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  1. The RBC Center is truly rolling out the red carpet for All-Star Weekend. Saturday, prior to the Honda NHL SuperSkills, players will arrive at the RBC Center to a red carpet runway. The red carpet will be set-up around the “front lawn” of the RBC Center. The lawn is located on the south side of the RBC Center, in between the RBC Center’s Time Warner Cable box office and Carter Finley Football Stadium. The players will arrive at staggered times from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. All will walk and interact with fans and media. A ticket to the Honda SuperSkills is not required, but standard parking rules will apply. The RBC Center parking lots will open to the general public at Noon on Saturday. In addition to the Red Carpet, there will be front lawn parties on both Saturday and Sunday. The front lawn party on Saturday will begin at 3:00 p.m. and end at 6:45 p.m. It will include “Static Line,” a rock band from the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, food and beverage for purchase and more. On Sunday, the front lawn party will begin at noon and go until 3:45 p.m. There will be music including DJ George and the Performing Assets. It will also include food and beverage, inflatables and more. On Sunday, parking lots open at 10:30 a.m.
  2. Or not...http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=516230
  3. Could this be her??? http://www.wral.com/news/news_briefs/story/6924531/
  4. I just got done watching WRAL...even the DOT guys say it's too icy out! Me and the hubby walked around the neighborhood and all the streets are solid ice. Gonna be staying home and watching it on TV. Go Canes!
  5. I just got off the roads, and they are bad, bad and getting worse! Add to that people who are going to drink at the game, and it is a recipe for disaster. Even with winter experience and an all wheel drive vehicle I think we are going to watch from home. (ummmm...will it be televised?). I just wish they would let me exchange my pre-paid parking pass!
  6. I bought my husband a Chad LaRose jersey for his birthday in October. He hasn't worn his normal jersey since, and it's the one he wore when we won the cup. I am so sorry!!! Hey, maybe it's because Goodberry's left the building?
  7. I'm new here...didn't know this had been covered alredy...
  8. I have had nothing but great experiences with the RBC ticket staff. Big kudos to Karen! When I was in a wheel chair and on crutches last year, it was fairly easy to get my tickets changed to the handicapped section. My friends, of course, could not sit with me, but my husband could. The Rex folks were great, putting me in a wheel chair instead of letting me hobble up to 304 on crutches. They were right there at the end of the game to get me back downstairs. The only problems I have; Ushers letting people in during puck in play. People standing in front of their seats chit-chatting while puck is in play. When I was in the handicapped section, people would sneak in. One girl snuck in and then screamd...and I mean SCREAMED David Tanabe's name for the next 40 minutes. We were all about to assualt her with crutches and such. Can't hear very well in 304, but I know inprovements are coming. Ron the Ref is the only thing we can hear clearly! One pet peeve of mine. We sit in the dead center of our row. When I was in a walking boot cast, it was tough for me to stand up and down. The first time you have to get by me, it's pretty noticable. So when you sit all the way to the left, why...WHY do you have to try and crawl over me to get to the stairs on the right when there are stairs on your side? To be that much closer to the Goodberrys Kiosk?
  9. Looks like I was so excited about the MVP that I forgot how to spell Staal! Whoops! Was a great game, but would Versus please shut up Chris what's her name? I do not need an interview with someone every other minute when there is exciting play going on! I would rather hear what the announcer is saying than her inane "how does it feel to be an All Star" rhetoric...
  10. So now he's the StallStar! Did I hear him say he was giving the car to his folks?
  11. I love being in 304, but I know the girl you are talking about. We were all commenting on it! The more she drinks, the louder she gets! I hope to heck she is NOT a STH!
  12. Okay, yes I got keyed, but I was just kidding! I would NEVER think that a fellow Caniac would do something like that! Detroit or Sabres fan, yeah, maybe on the list of usual suspects, LOL. I was just telling someone the other day that in all the years of going to the RBC center I have only had one flag broken off (Detroit in the Cup finals), one magnetic sign stolen (same time frame), and really no other incidents. I have always felt safe in the parking lot. The keying incident really surprised me. Course, I can always find a way to blame the kids...LOL
  13. Holy cow! Really? I remember all of us laughing about the cones being wiped out! It totally made us forget about you cutting in front of us!
  14. My husband is the one who drives us to the games. I told him to slow the h*ll down! Geeez, gonna have to take the keys away from him again. BTW, were any of you the ones who keyed my car at a game???
  15. I was surprised to find mine available. It says LSGO with the Canes logo. Apologies to all I have cut off in traffic! LOL Cheers, Jill
  16. Not again! Did either of you call DirecTV? Jill
  17. Better into the pads than into the post I suppose... Cheers, Jill
  18. Is there perhaps a STH that will buy the tickets for you? I would love to skate with the Canes, but ankle surgery killed that idea. My husband will take the kids, but I bet you can find a STH to help you out. And I must say, after parting with $1200 very hard earned dollars, I appreciate the perks that the Hurricanes give us. Let us know, Jill
  19. Gawd....flash back to the neck injury. I am freaking out, my husband insists he will be fine. I would rather they take all the precautions tho... Prayers, Jill
  20. I remember being at a game and there was a "where's Ray" segment done to the "i've been everywhere" song. Johnny Cash I think? It was cute. Cheers, Jill
  21. My only experience as an away fan was when I went home to Philly for Thanksgiving one year. My brother was supposed to go with me. I figured I would be safe with him, as he is a fifth degree black belt, lol! He cancelled at the last minute, so my dad took me. I was in my late thirties and dad STILL wouldn't let me go into the city by myself! He was horrified that I was wearing my Canes jersey. He countered by wearing his Penn State pullover. Most of the fans were fine, I think because I was a woman. They guys were nice, and only the drunk girls were obnoxious. I was coming back from a potty break, and a Flyers fan motioned to me. He was wearing the home team colors, but turns out he was from Garner! Home for the holiday like me! His wife joined us (also in Flyers gear) and they said they were not brave enough to wear the Hurricane colors. Too funny! Cheers, Jill
  22. So after 40 minutes on the phone with DTV today (good to their word they called me right when they said they would)...we figured out the problem with me not getting Sports South on 631. I have a very old package, and they never upgraded me. So my old package dropped Sports South. They are upgrading me and giving me a $120 credit. They still had no answer as to why the broadcast was cut off, but said they would forward my call onto that department too. Then we got to talking about HD DVR, and they are offering me a great deal on that too. We'll see. At least they recognized that I have been a DTV customer for 11 years and not only wanted to keep me, buy want to keep me happy. Oh, and Fox Sports South and Sports South will be available in HD starting Wednesday. Hooray! Cheers, Jill
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