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  1. Good to know you have a dictionary
  2. I guess I didnt realize i was dissing raleigh. assimilate into local culture?? I will accept local culture if I like or agree with it, but whats to say that we havent. why so angry??
  3. assimilate come on. instigate, jump off your high horse, I ran into some rather nasty cane fans who preceded to flick all of us off. no one is innocent here. You cant change where you were born nor do i wish to. that shapes who you are. we all have the right to live where we choose. are u comparing yourself to the borg? We go to the games because we love hockey.
  4. I just love hockey and glad that carolina has a good team so i can watch competitive hockey. remember there are lots of buffalo relocates here some of whom have canes season tickets, we aren't all bad. I hope you can understand our passion being raised as Sabres fans.
  5. I and most Buffalo fans do not condone this. We went to buffalo for the previous game with carolina fans that wore the 3rd jerseys, ruutu and laRose. There were no problems and the buffalo fans were fine and the carolina fans loved it. the game was sold out. They were never harassed and enjoyed the game as did everyone even though the sabres lost. We all went out down town and had a blast. Im not sure why people think Sabres fans agree with that behavior, we don't.
  6. What do you know about me? I don't cause problems. Don't lump everyone together. we were in section 323 and it was rowdy but they are just itching to kick out sabres fans. Maybe they should only sell tickets to cane fans, Im sure that would be fun to attend.
  7. Talk about Sabres fans, look in the mirror
  8. Most teams have family zones like boston not the entire arena. I can't believe all the police at the game it only makes things worse along with the Hockey etiquette cards. Its a hockey game not tennis.
  9. where did Jim Kelly play college football? University of Miami the Hurricanes
  10. That fight was not started by my sister, the canes fan behind her was being very nasty to her. This does not justify her actions but the canes fan is not innocent and was not removed after gently punching her in the face. Her husband was also kicked out unjustly. I RETURNED to watch the game with my wife. The cane fan was upset because we were upset regarding a high stick no call to gaustad which drew blood right in front of us. we said nothing to the canes fan. I just wanted to enjoy the game NOT fight. Some of the canes fans were being very nasty as I'm sure some of the sabres fans were also, NO ONE WAS RIGHT. By the way the raleigh off duty police officers handled the situation terribly as did the RBC center staff treating us unjustly because we are sabres fans
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