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  1. CaniacGuy and Mrs. CaniacGuy have 2 'Canes replicas ... no autographs ... but ... well .... And ... they've been to Japan also ... And in Japan there's a sign for *!Greensboro!* ... well it's mentioned on the sign anyway
  2. Thanks ...those, along with a couple of the shots of Walker were at the top of my favorites list too.
  3. Absolutely!! Glad you liked it Absolutely!! Glad you liked it. I'll give it a go. Not sure when they'll be at the Rec Zone again on a day I have off, but I'll try to be there. I really appreciate the nice comments y'all ... gives me a lot of incentive to keep going and snapping (like I really needed any more incentive )
  4. Thanks for the corrections on the goalies .....
  5. Wow, thank you all for your kind words. I've uploaded a few other sets also Canes/Sabres Game 5 - SemiFinals Canes/Sabres Game 7 - SemiFinals Canes/Oilers Game 5 - Finals And a practice session from this past September ... September 06 - Practice
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