Cole at 4 per year could get close here. 2. Have to have a solid shut down defender. To many puck movers on this team. Gleason is a good solid top 4 guy but we need an enforcer who can lock down our zone. A young version of Glen Wesley (not an enforcer but solid d) Lineup: C - Staal, Cullen, Brindamour, Sutter W - Ruutu, Whitney, Rosie, Walker, Jokinen, Bayda, Eaves, new top line player D - Pitkenen, Gleason, Corvo, Wallin, Babchuck, new shut down defender (what to do with Kaberle 2 mil a year wow) G - Ward, Leighton
  2. Tommorrow's Agenda: 1. Send out of search party for Eric Staal. Must beat the bushes and find this guy before this series is over. 2. Find a drug to help D-men grow a set. Does Viagra help this as well. 3. Pray that Ward turns it around. Has been great for so long this year and we have to have him return to that. 4. Pray that Malkin and Crosby get lost in the same place that Eric Staal currently resides. Maybe we can find Eric and exchange the other two for him. 5. All fans use tommorrow to recover from this (it is frustrating) and come Saturday to tear the roof off the RBC. The Canes need us now and as Thomas Paine once said "These are the times that try mens souls, the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crises shrink from the service of their country (team) but he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of men and women. We have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." Come on Canes fan lets support this team they really need us now.
  3. Unbelievable defense tonight. Why in the world are we giving this team ice and space. The only chance we have is to take the body at every opportunity. Our defense right now seems to be to out stick handle two of the best players on planet earth. Cam Ward was not good tonight or last game. He has got to play great for the remainder of the series if we have any chance. I know the defense was terrible but that is what it is and it ain't gonna change. The only chance to get back in this series is for Cam to stand on his head. I said before the series that in order for us to win Ward had to be the story of this series and to this point its Malkin and Crosby (as much as I am tired of hearing their name it is true. Where in the world is Eric Staal. Was he even on the ice tonight. In the playoffs your best players have to play their best and he has been non existent so far. The 4-3 PP was like watching the mighty might hockey in between periods at the RBC. Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, lose the puck. Great job Success in the playoff = 3 things: Power Play, Goaltending, Best Players performing their best. These 3 things have been the key to playoff hockey since the game began and they still are. In all three areas, Carolina has failed in this series so far. Having said all this, Pens have only held serve and we must do the same. Play better
  4. Agree 100% with this. Ward was not good tonight and sadly when he is less than great, we have no chance. The defense in front of Cam is horrible and lacks the b*lls to move guys from in front. Stick handling in front of Cam will not work, we have to take the body and clear the front. Bash Cam all you want (he was not good tonight) but without him we would all be talking baseball or Memorial Day War movie marathons.
  5. unfortunately I have to agree with your statement concerning Brindy. Prior to the Canes coming to Raleigh, I was a huge Flyer fan and I have followed Rod for many years. When we got him from Philly, I rejoiced knowing how great a player and leader we were getting. As far as a leader, there a few better even this season. However, as you said, for the first time he looks old. It really pains me to say that, but I see it to. Maybe he needs some time with the knee, but at his age recovery is that much more difficult. Having agreed with you, I am still a huge Brindy fan. I am not sure about the F, but I agree that Leighton make me nervous. I also thought the he would be an upgrade and he probably will be in the future. He looks unprepared so far. Samsonov could almost get a D grade. Recently he has turned things around, but why is this guy so up and down. I can't handle watching guys like that. Staal in my opinion is no better than a C grade this year. He needs to start bringing his A game every night. Being 10 points below a point a game guy is ridiculous for him. I know he will probably wear the C one day, but to be a captain and leader people expect consistant play and effort. I would rate all our big 4 d-men at a A or B. Seid, Pitkanen, Gleason, and Corvo are our future on defense and have played great this year. How did we get so good and young on defense so quick. This is an area were Rutherford has done a great job. I would agree with your grade for Wardo. He has been great this year. Cullen - C at best. Expect more but problems with concussions worry me.
  6. What are some of your favorite Flyer memories and some of your favorite Flyers? I grew up with the Flyers of the 80's and 90's. Some of my favorite players: Timmy Kerr, John LeClair, Brian Propp, Eric Desjardin and of course Bobby Clarke. My most vivid memory was one of tragedy. I will never forget being 15 and hearing about Pelle Lindbergh. We were on the way to the Stanley Cup.
  7. Any road win within the division is a good win, especially over a team that is hot in Atlanta. Great to see the Canes hold on to a 1 goal lead over the past 10 minutes of the third. Cam was incredible all night, especially at 4-3. He made numerous highlight reel saves and the score could have easily tipped from a one goal lead to a one goal deficit. Of course when your goalie is making that many great saves the defense is a little questionable as it was at times all night. My three Canes stars: 1. Cam Ward - I know Brind'Amour was awesome tonight, but this guy earned us the two points tonight in my opinion. In the first when the Canes were flat, he was their best player and in the third again he was the best Cane. 2. Rod Brind'Amour - Two goal and multiple chances created. 3. Cory Stillman - A goal and two assist. It was not until this season that I really realized how much this guy means to this team. Quiet confidence and superior play. Other Notables: Glen Wesley - Great tonight!!!! I just feel so confident with him on the back line. Eric Cole - 9 shots on goal and great speed.
  8. In order to win, we have to keep our cool and play disciplined, fast hockey. That is harder than one may think coming off of a loss like the one this past week. After hearing about the Panthers crying in the papers and seeing us ripped off, my first reaction was that I wanted to see the Canes come out tonight and flatten some guys to teach them to keep their mouth shut. Allowing my cooler head to prevail, I know that this would have only got us off our game and probably produced a second loss to Florida. I am sure some of the team felt as I did and wanted to rough some guys up, but that is what captains are for. A good captain, such as Rod, gets the team to focus on the job at hand and not all the funny business that can ruin a chance to win.
  9. Great comeback win after a heartbreaking loss in Florida earlier this week. Although I kind of expecting some head hunting to teach the Panthers a lesson or two about running off at the mouth, the Canes kept their cool and exacted the best revenge, a win. Our special teams tonight was the difference. Two PP goals and finally we did a good job killing off penalties. Dennis Potvin (Florida broadcast) was talking about the Canes kill and how important it was for them to stay out of the box (the best kill is to stay at even strength). My three stars: 1. Cullen - A goal and assist. Looked great tonight using speed and covering the point and screening on the PP. 2. Brind'Amour - Two assist. Great pass to LaRose to set up his goal. Again coming off a loss, the captain led by example. 3. Hamilton - Two assist. As was already pointed out, both assist came off his shots that were not handled and produced rebound scores. His heavy handed shot produces rebound opportunities if we can get guys to the net. Also: I was suprised to see Grahame get the start, but he did a solid job tonight. Does this say anything about Lavi's thoughts on Cam? I am not trying to start a goalie controversy but could he be trying to say something to Cam?
  10. Great teams answer losses with great efforts and tonight the Canes did just that. Now granted tonight DiPeitro wasn't exactly Jaques Plante, but the Canes speed and execution made the whole Isle team look really off balance. The Stillman shot down ice for Cole to pick up was awesome. Great play to get the puck down the ice and let Cole use his speed to beat the defense and create a scoring chance which Staal eventually finished. That was really pretty. There were so many great performers that it is so hard to single out a few, but again Hamilton looks that one of the steals (if not the biggest steal) of the free agent market this season. This guy is fitting in perfectly and he has to love the opportunity he is getting with this team. My Three stars: 1. Brind'Amour - What can you say? As the captain should do, Roddy led by example after last nights poor team performance. A hat trick may have been more than was expected but he had to step up tonight and get this team back on track. 2. Whitney - I know he led the team in scoring last season, but doesn't it always seem that he is forgotten? This guy just seems to be in the right places all the time. 3. Cullen - Three assist and a +4. Has been kinda silent lately but was really strong tonight. BTW: Finally some goal support for Grahame who played pretty well. I agree with some comments in the fact that he looked out of position at times. The crazy game that hockey is, I feel that tonight was the worst of his performances so far but with the goal support he gets his first win of the season.
  11. I thought the first period we played pretty aweful, lucky to be tied. The second period Buffalo was lucky to tie the game with the extended 5 on 3. The third we dominated. The last two periods was beautiful hockey and really showed why we are where we are early on. Am I the only one excited about this team? Man we look great so far this year. My three Canes stars: 1. Hedican - a three point night and a +5. Incredible stats for a defensmen. 2. Staal - As was mentioned earlier, he was non existant the first two periods but was the best player on the ice in the third period. 3. Brind'Amour - A goal and an assist to go along with a +4. He also had 4 takeaways. Other notables: Hamilton - Man this guy has a bazooka from the point. Buffaloe did a good job of limited space for him to let fly and that hurt our early PP opportunities. But in the third he got free and almost put it through the back of the net. This guy looks like an absolute steal. Williams - I thought early on he was very good. His pass to Brind'Amour was great. Stillman - Had a goal and assist to go along with a team high 7 shots. Aucoin - Looked pretty good tonight and had several chances. His hustle play to keep the zone led to a goal. Gleason - Again I thought he played strong tonight Wesley - Twice tonight he took away opportunities for Buffalo when they had an odd man rush. There seems to be no one better at stopping a 2 on 1 situation.
  12. It's always a good thing to gets points on the road, even if it is a single point. Also, the only regulation loss that we have was in Washington where we laid a total egg. Other than that game this team has played pretty consistent and really has deserved more. Would like to see us eventually win in OT or SO
  13. Another solid effort from the Canes. We dominated early in the game and Luongo was the only reason this game was as close as it was. I thought Gleason and Commodore were great tonight. Someone mentioned that it was Gleason's best game as a Cane. I don't know if I can go that far but it was definately one of his best. Outside of the delay penalty, he was spot on with his physical play and stick work. Also, you have to love him sticking up for Cam. To be great Commodore has to be physical and tonight he was. Another encouraging sign for the Canes, the depth on this team. LaRose may be playing his way into a top 9 spot and Hamilton is playing well. Can you imagine if they are moved back to the 4th line. Not many teams have the depth at forward that we do. I even thought Bayda played decent especially the first part of period one. He won battles behind the net twice early on that led to direct chances. Great game again for the Canes and now we are seeing that consistent play that marks a champion. I watched on Center Ice and the Vancouver announcers repeatedly talked about how the Canes were back to their Stanley Cup form. My three Canes stars: 1. LaRose - Goal was awesome but he played great all night with 5 shots on goal and a great engine 2. Brind'Amour - That pass to LaRose was incredible. Also, hounded the defensemen into turning over the puck for Whitney's EN 3. Gleason - I really liked what I saw from him tonight. He moved multiple players off the puck and was in the right place to deflect multiple passes as well. Sour Note: Hedican I thought was terrible tonight. Where was he going on the Canuck goal?
  14. To get a point tonight with all of the circumstances involved was a plus and when combined with the point last night in Pittsburgh, the Canes finished the road trip 3-1-2 with points in 5 of the 6 games. That is really solid considering we played really great at times both last night and tonight and probably deserved more. This is the type of effort with injury that helps teams make the playoffs and win playoff series. Is it just me or does it seem that we play George Vezina every night out? Biron has been hot of late and he was incredible tonight. I can't wait to play a goalie that lets in a few softies for a change (considering our next game is Vancouver I don't expect that to happen Monday) My three Canes stars: 1. Grahame - I thought he was great as well. He really earned the point for Carolina with a solid 3rd period. They threw the kitchen sink at us early in that period and Grahame was huge. 2. Stillman - A giveaway or two but contributed 2 points and 7 shots. 3. Staal - A goal and some solid play throughout even defensively. His line was great early on. Other notables: Hamilton - played great again tonight. Has shown the ability to play up and with Ladd and Cole out he could get more time with the top line in the coming week. Williams - Goal and some solid play in the second period. His line started slow but got better as the game went along. Also, have to agree with the majority on his penalty call (that was crap)
  15. Good news if this indeed turns out not to be serious. Watching it I originally thought it was a back injury. Walker is a real key player for the Canes and that third line. His chemistry with Cullen is great. Grit, competitiveness, and ability to put the puck in the net are three areas that Carolina would miss with any prolonged absence.
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