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  1. Just wanted to thank you for the tickets, the seats were GREAT! And if by any chance you can not attend the Feb 22 game vs the Avs i would LOVE to buy those tickets. We will be buying tickets no matter what, i would just love to have great seats for the game.
  2. i am interested in the 1/6 NJ game .....right in time for my fiance's birthday
  3. i'm pretty sure we had our first player sighting about 30 minutes ago. Chad LaRose walked right past us at Krogers on Creedmoor & Lynn Rd. We were walking out at the same time as him too and he got into a sleek black mercedes benz. took off up Lynn Rd towards Ray Rd....
  4. our tickets are section 304 and we LOVE it...dead center and we can see everything. We've sat in the lower bowl time to time and thats a nice treat but i love our 304 seats!
  5. thanks for sharing the pics and stories...i'm really hoping we can go next year!
  6. he flipped out, threw a temper tantrum....smacked his stick on the ice and net a few times....he actually broke it
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    another female checking in
  8. yea it was. Get a sense of their off ice personality too! these are the pictures from last year if anyone is interested Skate with the Canes 2007
  9. link to my pictures from today. i only took about half of what i did last year i dont think you need a log-in to see them Skate with the 'Canes
  10. had a great time this year. Was in the green goalie group. i thought last year was more relaxed though. I was also in green goalie group last year and was first on the ice last year too, and last year they let us down about 15 minutes early to get laced up and to skate before the players came out. Also we were able to take our time going through the locker room and during the photo session i was able to get Cam to sign my jersey. At the autograph session last year they allowed photographs but not this year all the guys were very nice. Bret is the nicest guy i have ever met! when we were walking through the locker room he was getting his skates on and looked up and we said hey Bret, and he said hey guys! how are you doing? then in the autograph line he was thanking everyone for coming & asked us if we were having a good time and how were we doing. Gleason kept skating around and it was hard to get his autograph but when we stopped him he shook our hand and asked our names and chatted with us. overall another great experience and we'll definitly do it again next year for the 3rd year in a row.
  11. before i saw the section # i was going to ask if this was in sec 304. thats where i sit. i was just a few rows behind you and that annoying drunk couple! that women was making my ears hurt. glad you were taking care of though!
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