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  1. JR has been pretty good on trades I'll admit, but it hasn't been all magic: Sami Kapanen for Pavel Brendl and Bruno St. Jacques. Sami fell apart under Mo, imagine what he would have been under Lavi. He become a Flyer favorite. Neither Brendl or St. Jacques worked out for us. Radim Vrbata for future considerations. Playing pretty well these days for Tampa. And let's not forget it was JR that sent Pronger to St Louis for Shanahan to then send to Detroit for Primeau. And BTW, he hung on to Mo quite a bit longer than he should have last time around.
  2. Please don't misquote me. I didn't say that we would make those trades or that they were even a possibility, I merely asked what kind of idiotic move would JR have to make to lose your support. The fact that people don't really realize how much of an unmitigated disaster this coaching pick is says a lot about things. I've got no problem with letting Lavi go. I liked him and didn't think he was the problem, but obviously the message wasn't working. But bringing back Mo is a line I never thought they'd cross. As for hockey experience, I'll put mine up against most. I started playing hockey in 1972. I've had a teammate that is now in the hall of fame, and personally know 2 other people with their names on the big wall. I've coached both kids and adults, I currently play as an adult, and I remember cheering when Bobby Hull got his 50th.
  3. For those of you saying "I'll support the team no matter what", then what exactly would JR have to do to lose your support? How about Scott Stevens as coach? How about trading Corvo for Orpik? Trade Staal for Avery? How much abuse would you take? Blindly supporting the team no matter what they do to us just invites more abuse. The only voice the fans really have is to not show up to the games and deny the team the revenue. As an STH, there's really nothing I can do other than deny them the parking money and concession sales for the rest of the season.
  4. You mean Ron Francis, who took over the locker room that year? Yes, I still love Francis. Let's not forget all the wonderful talent Mo destroyed. The lackluster play. The open revolt by the players after the failed bag skates. Perhaps someone should tell Mo that hooking and holding is now frowned upon, and the left wing lock doesn't work so well without the two-line pass rule, because he seemed to miss that nuance in Toronto.
  5. I've been an STH since they came to Raleigh and had mini-plans in Green Acres. I've stuck with them through the worst of times. But this is more than I can stomach. With Mo behind the bench again it's just not my Canes. I might go to the Penns game to boo Mo, but that's it.
  6. He had a fresh chance -- in Toronto. The Toronto fans refer to him as an unmitigated disaster.
  7. Hopefully TSN is wrong about this and is just messing with us Carolina fans. They've been wrong plenty of times before. But if it's true, it will go down as one of the worst decisions in sports history. I won't be attending any more Canes games with Mo behind the bench even though I'm a STH if only to deny the Canes the parking and beer revenue. Hire me instead JR, I'll stand behind the bench and chew gum at half the price.
  8. I don't see Staal with a couple of defensemen draped over him that often. He's usually following the play as the third man into the zone. The defense has been paying attention to Cole (who is almost always double teamed on the rush) and Stillman. He needs to start moving his feet. I think I counted three times when he was entering the zone with his feet moving instead of gliding last game. Frankly, our third line is our first, and our first is our third.
  9. The results are in, and it came down to the last minute. Here are the winning donations: Weds Nov 21st: $140 Fri Nov 23rd: $65 The individual winners have been notified privately (we didn't know if they'd want their names and donation amounts made public). THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this fundraising effort! Thanks to the generosity of Carolina Hurricanes fans, we received a total of $520 today! One hundred percent of this will be spent on purchasing the Operation Sauce Drop gift boxes and shipping them to our troops serving abroad. Greg and I had originally thought we'd just sell these 4 tickets at their season ticket holder face value and donate that amount ($300) ourselves, but then he had the idea of holding the fundraiser to bring in even more money than the face value. Thankfully, it worked, and $520 will help send out more than 20 gift boxes from our waiting list! Thanks again to all. If you didn't win this time, we'll be running another tickets for a donation event in December.
  10. The current winning donation amounts are: Weds Nov 21: $105 Fri Nov 23: $50 30 minutes to go! Thanks for all the donations! The troops will appreciate it!
  11. Just a reminder - the contest ends today at 5:00PM. You could be sitting in Premier Center Ice seats, 7 rows from the glass on the blue line, with a donation of a mere $25!
  12. Hey people, how about some donations? There are other threads selling tickets not nearly as good as these to the same games for > $100. A $20 donation would get you these tickets. Your worst case is that you'll make a soldier happy!
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