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  1. I was an OG Whale fan as a kid. Grew up in Hartford. Went to games at the mall. Have signed photo cards of Geoff Sanderson and Ron Francis and more. I was a big fan. Per random happenstance (parents moving while I was in HS) I moved to Greensboro (1996) then Raleigh (1997). I've seen home games in all three cities. I embraced the Canes, and got to go to a majority of the games in the '06 run. I've been a franchise fan all these years, but through all of the changes have missed the feel of the Whale. I'm happy to see Dundon embrace the past. I can see how some native Whale fans who didn't get the chance to follow the team like I did might feel poorly about this whole thing, but I think bringing back the nostalgia and history is awesome. I can't wait to go back to Raleigh and hear Brass Bonanza again.
  2. First post in 8 years, in celebration of this.
  3. Is J.R.'s internal $ restriction a cap number or a salary number? Because our 09/10 payroll number is right around $3 million lower than the cap hit. So if J.R.'s internal limit is 50-52 in salary, then we have around $4-$6 million to play with right now.
  4. Agree with a lot of this. - Kabs was SOLID. He had a few mishaps, but he made some really quality plays in our own end. I noticed myself yelling "Nice job Kaberle!" more than once. - PK has been awesome. Need to stay disciplined vs. the Pens, because they have some finishers. - For as much as I have ragged on Pitkanen during these playoffs, he was really good last night. He stopped a few rushes and made some solid passes out of our end.
  5. Don't worry, it always shows "SIGN OFF" on the FSCHD channel since this wasn't a pre-scheduled program. It will be on FSCHD.
  6. I hope Walker NOT being suspended throws the B's off their game tomorrow. Hopefully they'll be chasing us around looking for trouble rather than playing hockey.
  7. Someone explain to me how in today's day and age why it's so hard to run an HD feed for every broadcast (at least in the playoffs)? :angry:
  8. It was a tough loss, and we didn't play our best (Cam the obvious exception), but we played hard. Canes will get it done on Sunday. Anyone remember what happened in the last two games where we faced elimination in the playoffs?
  9. Honestly, I don't see how anyone sees that as a dirty hit, worthy of a penalty, worthy of a suspension, etc. It was a clean hit and no one would be saying anything if Sutter didn't drop his head at the last minute. It was an unfortunate situation that is the result of hockey just being a rough game played at high speeds.
  10. You really thought we were that bad on the physical side? I actually thought we were finishing checks pretty well for most of the game. I was worried about bringing Ray and Justin back too early, and they definitely didn't look physically ready. Ray took a couple of bad penalties.
  11. Wouldn't a better comparison be to look at calls where diving is the most likely to occur, a.k.a. tripping calls, rather than to look at total penalties? There is no diving when you draw a hooking call or a delay of game penalty or an elbowing penalty. (Unfortunately I don't know where you would find such information on tripping calls or if it's even available.)
  12. Is there a per team list anywhere?
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