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  1. That was a complete facepalm moment. My daughter and I were sitting just above them in section 129. When she threw out "Juicy" I just buried my head in my hands. My 16 year old daughter was incredulous, asking me "did she just say that? She DIDN'T just say that, did she?" In my opinion that's just sad. To borrow a current saying; "you had one job". She's getting paid to do in game promotion, she needs to at least know how to pronounce the names of the players.
  2. I personally listen to Aftermath on 850 the Buzz. I think Morgan Patrick does a good job covering the overall feel of the fan base and he's not afraid to call out bad play when it happens. 99.9 seems to tow the party line too often, and takes fewer calls postgame than 850.
  3. We were in the Red Line group and had a completely awesome time. I thought the event was well-organized and things went off without a hiccup. Speaking of LaRose. He was in our group during the skate portion. There was a lady in a wheelchair/scooter who had pulled next to the opening where you get onto the ice. Chad was talking with her from the minute she got down there, and he spent quite alot of time with her. He walked away briefly and came back from the locker room with a stick, and gave it to her. We were too far away to hear exactly what was being said, but it was an incredibly classy and thoughtful thing for him to do. Then when he was out on the ice, he was his usual wacky goofball self. We really enjoyed seeing the kinder, gentler side of him too. The rest of the guys throughout the afternoon were completely approachable and seemed happy to be there. Hedican was so friendly to my daughter, and Staal, Commodore and Cole each took the time to talk with my 7yr old son. Hats off to the organization as a whole, it was a top-notch event.
  4. We were there for the duration of the event last night. It was my family's first time out to one of these events, even though MacGregor is our home away from home for Saturday night dinner. In summary, we had a blast and will try to attend many more of these. Walker and his family arrived around 5:45 and were seated in the restaurant area to have dinner. The show was great, they piped in the audio over the speakers in the dining room, and Scotty did autographs during the commercial breaks. He was very gracious and took time for everyone. He didn't have his own Sharpie, so the tip to bring your own was much appreciated. His kids were cute as a button, and after the show was over he returned to his table to finish his dinner with his family. He seemed like he was having a good time and my kids were really star-struck getting to pose for a picture with him.
  5. It's not clear from the article, do you have to be a full season plan holder, or can 24 and 10 game plan holders get advanced tickets?
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