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  1. 2-6-3 with a whopping 7 points) and not looking like they are even interested. They're slow, they are off on passing, the timing is a step off, they turn over the puck in their own zone way too much....they are not quick to the puck, they lose the little battles and they dump and chase even on a power play. Two PPG tonight is something, plus a better job staying out of the box, but they are not aggressive/ Oh, did I mention that they're S-L-O-W? Time to retool...who is the sacrificial lamb? Maybe MO would be a good candidate to be shown the door first... I did not like it when JR brought him back and I still don't. But there may be a need to make some player moves, too. Panic mode is here.
  2. Let's see, one regulation win in 10 tries. Power play ranking right down there at a sizzling 15.6%, near the bottom of the league. Excessive penalties that indicate a lack of discipline....the most penalized team in the league at this time. 25th in scoring. Staal is on pace to have a 32 point season. Mo has that deer in the headlight look...yeah, I think it's time to push the panic button or to shake some things up NOW....think about starting with the coach. Make some trades. Staal has been paid almost $1.1 million this year and his three goals have cost the team $335,000 each. Keep up this deal year after year with the early season swoon and the fans are going to bail. We have an old team...think young and energetic!
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