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  1. Which they did! Good goin' Johnny!
  2. Considering last year started out with the first 4 as losses...I think they're coming out looking a little stronger this year. BUT as far as placing bets, lets see if all that eating right and working out during the off season worked! Sometimes their D seems to break down for no reason (at very inopportune times too, might I add). Let's see if they got that straight during camp. I'll just say...LET'S BRING THAT CUP BACK TO CAROLINA!!!!
  3. Holy Diver...Ronnie James Dio...one of my favorites!! I can't believe I forgot that one! Kansas-Dust in the Wind Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark; Be Quick or Be Dead Audioslave-Cochise Chimaira-Pleasure in Pain Disturbed-Stricken AC/DC-Big Balls Korn-Freak on a Leash Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here
  4. You guys have some GREAT taste in music around here!! I love how you said "old Metallica"...I agree. Before Cliff Burton died in that horrible bus accident. Even the Jason Newsted times are alright but now...CRAP! Anyone into local bands? If you are you might have heard of The Fifth, Untold, Nephlym, Mr. Blackwell. All great pump up bands! I love music!!
  5. There we go!! Slipknot! Good one! I prefer "Rockstar" from Nickelback though, 300. "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky is featured in the video!
  6. Oh, it's not that I care if other people like it or not. It's just that most people can't understand what they're saying! You really do have some good taste in music though! I'd probably add some more Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Disturbed, System of a Down, Sevendust, Nickelback, Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Metallica, & Anthrax. We'll leave it at that. I could have a list that would go on for days!
  7. I like your taste in music 300Section!!! How about: Brick House-Commodores (no pun intended!) Bodies-Drowning Pool All Fired Up-Pat Benatar Suffocate-Staind Ironman-Black Sabbath Been Caught Stealin'-Janes Addiction The rest of the stuff I would list would be thrash or crunk and most people wouldn't listen to it anyway.
  8. Tennis....Roger Federer!! But Hockey first and foremost!!!
  9. I was surprised how well the Leafs did considering how bad the Canes slaughtered them the other night. I was going for the Sabres so the third period got pretty exciting!
  10. Well put! I've noticed while I've been on here that not much is said about Grahame. His technique may need some work but he IS a good goalie. My friend (who happens to be a Penguins fan) says he can't catch a beachball with a tennis racket but I think he has improved his game. A goalie can't win the game by himself!!
  11. Hello Everyone! I guess I've been a "lurking caniac" also. I surf the site often but have never really considered making any posts. Tonight I just thought, "what the heck!" Just a little about me...I've lived in Fayetteville since 1980, I'm 35 years old, and I didn't really get into hockey until a couple of years ago. Now, if I can't be home when a game is on I get upset. Unfortunately, my family has only been able to make it to one game at the RBC Center but we had an amazing time. I've gone to a couple of practices which was pretty neat also. As far as favorite players go...hard to say. I love all the boys. BUT if I had to pick one I'd have to go with Grahame. Ofcourse my 14 year old daughter would have to disagree since she has stars in her eyes for Staal (or Staaly, as she calls him). (:
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