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  1. What was the song they played during the All Star game introductions for Team Lidstrom? I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Sounded like maybe Theory of a Deadman? Nickelback played just after it. Hard to tell being instrumental and prolonged, but had a great guitar riffs.
  2. I probably won't be attending many Canes' games this upcoming year. We can't afford it! High gas prices, high food prices, and now high game tickets. Get ready for lots of empty seats at the RBC Center! It's sad, that as well as the Canes have been taken in by the community, that they do this. I guess we will be like Atlanta and Washington now... lots of empty seats, and no fan support! I rather see the Hurricanes do away with all incentives, and keep prices where they were... I would still go watch, even if they weren't giving away lawn tractors, cars, houses, hats, posters, etc. Good luck Hurricanes, I will probably only watch on TV unless you have some sort of 12.99 ticket available on game days!
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