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  1. We have the number 2 PP in the NHL, and the number 1 overall offense. It makes mathematical sense.
  2. Our trio of broadcasters tend to be some of the most unbiased in the league. We're lucky to have that...you learn more about the game listening to John and Chuck (Tripp, a bit less so ) than some of the hockey broadcasters that have team-colored glasses on all the time (see the ATL radio guys and the FLA TV guys for examples of such idiot broadcasters).
  3. As much as I will always hate the Patriots, they're not losing a single game this year. Pats 52, Colts 28.
  4. You're forgetting Craig Adams, a solid 4th liner that we drafted in 1996 (I think it was 1996, it may have been 1997?). Where would our PK be without him?
  5. Pretty much a similar story for me. I was a huge fan of The Franchise growing up as a kid, though I never really took to the Penguins. I was happy when we re-signed him in 1998.
  6. I think our two biggest rivals would have to be Florida and New Jersey...we almost always seem to get up for those games more than anything. Montreal would have to be third, thanks to Williams and Cole, and the fact that we've had some big playoff comebacks against them in recent years (vengance for 1986, perhaps? ) As far as I'm concerned, the Sabres aren't worth my time. Their coach is really the only member of that team that I hate-just like with the Lightning and Thrashers. EDIT: Amusingly, in an online hockey blog about the best vintage logos, the old Sabres logo tied with the Whaler logo for the best in a tournament-style vote.
  7. Well, if you have two referees and two linesmen, you can assign each person one lane, making it that much easier to remember them all.
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