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  1. If you think John and Tripp are bad, get the Center Ice package next year and listen to some of the other teams announcers. I don't know how some of them keep their jobs. Yes Tripp can wander off sometimes, but overall I think he does a good job. As for John Forsland, I think he is one of the best in the business. If he wasn't, you sure wouldn't hear him on Versus every chance they get to put him on. We are lucky to be able to listen to his call of the 'Canes games 60 times a year (or whatever the number). I'm a big John Forslund fan, and I hope the 'Canes re-sign him every year until the both of us are old and grayer.
  2. I read an article about the Nashville Predators and their struggle for money. It said that a team could make between $750,000 and 1 million dollars per home game. It seems like a lot but with the price increases for the seats in the playoffs, that very well may be the case.
  3. It might be something cool to do about once a year, maybe New Years or something. But I'm like ya'll, I like where I sit for the price.
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