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  1. Yeah I saw those two ladies get into it. Typical Buffalo fans, same as they were in the '06 playoffs. Always dishing stuff out but can't take it. Are Buffalo fans the worst or what? It just made it that much sweeter when the Sabres got the smack-down laid on them and all their annoying fans had to make that long drive back to their (Editted for unneccessary content) with their tails tucked between their legs! Some may claim that they are originally from Buffalo but live in NC now, well if you are so loyal to your Buffalo teams, why did you leave? At least you know that Sabre fans didn't jump on the bandwagon like Ranger, Red Wing, Penguin, Yankee, Duke, and Cowboy fans. The crowd tonight was disappointing, it seemed like 1/3 of the crowd were Sabre fans. When are we going to get a sell out? I live 50 miles away but manage to get to the games. What's the fans in the Raleigh area excuse for not showing up? <_<
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