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  1. Nope. We went last year and it was a great event. Also - there was an open bar. I was in heaven with my sapphire and tonics last year I didn't see anyone asking for autographs at all but everyone took pictures. Last year I got my picture with Erik Cole at the end of the night. It was a really fun event!
  2. I never had it off when I lived up north, even back in the days where we had 10 holidays per year (versus 6). My company is based in PA and NY and no one has it off. But we do have a DVR so all's good Also - it is Family Day for most Canadians, no?
  3. I'm just trying to figure out when on earth we're going to go. Too early, nowhere to park. Too late, nowhere to park! And the traffic, the traffic. I love the warnings they've given on the website - doesn't really give you a solution, just "Um, yeah, someone screwed up and created a logistical nightmare"
  4. In DVRing the game last night, it looked that way on camera too. He definitely indicated that the last 36 hours were a whirlwind but he seemed pleased when the interviewer told him there was already someone in the stands with a Commodore shirt and red wig
  5. Man - that would make two jerseys in one family. It just isn't fair! But I agree with you - I don't think the trades are over and Cole is definitely a commodity.
  6. Well, not for nothing, but it was rumored here on the boards as well. They are logical choices and while folks are shocked here, it seems that it isn't the "who" that is the shock but the "for what" (although a bit sad for people who knew it could happen but still were emotionally invested in the guys).
  7. Well, not for nothing, but it was rumored here on the boards as well. They are logical choices and while folks are shocked here, it seems that it isn't the "who" that is the shock but the "for what" (although a bit sad for people, I'm sure).
  8. I agree with some others - there has to be something we're missing here. Sure, everyone has the chance of injuries, but Eaves sounds injury-prone this year. Corvo sounds like most of the team we have already and Commie seemed to be picking up his game lately.
  9. Re: Cloverfield. Ugh. It was the Blair Witch Project without the innovation (as BWP was innovative for the time) or the plot meets The War of the Worlds with even less plot. Predictable as anything without any explanation. It would show exactly what I would expect to happen to the characters but not explain what I didn't know - the why. What an overhyped, ridiculous waste of a movie. Not overhyped? Juno. It is rare to see a movie where you like all of the characters, despite their flaws. There weren't any heroes/villains which was really refreshing.
  10. Isn't the Whitney figurine giveaway next week? I guess if it is him, they'll do it after then to save themselves from a logistical nightmare!
  11. I thought Cole immediately but pilige made a good point. Next in my mind was Stillman but he's been playing consistently well for the most part. Commodore perhaps.
  12. Google should give you info on this - it isn't a 100% guarantee that you won't get the flu. From personal experience, the one year I got the flu shot, I had the nastiest, most vile flu I've ever had in my life. As google would tell you (as well as other posts here), it only protects against the most common strains.
  13. 1) More detail on all 3 parts? There are really two parts from my experience. The skate and the autograph session are just in different locations The quickest one is the pictures part where you have two groups of guys and smile for the camera (your camera, someone on the storm squad takes the picture). We got a tour of the locker room but at the time only Hedican was in there and he scurried out (is it something we said?). Last year we did the skate last and by that time, no one put on skates with exception of the players. 2) Will I get all of the Hurricanes autographs? Probably not. The photo session is QUICK and they didn't allow anyone to stop for autographs (that I knew of). 3) Can you sneak autographs during the non-auto sessions? During the skate, yes. 4) How do they split up the players? Do they rotate or what? They don't have the same players doing all three sessions. For example, last year we had Rod, LaRose, about 4 other players and some coaching staff in autographs. In the picture session we had Wesley, Whitney, Belanger, Williams, and about 10 other guys (I have pictures so I can check - just don't remember). Then in the next session, you may see Rod skating and Cole in the pictures. The most amount of players will be in the photo session. Then in the skate we had Cole, Commodore, Cam Ward, some coaching staff and a couple of other players (who are gone now). We lucked out because we had Cole and Commodore jerseys so we were able to have them signed at the skating portion. It was much nicer and less crowded on the ice than in any other section, IMO. Sounds like they are changing it up but that's how it worked last year.
  14. Raleigh fans aren't lacking in noise which was what was implied in the OP. If by honor, you mean "rush a local person towards the camera and have about 30 seconds to say 'lookit this person - their name is on the jumbotron'" as "honoring", I guess you are right. I guess when you see the genuine thing, though, you realize what you're missing. Point being - the Canes fans are loud, involved and ready to cheer on their team despite the Canes organization not giving all they could.
  15. After attending a game in Philly (there over xmas), we were a bit shocked. Team comes out? We stood up to "blend in" and we were the only ones. The team was winning, it was an exciting game, and the fans were nowhere near as loud. My beef isn't with the fans. It is with the organization as a whole. Also, there are going to be some obvious differences between college and professional games. As a paying customer, sorry, I'm not keen on paying double the amount of money of those around me for the same seats. College night? Okay. Every game? Eh. After seeing that game in Philly, I realized that the organization is lacking in many ways (for example, we have how many military bases around here? Wachovia honored two soldiers that night and apparently they make a habit out of it) but the fans aren't lacking in noise.
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