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  1. What happens when Phoenix absconds for Ontario? The strong Loonie has reversed the currency problems that caused Canadian teams to relocate south in the first place. I don't like the imbalance between conferences. They should have left the Red Wings in the west, to make it 15 in each conference. Then if they expand/contract/relocate they can adjust at that time.
  2. The Blue Jackets had plenty of experience tromping around the South East during the Civil War.
  3. I supposes as long as there are two nations with different currencies involved you could see a yo-yo of teams relocating back and forth over time. My take on the southern strategy is that it can be successful in areas where younger northerners relocate and raise families who become the next generation of hockey fans. This seems to be working in Raleigh. Atlanta seems like it ought to have worked, but apparently the ownership/management was not up to the task. I think Florida and Phoenix are too retiree heavy to be truly successful over the long haul.
  4. No one has mentioned the relative strength of the Canadian dollar (loonie) to the US dollar. Winnipeg and Quebec lost their teams to US cities when the Canadian dollar was weak (something like .65 to .75 USD, if I recall). Now the loonie is trading at or above par with the US dollar. When you are taking in loonies in revenue (ticket sales) and paying US dollars in salaries, a strong loonie helps a Canadian team be profitable. I expect Coyotes will move to somewhere in Canada next year for the same reason.
  5. Heck with having a preseason game in Charlotte, they ought to schedule a regular season game there. After all, it is the Carolina Hurricanes, not the Raleigh Hurricanes. With 41 regular season home games, you'd think the boost in fan interest from another part of the state(s) would be worth the potential revenue loss. And make it a game that means something, not a bogus preseason game.
  6. I am hopeful we will make the playoffs, but the Canes history has been to have one good year followed by two bad ones. This year should be the second of the two bad ones in the series.
  7. I accidentally threw my good cap on a night where they gave away John Deere caps. In the excitement of the moment, I tossed the hat I was wearing and not the JD one that I had kept under my seat for such an occasion. I don't think I can get a hat to the ice from my seat in the 300 level, so I don't plan to be tossing any in the future. For a Ruutu hat trick, I'd be tempted.
  8. I get a kick out of seeing lots of odd jersey #s during the preseason. Who's #49, #81, etc.?
  9. If Jussi has a season like his playoffs, he'll be on this list next time.
  10. Before the playoffs started I was very worried about a series against the Devils. I was 1:20 from being right, but so happy to be wrong! Looking forward to Boston. Finally a team we haven't played in the playoffs in a long time. I think the Canes are a different team now than the one Boston pounded in the regular season. I think they will need to get some scoring from Cole, Brind'Amour, and Samsonov in the next round to be successful.
  11. I like the expressions on the faces of the fans behind him in that photo. Sweet!
  12. The Devils are in full swoon. Flyers or Pens could catch them. I know a lot of people would like to see a Canes-Devils match up in playoffs, but I'd rather see the Canes face someone else for a change of pace.
  13. I'll go 4-1. The sweep of the Devils is cream! Rangers W Pens W Isles W Buffalo L Devils W
  14. I'd suggest that those among us who are superstitious and don't think it is wise to discuss possible playoff match-ups do the right thing. Ignore the thread. Those of us who don't mind discussing possible playoff match-ups will be happier not to be scolded about it. So far it looks like Caps are favorite opponent with Devils also drawing a lot of votes. I will now go make some burnt offerings to the hockey gods.
  15. I really like Ruutu's play. He's physical every game and goes to the net on power plays. Obviously Babchuk has been a real surprise too, as he's getting that blast of a shot on goal now, plus moving in close at times for garbage goals.
  16. As of 3/24, Brindy's up to -23. He's definitely been playing much better lately. I think reduced minutes and playing on the 3rd line have helped a lot.
  17. Whether or not Canes make the playoffs, there's no reason not to discuss a preference as to whom they would face in the playoffs. Now the coaches and players should be focused on the opponents still left on the schedule, but as fans, it doesn't really matter what we talk about.
  18. I'm surprised no one has predicted a loss to the Isles on 3/20. That's the one game you think the Canes absolutely should win, thus the game most likely for them to lose. I'm hoping playing a higher caliber set of opponents in March will cause the Canes to play harder all game long. Against the lower teams, they seem to sit back and just expect to win without putting in a strong effort.
  19. Brind'Amour has a face only a hockey mom could love.
  20. The Rangers can't score, so I doubt Torts will blame Lundqvist for that.
  21. I'd hazard to guess that Rod's place on the PP was primarily to win the initial draw.
  22. For me, it's higher prices and the economy. I have 1/3 of a season ticket, so I will go to about 14 games. Last season I probably went to an additional 6 or 7 games, but this year I will probably cut back to just my 14 game allotment.
  23. As much as Lavi changes lines, this probably isn't worth the effort! I must say I really like saying Tuomo Ruutu. That is one cool name.
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