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  1. I live in the DC area too. Been to several of the Caps/Canes game there over the years. Not as fun as going to PNC but much more convenient than the drive on I-95 south, especially for the 2x week trips during the 2006 playoffs. My son and I took the train up to MSG to catch the Michigan/Penn State basketball/hockey doubleheader they held at the end of January this year, stayed the night, and came back next day - had a great time. That led into a discussion of doing something similar for the Canes games in Philly, NJ, and NY. Let's see what is available when the schedule comes out.
  2. Caps are hosting the next Winter Classic so I have my fingers crossed for the Canes to be the visiting team. Being a displaced NC native in the DC suburbs I am hopeful since the Caps have already had a Classic against the Penguins and the NY/NE teams already have played a Classic/Stadium series game. If the NHL is going to pull in a new team into the rotation the Canes would be a logical pick.
  3. The Checkers' website list the games as February 14 (7:30pm) and 16th (1:30pm). I went to the Checkers game in Raleigh last year and it was a good time. http://www.gocheckers.com/schedule.html
  4. Not sure if I agree with this and the similar comments. We need to remember last year at this time we had Brandon Sutter who I would not have thought was going anywhere but now is in Pittsburgh. Sutter was an 11th overall pick versus Skinner being 7th. They both brought different things to the team that is hard to measure in just stats. Interestingly too is that Sutter did have a concussion early on also. For the right deal I would think JR would trade anyone not named Staal, Semin, Ward, or Faulk.
  5. Go to http://capitals.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=88095 to see the Caps prices for next year. There is a seating chart and prices at the bottom of the page. I did spot check center ice lower level and the lower level south/lower preferred end and the Canes full season ticket prices are lower - center ice $122 Caps, $99 Canes; LLS $92 Caps, $66 Canes.
  6. I am scared of Mo returning and becoming GM if/when JR is out.
  7. Possibly this was because Muller is familiar with him: "Bergeron played for the Montreal Canadiens in the 2009-2010 season, when Muller was an assistant coach for the Habs. He had 13 goals and 34 points in the regular season and played in 19 playoff games. "We're bringing him in (to help) with special teams, the power play," Muller said. "We all know we need help on there on the blue line. ... He has enough hockey sense that he should be able to jump in and feel comfortable with what we ask him to do. "Basically he shoots the puck. He's a shooter and he's got a cannon." http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/ellis-to-start-bergeron-expected-to-play Read more here: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/ellis-to-start-bergeron-expected-to-play#storylink=cpy
  8. Who has been your MVP? Semin - he has unlocked the first line. Even when Staal and Tlusty were beginning to click last season they were still missing the third player on the line to really get them to shine. Who has been your Surprise player to the upside? and why - Tlusty - he came in under the radar as an after thought on the first line and ended up being an equal contributor. I think playing during the lockout with Jagr and Plekanec on his line in the Czech league did wonders for his development. Who has been your Disapointment and why? - the first power play unit. For the amount of firepower in that group they have under-performed on the advantage. Where do you think the Canes will end year? Position and points - squeak out third with 60 points.
  9. The inch of slush after 7"-12" of snow were predicted today where I live. Took the day off of work. Worst snow day ever.
  10. 1) What will Eric Staal's +/- be after and including the game on Feb 21st? +12 2) How many assists will Jordan Staal and Alex Semin have combined for after and including the game on Feb 21st? 22 3) How many goals will Jeff Skinner have after and including the game on Feb 21st? 9 4) What place in the conference (not division) will the Canes be after and including the game on Feb 21st? 7th (tied with Lightning lose tie-breaker for 3rd) Bonus question worth 3 points!! How many total points will the Canes have after and including the game on Feb 21st? 19
  11. Going by games played is skewed. The information above does not account for the partial games. Cam has been in goal for 421 minutes - roughly 7 games. 241/7 is 34 and some change. Compare it to shots per minute played then you would probably have a more reasonable comparison but still does not account for shot quality.
  12. Amen, I have been in the DC area for years and that was always the story - Alex #8 good, Alex #28(or whatever he was on the Caps bad,lazy,etc.) The Caps and their fans are beginning to see the true colors of their leader especially since Semin is not around to blame and the three coaches over the past couple of seasons. I think the Semin story also stuck since he did not talk to the media or really care what was going on in the stories. Always easier to blame the whipping boy that does not talk than look in the mirror to see the true mess the Caps are.
  13. The year I went (2007?) they had a pennant that was handed out and could be signed. The players were pretty much signing anything you handed to them.
  14. Some might end up with more than 82 total games played. From the Checkers website games played in the AHL are: Boychuk - 37 Dalpe - 38 Faulk - 31 Bowman - 37 Sanguinetti - 36 Ellis - 18
  15. I would give it more time to see what happens after all the "we're sorry" promotions run their course. Half price tickets, kids for free, prizes, reduced cost concessions and BOGO's will fill the arenas but skew the numbers. If they released the revenue numbers and compared it to previous seasons that would be a better comparison. Might as well make two more wishes while I am at it...
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