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  1. Man, now I wished I'd waited to watch it.. ten days feels that much longer now. Great video, I'm definitely pumped.
  2. Anyone else get the feeling like we're sandbagging to make it look like things are bad? Okay, so I'm just trying to be optimistic and pretend that all these ridiculous injuries before the season even starts, are actually just a fakeout and the Canes are going to come out storming on opening night with an actual healthy roster (minus probably Willie.. don't think there's any faking that one.) Oh well, I'm just fooling myself, but I really wish it were the case.
  3. I think what TSA was asking about having been confirmed is the audio portion having been fixed. Currently, the only thing on the official site is this: The Canes' preseason schedule starts tonight at 7 p.m. against the Washington Capitals in Raleigh. Young players and depth players alike will get the chance to show what they can do in game action. Live streaming video will be available here The link following that doesn't mention the streaming video at all, so I think its still up in the air as to whether or not they have the bugs worked out with getting the audio streamed along with the video. If it does have audio, does anyone know if it will be Chuck's announcing, or if Forslund will handle that part?
  4. Sorry, Ref107, I should have been more clear when I said 'if it was okay with the source' and noted that it would also have to be okay with that source to be named. My apologies for not fully expressing the thought that was going through my mind
  5. 4everaCaniac, if you want to provide inside information from a reliable source, that is fine (provided the source is okay with you giving out this information.) However, keep the bragging off the boards, its part of the reason people "criticize" you, when you just joined up, start giving out insider information and then bragging about your ties to the team. It doesn't come across as endearing, it comes across as someone just out for attention. Sorry to hear the news about Willie though, thanks for the heads up.
  6. I definitely wish you guys luck this season. As I mentioned up thread, I've got family and friends in Atlanta, and I definitely don't want to see you guys go through the bad luck that was last season again, for sure.
  7. Wow, that's got to be intensely serious if Brindy said someone was taking training too seriously.
  8. Yes, I'm aware of the Atlanta Flames (I have friends and family who live in Atlanta, and I went to high school and college there.) But I'd argue that when the flames were there, the south truly wasn't a place for hockey at the time. This is a management problem they have now. Youth hockey and even minor league hockey (Gwinett Gladiators) are doing well in Atlanta. The problem is, they can't maintain a decent team to save their lives. In nearly 10 years of operation they've been through nearly as many goaltenders. And with the number of early first round draft picks they've had, they should be able to have put together a decent group of guys by now. I'd have to agree with TSA, it will take someone who knows hockey and knows exactly what they want, to come in and take over the team ownership/management like what happened in Tampa. Its a shame Ted Turner got out of sports ownership. While he might not be a hockey guy, I have no doubt that someone like him would get the right guys in there and spend the necessary money to at least make them a regular playoff team.
  9. That's my biggest issue with this whole problem. The truth of the matter is, Atlanta is big enough to more than support an NHL team, if it were successful, or at least marketed better. I hate the idea that in many places around the league, southern hockey will be considered a failure, if things don't work out in Atlanta, when the truth is, its not the area that failed, it was the ownership and the management that failed both the team and the city, and indirectly the rest of the southern teams. The real problem is, how do you dig yourself out of that hole, once you've managed to get yourself in it? If they aren't going to be able to sign any decent free agents, they're going to be forced to develop themselves from within, which is going to take time, and that's something they appear to be running out of.
  10. That seems to be the consensus now over on Atlanta's boards. With the rationale being that the league never envisioned a situation in which it would actually be necessary to penalize any team for being under the minimum cap. Unfortunately, even if they get some people signed (which I'm sure they will before the beginning of camp), unless something comes along to change their ownership/management, they're going to start having this problem regularly. I think they experienced it a little last year and wound up trying to play alot of their prospects, who weren't quite ready for the NHL, and had to make some moves early in the season to get going again. And unfortunately, Bob Hartley was the one who had to pay the price for it. For reference, the Thrashers are owned by the Atlanta Spirit Group, a nine person organization, that also owns the Atlanta Hawks, NBA team (which consequently has also done poorly since being taken over by ASG.) One of the owners is good friends with GM, Don Waddell, which is why DW is still around. And no one in the organization is what I would call a "hockey person", at least not at the NHL level. Frankly, I don't know how long these people can afford to lose money before they have no choice but to sell the team. And given the potential buyers out there, its likely that the team will get moved out of Atlanta, which is a shame, because its not the market that is the problem, its the owners/management.
  11. Actually, there is a thread about that on the Atlanta message boards as well. I believe the actual penalty is that the team cannot participate in profit sharing, and the team can be fined, either the amount that they are short, or a pre-determined, set amount. I believe the forfeiture of games is more of a myth than the actual truth, but to be honest, I don't want to go through the 490+ pages of the CBA to find the exact information. The concerns are starting to run a little rampant over there in regards to this subject, especially in the wake of the blog I quoted above. There was also a blog somewhere else that mentioned the worst 10 teams players want to play for and had Atlanta right at the top of the list due to their management/ownership. So you can probably find more exact details on the penalties in those threads, if you're interested.
  12. I don't have the link saved from the blog this came from, but I had just forwarded this to a friend of mine (who lives in Atlanta) just yesterday. Its from a Thrashers blog site too, but it might shed a little light on what's going on down there right now.
  13. Well, one difference with this deal and the Hordichuk deal is that Pitkinen is a RFA, so we have the right to match any offer that is made to him and keep him here. Hordichuck was a UFA and didn't have to deal with us at all if he didn't want to. But as others have said, I have a feeling that JR has a verbal agreement with him already and will have him signed shortly.
  14. Obviously, everyone has a right to their own opinion and I listed it as rumor since I didn't hear it for myself first hand from Larose. But my stepfather heard Chad's complaints first hand, from his own mouth. You bring up very valid points in regards to the kind of money he is getting vs. Ruutu, and I agree that he deserves more (as someone either stated upthread or in the Larose thread, I'd have at least offered him 800k, based on the energy he brings alone, in addition to his obvious potential.) I was merely offering information that had been passed along to me, to help others understand why regardless of his performance, the management may have decided to let him ride this one out into free agency, instead of offering him a contract outright. He's a young guy, who's still maturing both on and off the ice, I don't have any difficulty believing that he feels he can do more, but wanted to stay on the top lines to prove it. And Icefrog, you've made my point (and Chad's at the same time.) He had some time on those lines, and didn't perform well enough to stay there. You could see throughout the season that every missed goal or missed opportunity was an aggravating situation for him. It seemed that he felt he could do better, and when he got pulled from those lines he was upset.
  15. I'm posting this here because its more of a rumor than it is a verifiable fact. I just spoke with my stepdad, who works off ice at RBC and he was saying that part of the reason that Rosey wasn't offered a contract was because of his attitude. He doesn't feel like he gets enough ice time to show what he can really do, and apparently voiced that opinion on numerous occassions. The team agrees that he has a lot of energy, but that he's been given plenty of opportunities on the top 2 lines to produce and he just hasn't done it, and therefore isn't worth the money he's asking. They'd like to keep him, because if he could learn to finish he'd be a pretty good player and he does bring a good bit of energy to the bottom 2 lines, but they aren't going to waste money hoping that he'll drastically improve and only wind up doing the same old thing.
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