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  1. He did get a pretty good hit by the goal before going back to the bench. It looked like he was holding his chest / rib area. I immediately thought broken ribs or something along those lines. You tend to lose your ground, air with an injury like that. That's not even including the pain factor. They tried relentlessly to get him to stand up. He just couldn't do it for the longest time. I also heard via the game that it was a torso injury which would make sense for the chest hold. Regardless, this was a heart stopping moment watching unfold and I hope he's ok!
  2. We definitely could use his assistance here. The Rats are in a rough patch at the moment.
  3. Oh fantastic! I'll definitely do what I can to help keep you all informed from this neck of the woods Thanks for the welcome!
  4. My story is simple ..... I'm from Saratoga Springs NY. The Albany River Rats are in my backyard
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