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  1. interested in tonight's tickets....sent a message as well.
  2. yea, rosey has admitted before to being bit of a slacker. he said he used to show up in the weight room in flip flops and just kinda hang out
  3. God, you all had to talk about the Cole hit....and look what happens. Will the league do anything about that knee to knee hit?...No, I can guarantee it. Though I wish they would. But that's worth a whole different thread.
  4. dang our first regulation loss in what 5 or so games and out come the complainers
  5. that puck did jump on him, he was just trying to slide it in
  6. haha bummer about practice, but man that was one nice football game
  7. Good Points, but you are talking about things happening in March. In a hockey season, that's an eternity away. A lot can change between now and then
  8. ^ i think his roster spot is his permission to fight
  9. so you think it was that and not the goal line stand by the pack?
  10. I just don't think Larose can fill that role, or should try to. He's not a goal scorer, or even a big point getter. He's a pest, energy guy. He's supposed to annoy the heck out of the opposition and wear them down so our goal scorers can score. I just don't think Larose has the ability to put up many points. I'll be stunned if he gets 20 goals. Leave the goal scoring gap to be filled by Eaves and Rutuu. That being said, i love LaRose, and would like nothign better than to see him put up some numbers, I just don't see it happening. Now if he gets paired up with Sutter, maybe Sutter can set him up some....
  11. I have some concerns about O'Neill, but not about his mental game. Those that remember him, we all know he is not the fastest player out there. He would just kinda park himself at that faceoff circle and put em in. I'm just not sure how well he will fit into our fast paced, smooth flowing style of play. He's also been out of commission for a while. I just don't know if he will be able to keep up.
  12. FYI, Patrick Eaves has replaced Williams on the first line on the depth chart
  13. williams for pitkanen doesn't sound bad......oh *edit*
  14. i don't know if we will, but either way i'll be in the stands with my body painted red
  15. It's tough being an NC State fan AND Canes fan right now....
  16. my apologies to 4everacaniac, though there was plenty of reason for doubt here. erik cole, you are missed
  17. why would someone so close inside the locker room be confiding secret info to someone who would go on the internet to tell everyone. either they are wrongly trusting you to not say anything, or you aren't respecting them and the organization.
  18. IF it is true..... we have no reason to believe this guy is legit, he's been throwing around crazy talk for a while now
  19. looks like roddy had some surgery this morning http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/brinda...as-knee-surgery
  20. oh no problem, one of my favorite all time songs
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